BBC News at Ten

My complaint is about the bias of the News at Ten on the item on Food Hygiene and particularly the care of chickens. It was a scare-mongering one-sided story that has not even about to happen. It is not only the EU that can legislate on food hygiene, Britain did it for years before the EU was started and it had much higher standards than the European countries before the EU. It is ludicrous to suggest that we be accepting lower standards from either the USA or the EU. Ww certainly will not, the public will not allow it. Have you investigated the pork husbandry of the Dutch? The BBC constantly neglects to mention the enormous possible benefits to Britain of leaving the colossally expensive Common Agricultural Policy. We need more optimistic views from those who are looking forward to Brexit and less views from your reporters. You regularly sink to the lowest professional standards with the use of VOX POPs which are meaningless as they depend entirely on the editorial involvement. You seem to regard your audience with contempt. You use disagreement and disharmony to cause fear and bias. We are all going to live with the outcome of Brexit. The BBC News has a responsibility to help us understand the truthful situation and hear from those who really know their subjects from both sides at the same time. You have forgotten you are a public broadcasting organisation representing the people not your own prejudices.

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