BBC News at 10

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull and Theresa May yesterday held a press conference at No.10 Downing Street. Mr Turnbull was very positive about a free trade deal with the UK and said he wanted to see one in place as soon as possible after Brexit. The tone of his speech was extremely positive. On the other hand, Laura Kuenssberg (yet again) decided to ignore that positivity and ask negative questions about unrelated subjects in an attempt to make Theresa May foolish. BBC News at 10am covered the news conference, yet strangely they cut the footage of Malcolm Turnbull being positive about our post-Brexit future, and instead changed the entire story to meet Laura Kuenssbergs own self-serving agenda of trying to make the PM look foolish. Even the BBC News site barely covered the positive aspect of the news conference, with the only footage being hidden away as a small story on the Politics sub-pages. It seems increasingly apparent that the BBC will do it’s utmost to put a negative spin on any Brexit story and make it headline news. Where it is unable to do so, it simply buries the story.

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  1. Ian

    it is evident that the media plot is now to undermine and split the Conservative party in order to frustrate Brexit even at the expense of allowing Corbyn’s’ Circus to take over and ruin our wonderful country for many years to come!

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