BBC News

The BBC reported on an audience Q/A with Janet Yellen , Head of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in the USA. They headlined their interview as ‘Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen urges soft Brexit’. However, Janet Yellen made no reference to soft or hard Brexit, no reference the single market, customs union or immigration. She simply referred to the deep ties between the UK and the EU and the transitional uncertainties which will casue some difficult decisions to be taken. The BBC wholly misappropriated Janet Yellens comments to attach some international credibility to the idea of soft Brexit.  I emailed Janet Yellen who was kind enough to reply as follows: ” I answered a question from the audience following a conversationwith Lord Stern at the British academy. There is a video on BBC that you can watch to see exactly what I said. The headline was written by them, not me, and I never used the term “soft brexit”. Hope this helps.

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