Continued desire by presenters to attach brexit fears to almost any subject. I cannot remember a single Breakfast news programme that had the tiniest pro brexit stance on a story Project fear continues to rule at the bbc, guilty of the most appalling bias Public service broadcaster- I think not!

Victoria Derbyshire

3 guests: one neutral, 2 remainers both wanting a new referendum Compere tried to challenge occasionally, but ineffectual and under-prepared and would not stand his ground. Obviously a remainer as well

BBC News Thursday 23 rd August

In discussions after Mr Raab statement the commentators, Chris Mason,Gavin Lee not once mentioned that a “No Deal” was unlikely. I listened and all omitted to say the words from 12.00 to 12.15 “In the Unlikely Event” of a No Deal! The BBC should be impartial by law. Who is holding them to account?

BBC news at 6pm

THE bbc news was shocking tonight scaremongering about a no deal i never heard anything like it , it was totally one sided only remainers on the went on and on about medicine not being available credit card charges food secctor tariffs and so on it wad shockingly one sided

6 0clock news

How typical of the bbc scare mongering about a no deal brexit, shortage of medicines, more costs on credit cards etc, what utter tripe

News at Ten

It’s almost 10.15 and the entire news broadcast thus far has been doom mongering on the possible impact of leaving the EU on WTO rules. Where is the balance? Why is there never a mention of the positives? Thoroughly sick of the BBC. It has become an organ of propaganda.


When interviewing JRM the tone and manner was was derisery especially towards the end, as opposed to when interviewing Sarah Wollaston the tone and manner was very much of I’m on your side. The interviewer also gave Sarah Wallaston much more time to answer the questions and interrupted less. Towards the end of the interview JRM wasn’t even given right to reply as the interviewer moved onto a question about the Tory party and left all of Sarah Wollaston’s points without a response.

News 1pm

Business people were interviewed about a WTO deal should no other agreement be reached. She compared the loses for small businesses to the Foot and Mouth outbreak. The reoprter sympthirsed and did not counter this extrordinary analogy . Brexit is not a natural disaster but a political choice that takes place under legal processes. . No attempt was made to her suggestion that trade would not come to an abrupt stop or be chaotic etc . Had i been able to access the BBC i would have told them reports from random people, or poss people especially selected to reflect concerns , should not be broadcast as fact. I would have referred to as their reporter seemed tottally unaware of these facts .

BBC 6 O’Clock News

I wish to complain about the alarmist, clearly anti-Brexit reporting done by Laura Kuenssberg in the News today. Time and time again things which are only possibilities are reported and stressed in an alarmist manner thus attempting to alter the views of the public to a more anti-Brexit position. The BBC is supposed to be impartial and her reporting does not reflect this at all.

News 24

Report on a computer game where post brexit Europeans are held in concentration camps and only allowed to do menial jobs. Why the BBC saw fit to report this other than an anti brexit bias is beyond me I couldn’t believe what I was watching.. And kept wondering why it was on!!. Complained to BBC about its biased approach.

South east today

The female presenter today was trying to persuade Lib-dem MP to vote with his party to remain in EU instead of voting as his constituents did in the brexit referendum. I am an Eastbourne constituent & have not changed my mind about my leave vote in the referendum & believe that all MP’s should respect the way their constituents voted in the referendum. I find all BBC news programmes, without exception, are biased to remaining in the EU.

BBC News 24 channel 231

Brexit bias continues. Three students from Salford University were chosen to discuss their thoughts on Brexit. Two students originally voted remain and one voted leave. This is already biased as it was 2:1 but what made it worse was the fact that the leave voter said he would be a remainer now so basically you interviewed three pro remainers. Unfair and biased. Next time how about having equal sides !!!


Almost total anti Brexit comment. Both from presenters and from interviewees. All talk was of how bad it will be if we leave. Interviews with poles leaving due to Brexit. 3 guests in Brussels all Uk citizens opposed to Brexit. Even bbc experts saying the EU was the only stable point of negotiations with the UK in chaos. And I supported remain but this bias is unacceptable in a taxpayer funded media outlet

BBC News Website

Laura Kussenberg article in which she describes a no-deal Brexit as “armageddon”, and a “catastrophe” that will create “turmoil”.


I cannot put all the dates down because you ask for one specific date, I am sick and tired as are everyone else with continuous anti Brexit broadcasting from Monday 17th September 2019 and continuing through the rest of the week. The news channel is completely taken over with Brexit and interviewing remainers who LOST THE REFERENDUM and cannot accept defeat. THE BRITISH PUBLIC VOTED TO LEAVE SO CAN YOU AT THE BBC ACCEPT IT? This is a time in our history to reclaim back our country and when I voted to leave I am not concerned with the terms as long as we once again run our own country. Perhaps it may be a good idea if the BBC moved all their headquarters to Brussels and give us all a break! As Brexit has never happened before how is it that the BBC know so much about what we are going to lose and regret leaving. Just do everyone a favour and change the record

Radio 2 news

Every morning I switch on radio 2 in the morning to be met with a daily negative onslaught of anti Brecht propaganda. There is no hint of shame about it. It’s a huge talking point amongst my colleagues. The BBC in general are totally out of control in their bias against brexit. No wonder I’m seeing more and more vehicle stickers saying “ is that the truth or did you hear it on the BBC”.