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What a slanted view yet again from the BBC. This time on our ability to carry out the necessary trade deals with the rest of the world once we trigger Brexit. The BBC wheeled on Miriam Gonzalez a most avid Pro Remainer to give us a reality check!!!!! She with her husband have been the most prolific Remainers in the national press. Surprisingly (not) she lectured us on how difficult it would be to negotiate these deals intimating it was nigh on impossible to create these deals within a 2 year period . The EU trade deal with Canada was given as an example of how long it may take …7 years I believe. What tosh! The reason it took this long was because of the EU was trying to get 27 different countries to agree to a joint trading positions especially regards Agriculture. The deal nearly derailed at the last minute because of some regional Walloon Council in Belgium who nearly scuppered the deal !!!!! Ye gods talk about balance. The BBC has long failed to give a balanced view on anything relating to Brexit. The have manufactured a contra view to the government’s assertion that we are quite capable of handling our own trade deals to a reasonable timetable. They are tacit Remainers incapable of delivering any balanced view on our exit of the EU. The BBC have become the voice of the liberal left undermining the democratic view of the electorate. They have become the voice of the political elite who are still convinced the electorate are mindless, little Englander thugs, incapable of making rational decisions on sovereignty, immigration and self determination

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  1. Jeffrey Price

    I firmly believe that bbc and the political establishment think we the people should not be alowed to vote if we are not going to tow their line.They are telling us this every day by not accepting a democratic vote.

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