BBC News

Approximately a 10 minute report during which time the Labour remain campaign were followed for the large majority. The leader (remain), deputy leader (remain) were focused on. We then heard from a union leader (remain). A brief interview with a labour leave MP (Frank Field). Eventually, a small piece saying that the leave campaign will keep farmer (et al) expenditure and then a truly astonishing piece from the blatantly biased John Pienaar who totalled up the amount we get from the EU completely ignoring the amount we pay and then interviewed an “expert” (remain) who said that the leave campaign financial arguments were wrong. My estimate of bias: 90% remain, 10% leave. If that wasn’t enough, they went on to discuss immigration and attacked the assertion that leaving the EU will reduce immigration with the preposterous argument “leaving the EU will not pull up the draw bridge”. My estimate of bias: 95% remain, 5% leave. Overall: far from the 50/50 we should expect from a BBC not being leant on by the establishment.

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