BBC Editors

Pro-EU bias of BBC editors and programme makers. Yesterday, David Kew, a BBC Film Director, was exposed as being in the same flotilla as Bob Geldof, challenging Scottish Fishermen over EU fishing policy. Quite apart from rich non-fishermen presuming to know what’s best for fishermen and their businesses, the arrogance and ignorance of Geldof’s attack caused some Labour Remainers to leave Geldof in disgust. This episode exposes, yet again, that most (if not all) of those in charge of making programmes and editorial decisions at the BBC are pro-EU. It matters hugely, because those very same people decide what millions of voters see/hear on BBC TV/Radio News. Is it any wonder this site, and indeed the BBC News Politics website, is now crammed full of complaints about the evident and unashamed BBC bias towards the EU.

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