I have given the date and time above although you could choose any day or time for this complaint. The BBC news is clearly pro remain EU and the way the channel defends this is disgusting, this is not impartial journalism. almost double the air time given to pro remain EU campaign and half that to Brexit. All the scare stories held up to convince the general public to vote one way. I have to find my news online these days, I struggle to watch the BBC and the omissions from your news broadcast.
The BBC has become a propaganda machine for Tory politicians, i watch it through gritted teeth now, pro government this and that, it seems scared to criticize top Tory policitions but happy to dig out blind on attacks on Labours Corbyn etc. I don’t even like Corbyn but can see this is heavily swayed in one direction. The BBC has become one never ending party political broadcast for the Conservatives.
Please wake up BBC, the UK is not blind and we are sick of it.

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