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Horrified that Marr actually apologised for interviewing Marine Le Pen on Remembrance Sunday. I understand that perhaps some veterans may have complained because they have been persuaded by the establishment that the Front National is Neo-Nazi in it’s policies, but I suspect that the majority of complaints will have come from middle class Left-whingers who simply do not want anyone who espouses views with which they disagree to have a voice. The same PC thinking which characterises no platforming in our universities. Agree or disagree with Le Pen why should she be silenced especially on the pretext of it being inappropriate on Remembrance Sunday? Free speech and democracy were, after all, two of the values people fought and died for. I could argue that it more inappropriate for Marr to interview Jeremy Corbyn on this day, his opinions on the military are far more dangerous and disrespectful to our brave soldiers.
Anyway lets put Marr’s apology into context, the BBC as usual falling over itself to ingratiate the Corporation to certain groups/minorities/pet causes will uphold any complaint which they deem worthy of note. How many apologies did Brexiters receive for their Bias both prior to and post Brexit? Absolutely none.
Marine Le Pen spoke a lot of sense on Marr’s show this morning, from what I’ve heard and read her opinions on Brexit, Frexit and the World are not racist or dangerous. Her father’s more extreme views seem to be the basis for accusations of xenophobia etc but she has distanced herself from these. The bleeding heart Liberals (including the BBC, naturally) will of course not let this simple fact prevent them from invoking the ghost of her father’s comment regarding the Holocaust because quite simply they are terrified about what is happening to their stranglehold upon the people of this continent and indeed the World.
Brexit, Trump and the rise of right wing parties across Europe should’ve been a wake up call to liberal lefty luvvies but they still can’t accept any of it. Like a rabbit in the headlights they are too startled and afraid to react and as a consequence business will continue as usual. More BBC bias, more discrimination against Brexit and more (insert expletive of choice here) Europe.
In some respects I’m rather grateful to the BBC and EU, their continued intransigence and inability to listen could ensure the demise of both organisations.

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  1. Michael

    Good points, Tee2.
    You ask how many Brexiteers received apologies due to BBC bias? Not one because the BBC believe it was within their remit to ‘report’ the way they did. They won’t apologise to Brexiteers for their insults and labelling during the campaign and after either. The BBC have a certain way of looking at things and, if views don’t fit their ideals, they can ignore them at their leisure. They in no way represent the majority of people in our country just one type and unless someone stands up to them, we’ll be faced with this for some time to come.
    As for the programme, I was more disconcerted that they apologised to viewers over Le Pen’s interview than apologising for the interview of the far left, Stop the War campaigner and Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn. On Remembrance Sunday, of all days. Corbyn wants to cut defence spending, scrap Trident, opposes shoot to kill of terrorists on our streets and would not press the nuclear button if it came to it. Many in the Armed Forces, past and present, have condemned his views on defence and the military and the BBC thought it was prudent to interview this man on Remembrance Sunday and apologise for an interview based on comments said not by Marine Le Pen but by her father over 30 years ago, comments which saw Le Pen Sr ejected from the party by his daughter.
    I would love balance at the BBC but until we get a government who are willing to stand up to them, we will have to put up with their bias a little longer.

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