BBC News online

Looked at the main BBC UK newpage at 8am this morning. “GSK to invest £275M in UK post Brexit”. A positive news story following Brexit!. What are you doing BBC, you are letting your guard slip. Surely GSK are missguided to think that the UK is still an attractive proposition. Have just looked again at 4pm and I cant see the news item on the main page phew !. But whats this “UK economny sped up ahead of Brexit vote”, could this be another positive pro Brexit news story. Surely not BBC, you cant have two positive Brexit items in one day. Ah, the headline is then explained by many pro remain caveats.
I know what sarcasm is probably the lowest form of wit and I do apologize. Its just that The BBC`s Rhino skinned complaints procedure and its attitude towards criticism over pro remain bias has made me so
angry in the last few weeks, that sarcasm has become my preferred emotion. Now 5pm, I have just checked again, cant see the GSK feature but I am comforted to know that there is an “Ostrich family on the loose in Ayrshire”. Happy days!

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