BBC (General)

My complaint is that everything is geared towards undermining the brexit vote and unfairly besmirching us all. I tweeted and emailed some info for them to use and they didn’t. Even an article I wrote with more actual facts on leave voters issues. And a tweet by Theresa May about 3 days ago with a link to a Guardian article on how to stop brexit. We leave voters pay our fee too. And their program on why people voted leave was just picking a few people who have immigration issues. I’ve found a lot of blogs and tweets from people with many v good reasons to leave so why can’t the bbc find them. Lies were told on both sides but they’re not reporting that. The TTIP deal that died with brexit, why is that hidden? And the EU have admitted their superstate plan, what about that? Or the eu hypocritical human rights violations. Or the fact that 11 EU member states don’t pay into the eu.

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