BBC News

I’m so disgusted at the way the BBC has been reporting on the outcome of the referendum. You are meant to be a publicly funded impartial broadcaster but throughout the period since February 23rd 2016 to the present day you have shown no impartiality at all. You present the events since referendum day in the worst light. You are aware that more than half of the voters voted to leave the European Union so you would assume that half of your programming reflected this. Your tone and nuance has unbelievably upset me. The only programme I saw that has demonstrated anything like we expect has been the Jeremy Paxman show about Europe.
I cannot work out your agenda – I realise you receive a large amount of European funding, but you cannot now and set the agenda for the country to reject the vote, protest for another referendum or to accept freedom of movement and stay in the single market. This IS happening – you really need to rally around the decision of the British public.
I have always been a fierce supporter of the BBC and the TV licence, but I am now so anti-BBC that I will proactively campaign for it to be stripped of certain powers and receive less money. You have absolutely and spectacularly failed the public and should hang your heads in shame.

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