BBC News

BBC once again portrays a doom and gloom story on the main news web page. This is regarding the cost of holidays going up due to the poor pound – “Thomas Cook predicts Spanish holiday prices to rise”. This is contrary to recent surge in the pound which should be celebrated, yet the BBC want to slowly but surely change the publics view on the how Brexit is having negative impact. I believe this is story not worthy of being on the front page or in fact anywhere on the news as it not certain and is somewhat fake news. This is because we don’t know how the pound will end up for next years holiday season and if we did then we should give up our jobs and become a forex investor. I believe the reporting to be a pessimistic view instead of celebrating all the good that has come about and that can come out of Brexit. This is a dumb it down story for the normal Joe public who goes on holiday ,rather than giving them all the facts about the pound rallying . The BBC should be helping promote Britain as after all its the BBC after all, not the EUCC. A 34 yr old engineer from N Ireland.

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