Andrew Marr

Mr Marr indicated, during his programme, that he would take up the leaked Report(in the Sunday Times) of a UK government plan to admit up to a million Turks with the Prime Minister. In the event, hardly any time was spent on either immigration or this leaked report. Since the issue of immigration is likely to be the primary cause of Brexit and because of the rampant denials of the Remain Camp that Turkey is not like to achieve membership of the EU any time soon, then the programme was biased in favour of the Remain camp. The Prime Minister was let off the hook in two ways 1) Not being challenged regarding the truth of the Report and 2) why are we allowing a million Turks into GB if Turkey isn’t being admitted to the EU? These are critical issues for the Leave Camp and the British people deserve to know about such plans before the Referendum and the BBC is guilty of not testing ‘on air’ these very important issues with the PM, particularly as all programmes which discuss the EU Referendum are supposed to be balanced and impartial.

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