BBC 10pm News

Once again the BBC seem to lead on a Remain story concerning the EU Referendum. it is as if the Leave Campaign are an after thought. We have also noticed if they interview the public on the street or in a Pub etc they always seem to interview 3+ People who say they are voting to remain, then they interview a Leave Voter, but he/she is lucky to get 10 seconds to speak before the interviewer who is sorry we must end it there and hand back to the studio, happens every time. I am sick of it, the Biased is now just so blatant. The founding principle of the BBC I thought was to Inform Educate and Entertain but must remain impartial and completely unbiased. they seem to breach this every time they discuss the EU or the EU referendum. its worse if they get onto Climate Change a pet project of the EU where the UK is the only Country as usual who is implementing the recommendations to the letter, probably at the disadvantage to the British People who always seem to suffer. They seem to always only show UKIP in a bad light, I don’t think I have ever seen one positive story about this Political Party on the BBC, yet the other political parties even the Greens get plenty of air time and good things reported. The BBC sadly is no longer “Fit for Purpose” in the 21st Century, with a compulsory Tax which if you can’t pay or refuse to pay for it, even if you don’t watch BBC you are Criminalised. Time they were forced to scrap it and either go over to Advertising like ITV or they maybe have a mix of Adverts and Subscription, we all own the BBC so maybe its time we had a referendum asking us what we think?

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