Yet more anti-Brexit comments as well as continuing attempts to bring down the Government. The BBC and its employees seem hell-bent on bringing-down the current Government with niggling comments ands hi-jacking of interviews with MPs.

BBC News

The BBC repeatedly state the that if the UK leave the EU without a deal, then we’re “Crashing out” which is clearly designed to communicate a negative result. In fact, not even “an expert” can possibly know if that would be a Positive or a Negative in the Short or Long term. The term is clear BBC bias.


We are in our 70s and until a few years ago were staunch supporters of the BBC and its “British” values of fairness, honesty and patriotism, not any more. It seems to us that the BBC has become a pseudo political party in its own right currently engaged in not only outrageous political bias but almost an anti establishment crusade. The announcement by David Davis 13/11/2017 has again brought to our screens the bitter caustic and twisted reporting from Laura Kuenssberg and the inevitable wheeling out of Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke for extended biased interview coverage. Where is the impartiality, where is the balance, where is the opposing view ?? We now switch over to ITV and Aljazeera for a more balanced view and to find out what is happening in the rest of the world not just the ‘Brexit bubble’. There HAS to be something that can be done as we strongly object to funding this political party through our license fee. The answer – Axe the BBC News division from the rest of the corporation and let it become self funding.


Long interview with arch remoaner Anna soubrey – no brexiter being asked to offer alternative comments. The interviewer did not challenge her statements when a clean break with the eu is what us leavers voted for. It seemed the interviewer was almost agreeing with her.

8 am News Report

Repeated reference to Britain “CRASHING” out of the EU by both the main newsreader and Laura Kuenssberg. This implies that leaving the Union without a deal because of the intransigence of EU’s negotiators would be disastrous – hardly impartial reporting. #crash and burn….


Congratulations to Andrew Marr on his Sunday 12th November show and his James Dyson interview. However Dyson’s comments go completely unreported on other BBC news and internet BBC news. Dyson suggested UK should walk away from extortionate EU money demands.

Saturday Classics – Robert Lloyd

45 second opinion piece in the middle of an opera programme by the presenter saying how brexit would have made his career impossible followed by ‘ode to joy’. Vomit.

Jeremy Vine

The guest remainer said blatantly that there has to be another referendum because leavers only voted because of immigration. I voted to leave because I am sick of being told what to do by the Green Party because of European proportional representation they have power and they have inflicted their stupidity on Britain year after year

BBC news

When the BBC news offers an opinion on Brexit it needs to cover both sides of the story rather than their typical any Brexit rants.The BBC is still too focused on the negatives of Brixit. Poor journalism, fake new BBC, very disappointed.

6pm news

Your report on progress of negotiations for brexit was not balanced and highly biased. It concentrated on the negatives if agreement was not reached and how bad it would be for U.K. exports. No mention was made of the equally deterimental effect it would have on EU exports to the UK. Again it was followed by a comment from a spokesperson that the transfer of statutes could be reversed. It seems at times from your reporting that it is one way street and that the EU have no vested interest in selling to the almost 70million people in the U.K. Can we please have a balanced view in the future highlighting both positives and negatives for both sides.


The female interviewer was heard to say ‘over 50% of the population’ voted to leave Europe. This is untrue. About 17 million people voted to leave out of a population of over 65million. About 37% of the people registered to vote actually voted to leave Europe. On this point they were perpetrating some untrue propaganda put forward by the organisations who support Leave.

Question Time

The country voted 52% in favour of brexit, the BBC questiontime should at least 50% of the time have a brexit majority panel, however not once has the program had a majority brexit panel. 18 months of majority remain panels. BBC should be repremanded and forced to redress this bias and imbalance

Now Show

Almost resigned to the constant inference that anyone of the majority who voted to quit the EU is educationally stunted and racist but on this occassion my complaint is in response to a rant by a guest comedian against the wearing of British Legion Poppies. The claim was that the appeal has been hijacked by extreme nationalists with highly selective voicing of illiterate twitter ‘quotes’ to justify telling us to stick our Poppies somewhere unpleasant. Outrageous.

Breakfast TV

Yet again, the headline news is quoting that 75000 city jobs will be lost and stating that this fact came from the Bank of England. In fact it seems that this figure was invented by a consultant in a report to a lobby group in Oct 2016 and is old news, even if it was news then. This is another example of the doom laden bias repeatedly trotted out by our public funded TV station. Surely the days of the BBC being funded by the public must be ended.

News at 10

The article about the impact of Brexit on dairy farming last night allowed some farmers to give the impression that trade with China would be much easier after Brexit – that the Chinese say it is much easier to deal with one country than twenty seven. Farmers were seen ‘benefiting’ from this new freedom. There was no corrective to this impression – the obvious points being that nothing prevents one country (e.g. the UK) or even one company from trading with China. The complications are in negotiating the underlying treaties with all countries. And, on the evidence, this dairy farmers/ cooperatives/ companies now setting up new trade with China are doing so within the EU – we haven’t left yet. It is important for the BBC not to fall into the trap of uncritical acceptance of Brexit. Half the voters were against it, and those that were for it have not yet been able to say what on earth it means, beyond looking roughly like ‘remain’!

BBC News at Six

Almost the entire opening of a piece about how badly the dairy farming industry would be impacted by Brexit, read by Fiona Bruce, ran to about 4 sentences and was quite negative concerning labour supply. It was ‘balanced’ with 1 sentence of how many farmers felt positive about leaving the EU. The actual piece was quite balanced, highlighting farmers exporting milk to Qatar and China and a farmer concerned about potential labour issues.


Seems to me a very shallow report which supposedly assessed the price of “food on your plate” should the EU refuse to agree a trade deal of any sorts as a result of Brexit. It was a highly selective scare story with little scrutiny or challenge. The impression given that we are doomed if we join the huge number of Countries from beyond the EU who trade with Europe ,and the rest of the world , via WTO arrangements and other trade deals, is surely a distorted one ? Why is the BBC seemingly so eager to promote anything negative which so obviously undermines the decision the Country has taken, that is, to leave the E U.?

BBC News at midday

The growth figure of the EU was used in a report to highlight the lower growth of the UK. You never see this the other way round. I have never heard the growth figure of the UK quoted to highlight the low growth of the EU in the past. Why start comparing now? In the past the growth figure is just stated, not compared. I find it very divisive and misleading. Positive economic stories are spun in spite of brexit while negative ones are spun as because of brexit. The narrative of the BBC is incredibly biased and definately not impartial.

Question Time

Yet again another one sided QT panel on the BBC, same every week. Constant mind numbing liberal scare mongering dribble. You only get one side, anti brexit. THERE WAS A VOTE the BBC seems to have forgetten that FACT. Is it fair that tv licence payers have to endure this, week in, week out???

BBC news (ALL)

I never write in and complain about anything but felt compelled to comment on the apparent total bias against brexit by the BBC …they report every comment made by anybody who does not want brexit to happen, they report any doom and gloom that they can muster up to build a worse case scenario for leaving the EU…it really is biased beyond belief… When any Brexit news item comes on Television you just know what is going to follow…ant positive brexit news is given as little air time as possible and quickly followed by a lengthy anti brexit piece.

News at 6

John Pienaar being extremely negative about date for brexit vote. Said government could fall. He was mischievous bias and said nothing about the good progress made to date -gloom monger! Disgusting Bias from this lefty run set of do gooders – the BBC. Scrap the fee and bring them in to the real world.

BBC News

After watching Russian news and Sky news I find the BBC interpretation of the facts a fantasy. Why are BBC journalists promoting anti British discussions in the European Parliament with EEC officials whom not only respect our democratic rights they also seek a compromise and realistic result. Back off BBC let the people decide our destiny. But we can still listen to TASS , SKY or any other news body giving us the truth.


BBC News reported on comments made by EU representative which were clearly an attack on Brexit and even suggested reversing same. It was blatent bias by the BBC in not attempting to obtain the government view or at least a pro brexit representative

Question Time

Dimbleby continually allowed audience and Lisa (labour person) to interrupt the conservative person. He tried to shut down members of the audience who were pro brexit but allowed those against to talk freely. I phoned in to complain and also stated that this happens on daily politics too.

Question Time

Every week we see a panel clearly made up of romoaners. Yet the country voted 52 48 it is on of many clear bias by the BBC At the very least the panel should be equally balanced in numbers considering I have to pay for this at the threat of jail I would prefer honest debate not propoganda

Daily Politics

Jo Coburn interviews John Redmond from leave means leave and Jenny Chapman, Labour shadow Brexit minister. Her line of questioning was very aggressive only towards John Redmond and her interruptions were constant. Conversely she allowed Jenny Chapman uninterrupted and off subject answers to go unquestioned, without interruption. I recorded the Programme and played it back to myself and the bias is extreme. I shall again be complaining to the BBC, unfortunately for the 5th time in a year and the 2nd time about the same interviewer. I did used to like Jo Coburn and in many other subject matters she is able to mask her bias with professionalism, however I believe the BBC either need to remove her from Brexit interviews or give her a major education on current customs procedures under WTO rules, because she is clearly lacking. I say this having worked in the international logistics industry for 38 years including managing the largest inland clearance port in the UK.

Daily Politics

The presenter’s (Joe Coburn) aggression in questioning John Redwood on his pro Brexit stance and his reasoned arguments on why opposers should stop wingeing, was barely contained. His arguments that a no deal situation would not be the disaster she argued, was, in each example, he quoted, aggressively interrupted. Very rarely does the BBC or, indeed any of the other visual media give an even-handed approach. Typically any pro- Brexit contributors who give a positive view on the country’s future are out-numbered by 2:1 or more by contributors giving counter and nearly always intimidatory views. These latter are almost always reinforced by the presenter(s) themselves. The sole exception to this appears, in my view, to be Andrew Neale who is notable for his even-handed questioning. Why don’t Ofcom investigate this issue seriously?

News quiz

I love radio 4 but cannot beleive the political overtones of this programme. I always championed the radio 4 output but it’s now unable to see that it only represents one view. I know all BBC employees are required to be of one mind on this issue or they get edged out but I remember when they would still look for balance. I hope the controllers are duly ashamed of their one sided output. Rip BBC balance. I tried to raise an issue with BBC direct but they are burying all such complaints.

General News Programmes

Brexit coverage is bias toward the Remain camp. “No deal will be disastrous for the UK” This is without the balance that, No Deal would be disastrous for the EU, indeed for the whole world.