BBC news at 6

I just caught an extremely gloomy assessment of Brexit by a Reporter who was clearly presenting from a “Brexit is Apocalypse” platform.
Seeking people to appear in his report who to put it bluntly came across almost Suicidal about the future and our prospects.
The Polish lady with a young Child fearing for her place in the UK…”I said to my child if we have to go leave then we have to go”…she said despairingly.
The Man who saw nothing good for our future at all.
The Reporter finding Negatives for people to consider, negatives which are almost certainly Transient issues which will be diminished once the withdrawal from the EU is complete and the Fog of Uncertainty has lifted.
I’m 44 and have had a problem with the BBC since I was 12. I’m not a Fan of it as an institution, in fact it often disturbs me greatly.
This report was particularly Naughty.

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