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This is a continued and long standing complaint. The BBC will not mention that we have a constitution and in fact Nick Robinson on the Today programme repeated the Government lie that we do not have a written constitution. We do and it goes back to Magna Carta and developed over time. It was considered by the Americans so good that they virtually copied it when they wrote their own constitution. WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH BREXIT? you may ask. Our constitution states that my and your sovereignty cannot be given away to another country unless we have been defeated in a war. This makes all our treaties with the EU unlawful. This was confirmed by Lord KIlmuir’s letter to Edward Heath. Lord Kilmuir was the top law officer in the land. This letter was hidden for thirty years and because the media are controlled will never be mentioned or discussed. Make no mistake dear reader we are not leaving the EU. Negotiating using the Lisbon treaty is a diversion to ensure we stay in. We should just walk away. The BBC is your enemy and controlled by the globalist forces who created the EU.

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