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I found this programme utterly deplorable for the number of individual reporters making reports about the Eu referendum with each one of these being so plainly biased in favour of staying in the EU that it became a total farce. Why did we have to have so many individual reports about the referendum in a half hour news programme. This is not news it is speculation about a subject where the BBC commenced and continues to portray a bias towards remaining in the EU. Come on the BBC you have been rumbled and tonight’s production line of reports were made and presented in a response to those newspaper headlines which said that the Brexit vote was in the lead. I urge you BBC to stop all this biased reporting and leave all your energies to reporting on the actual result. Stop peddling biased views from very poor reporters who in many cases do not know their facts…..especially when it comes to the NHS.

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  1. Barry taylor

    The bbc is not fit for should be dismantled and started again.has anyone noticed how the bbc has stopped covering the migrants coming to europe?have the migrants stopped!of course not!the bbc has stopped coverage in an attempt to protect the remain camp.the bbc is a disgrace

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