BBC News

The details you request above are too numerous to list, but in order for this complaint to proceed I have made an arbitrary note of BBC at 10 p.m on the day before the referendum, although these reporting errors continued throughout the days leading up to the referendum and to an extent have continued after the Leave vote by concentrating on the remarks from the losing ‘remain’ camp. . Without exception the BBC news reporters, either through their own political leanings or by instruction from senior staff, presented a totally biased version of events leading up to the referendum. In no way was the reporting carried out in a balanced and non-judgemental way. I am aged 72 and can remember the days when BBC news reporting was fair and presented each view in such a way that the viewing, or listening, public were able to get a balanced view. Sadly, this is no longer the case. It is more the norm nowadays for the public to be presented with non-news and by that I mean what ‘might’ happen if a particular course of action follows. This is not news in a true sense it is conjecture and can be particularly misleading if presented in an adverse way. This form of faux reporting has been particularly bad leading up to the EU referendum. I wish to state that I voted to leave the EU, but had hoped to receive fair and balanced reporting prior to voting. This did not happen. I must admit that these biased reporting procedures were not the sole prerogative of the BBC stations – ITV must also take a share of the blame, in particular the 7 p.m. news programme on Channel 4. No doubt I am wasting my time in writing this, but I am naive enough to hope that it may elicit some form of positive response. I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that this matter has not been dealt with in a correct manner by the news staff.

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