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I’m just fed up of the constant negativity vs trump. For decades the intelligence agencies in America have been criticised for their role in the Cold War, Iraq, etc etc. Now trump is not taking their views on Dave value suddenly they are the saviour of liberal values. Russia today correctly showed that the unclassified report has zero evidence of Russian wrongdoing yet the whole tone of BBC news is suggesting there is. It is all subtle and about tone. BBC is against brexit, trump and any agenda that is not totally politically correct – a politically correct agenda that no one asked for and does not want. They need to stop shitting out a reasonable debate about many global issues that they keep shutting out – they are a million miles away from what people talk about socially – nowhere near – they are a left wing liberal (liberal in terms of not listening to anyone’s view they don’t agree with so not really) elite – it needs to stop…,

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