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Getting sick to the stomach of the post Brexit fear mongering and lies from BBC. On Friday we saw lies on the BBC news channel regarding Morgan Stanley moving 2000 jobs away from London. This was publicly stated as a lie from a Morgan Stanley Senior Spokesperson 2 hours later but the story was never retracted. They spent all day peddling the news that the stock market had crashed and hell was freezing over. Yet at close of Friday the pound was still in line with the Euro and where it was in February and the FTSE 100 was back to where it was last week, yet still today, 3 days later. BBC news are still lying to me that the stock market has crashed.

Then you have things like this article: The article starts out trying to give a more positive outlook but, but you can see the desperate attempt to book end the positivity with the negative company tag line on the subject. “Most leaders of the UK’s largest firms came out in favour of a ‘Remain’ vote” which is so utterly deceptive it’s vile. JCB are our biggest exporter and a lot of the big firms that are referring to are companies that get massive benefits from the EU regulations and subsidies that hurt the ‘smaller’ businesses.

Then the next comment to that article “The FTSE 100 initially fell by around 8% on Friday morning, but regained some of its value later in the day to close 3.15% down. The pound ended the day 7.5% down against the dollar” completely ignoring that the FTSE 100 had been artificially propped up at the beginning of the week and was now back to where it was…er… a week ago! Also fails to mention that whilst our currency lost value over the dollar the power against the Euro didn’t change a great deal by the end of the day. Also the pound dropping will benefit our economy. Japan are about to cause a huge financial crisis because their currency won’t stop appreciating in value.

Britain right now needs to get behind Brexit and show the world we are strong and united and confident of moving into a brighter future with the rest of the world to stop international investors selling shares in our businesses. The BBC (being an international broadcaster) constantly telling the world everything is a disaster when it’s not is undermining our position and is incredibly irresponsible.

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  1. Steve barrett

    Half facts and biased pro EU news and stories across every BBC platform. The news reporting (if you can call it reporting) has been disgraceful and the BBC should hang its head in shame.

  2. cabbage doll

    Sadly, we need to question every premise every time; bothering to carry out our own in-depth research to get at the truth.

    The BBC does not report news. It constantly mixes short bursts of headline with vast tracts of biased comment and interview.

    We are not alone: media right across Europe have seen massive ‘management’ before and after Brexit. You’re free to access leading European media outlets online at any time to see what I mean.

    Shocking but not surprising considering what’s apparently at stake for some.

    But not what we should accept from our BBC.

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