Although we are fully aware of the Radio 4 and wider BBC bias to remain in the EU, it is nevertheless astonishing to hear this morning’s blatant misrepresentation of the government’s position on the exit of the UK from the EU on the Today programme. Consistently throughout this morning the headlines have been quoting Theresa May’s position as being to cut all economic ties with the EU. This is utter rubbish, as the BBC editors will know, she has said we want to negotiate free access to the Single Market and the best possible trading relationship with the EU. Both the Conservative and Labour party had, during the election campaign, committed to leaving the Single Market and Customs Union, although the Labour Party changes its position depending who it is talking to. The BBC is misleading their audience on government policy and, as a publicly funded broadcaster, they need to reassess their position of trust. Many people I know do not trust the BBC and avoid listening to its coverage of the UK’s departure from the EU for that reason.

Today, Business segment

Subject: Still peddling EU propaganda: UK payment & receipts from the EIB The UK pays into the European Investment Bank, a portion of the funds the UK provides are then returned to the UK, with conditions attached, via the EU’s convoluted bureaucracy in which funding conditions are set by unaccountable bureaucrats unconnnected with the UK’s economy. Khamil Ahmed and the rest of the BBC’s Europhile establishment continue to attempt to mislead those who don’t follow the labyriithyne EU processes into believing that the EU is some kind of beneficient entity that the UK is dependent on for its continued survival. We object very strongly to this peddling of propaganda by a publicly-funded broadcaster.

Breakfast 5 Live Daily

It was last week’s Emma Barnett interview with Nick Clegg, who is not an MP anymore. Nick Clegg was not questioned at all about his Remoaning, and mistaken, destructive, undemocratic, untrue beliefs.  All votes are equal, and us brexiteers got much more votes; just the same as when we were dragged in to the EU in the 1970s! Now, the same we are being thank god dragged out of it, to freedom for the UK; for all of us. We do not want what the EU forced on Ireland, a second Referendum! That was not right. Also we do not want dope legalized, it causes brain damage etc. So please do not keep imposing on us Nick Clegg. This is why he lost his seat, his unpatriotic, Loony, beliefs are not popular. Emma Barnett must be Lib dem, or some kind of Loony Left, as she gave only Nick Clegg a completely easy ride, this is not fair. Nick Clegg is not a MP anymore, or in the EU unfortunately anymore. So, why do we have to keep having him in the newspapers, and on the radio. Because it is part of your Loony Left agenda. Like the Climate change, and constant, tiresome, Trump bashing! Donald Trump has every right of a State visit, with the Queen to. I am very grateful for what Donald Trump has done to help the unborn child, and our religious freedom.

News Quiz

Historically, I have loved BBCs comedies and documentaries, but even I am now feeling reluctant to continue to pay for the license fee given the level of sneering and bias towards Brexit and Brexiteers. The BBC journalists, panellists and programme commissioners are all revealing that they are totally out of touch with the country to whom they broadcast too. The examples this week alone of negativity are legion, but what pushed me over the edge was the obvious bias on the News Quiz where the panellists revealed fully the height of their ivory towers and remoteness from the population at large. Please can the BBC at least balance if not reflect the actual level of coverage towards Brexit. Yours in despair!

BBC News

Again airing the viewpoint of a remain politician, this time the failed US presidential contender, Hilary Clinton, to espouse her opinion that no deal Brexit would be bad for the UK as we wouldn’t get a deal with the US. Why do they always have to show negative slants on Brexit, typical slimy story manipulation!

BBC news

Complete news coverage biased against Philip Hammond and our ability as a country. Same angle on EU negotiations which are impossible if the EU’s Mr Barnier is only able to negotiate within specific controlled boundaries which were set for him earlier this year Let’s have some proper grown up reporting please.

Jeremy Vine

This show and the BBC continue to invite a failed deputy priminister and failed MP on every show it can to talk about re running the referendum because they lost . it is disgraceful the man is a failure what does he know? The BBC should have all funding withdrawn immediately.

BBC news (today)

BBC interviewed Nick Clegg seeking his opinion about the proposed speech by Theresa May to be given later today before it had been given. Why as he is no longer an MP or a member of the Lords ask him anything about Brexit when he is just a man in the street the same as anyone else? Obviously he is opposed to Brexit and that is why he was asked. He has no standing at all so it must be bias isn’t it?

Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire interview with European correspondent Kevin Connelly following Junker/May joint statement saying they want to accelerate the Brexit negotiations. Connelly said there were 2 interpretations one could make of the agreed statement, and then went on to choose the most pessimistic one as being the more likely. He criticised Theresa May for wanting to limit the amount the U.K. has to pay, but also seemed to be saying that she was only wanting to limit the amount to appease Tory backbenchers rather than to benefit the U.K. as a whole. He moaned about the cost of exiting the EU, saying “no-one can now remember, during the brexit referendum, anybody talking about the idea that it would cost a fortune to get out of the European Union, just as it would cost a lot of money to remain in”. He failed to mention that the amount of money to be paid to exit the EU will be a one off amount (although probably not paid off in one lump sum) as opposed to large and ever increasing contributions going forward if we had chosen to remain.

Victoria Derbyshire

BBC news channel. Yet more unwarranted attacks on Mrs May, her leadership and Brexit. Isn’t it time that ALL reporters, are legally bound to report only the facts of the news, not speculation, not ‘story telling’ as the BBC Head of News called it. The media have far too much influence over a lot of the population who believe that what they hear is the truth, rather than that particular reporter’s opinions. News reporting should not be allowed to be hyped up, with reporters becoming actors to try to force their opinions, or those of whoever they are working for, on the population.


They had an ex MP Nick Clegg giving his reasons we should have another vote. He was allowed to promote his new book. He was not challenged on his extreme views. The BBC should be punished and the Director//producer sacked.

Today program

The today programme was very biased in a pro-brexit direction. It didn’t challenge Bernard Jenkin who made many dodgy statements, and gave him a higher impact time, and a much easier ride than Nick Clegg, who was actaullt making sense. Why has the BBC suddenly stopped being interested in facts or sensible arguments when Brexit is stating to crystalise into something concrete.

Mock The Week

When I heard Nish Kumar and James Acaster accuse over half of British voters of being racist for opting to leave the EU I had to re-wind just to confirm that I had understood correctly the gist of their comments! I was astounded. We’ve long had to endure the supercilious quips of Hugh Dennis and other panel members who regularly insinuate that anyone who didn’t vote to remain in the EU is a racist, bigoted, half wit but to make this accusation quite so bluntly was remarkable not only for the incredible ignorance, bitterness and vitriol of the comments but also because these two clowns clearly felt that a BBC programme was a safe platform from which to make these remarks. James Acaster even remarked ‘that won’t make it in’ – indicating his recognition that he had crossed a red line and that the comments would be edited out before being broadcast but clearly this didn’t happen. Comedy is a powerful tool and we should not be naïve enough to think that this is all just a bit of fun. The panel guests are clearly smart and funny people otherwise they wouldn’t be on the TV. They know full well that they have a great deal of influence and that they reach an audience of millions. I appreciate that they feel injured at having lost the political argument but they must not be allowed to abuse their influence by serving up slander thinly disguised as comedy.

National News

There was no coverage of the Stop Brexit march in Manchester, which I attended, except on local BBC North West news. Both ITV and Channel 4 covered it. This follows similar non-coverage of anti-Brexit events elsewhere and the pro-Brexit bias of BBC1’s Question Time on Thursdays. This programme has now become populism’s shouting shop and I just switch off. Giving equal weight to the truth and a lie is not balance but undermines any value in reporting. Failing to question an assertion that has no basis or at least to challenge a minister to produce some evidence of what they are saying is an abdication of responsibility by the national news service for which we all pay. I used to value the BBC but now I really resent paying the licence fee, BBC management needs to stop bowing to pressure from right-wing groups and do their job, “to educate, entertain and inform. ” Bias against Brexit? You must be joking.

BBC News all day

The BBC only told us (with glee and a tone that depicts mockery of British Citizens) how many Brits are applying for Spanish, French, German and Irish Passports. BBC never balanced the report with those EU Citizens who applies for British Citizenship. One would have thought the BBC would easily obtain the UK figures from the Home Office. At the end of the programme, it was disclosed they could actually not obtain official figures from the countries listed. So, ALL has been the BBC making guesses ir cooking up alarming stories. Where is the balance reporting?

BBC News

BBC once again portrays a doom and gloom story on the main news web page. This is regarding the cost of holidays going up due to the poor pound – “Thomas Cook predicts Spanish holiday prices to rise”. This is contrary to recent surge in the pound which should be celebrated, yet the BBC want to slowly but surely change the publics view on the how Brexit is having negative impact. I believe this is story not worthy of being on the front page or in fact anywhere on the news as it not certain and is somewhat fake news. This is because we don’t know how the pound will end up for next years holiday season and if we did then we should give up our jobs and become a forex investor. I believe the reporting to be a pessimistic view instead of celebrating all the good that has come about and that can come out of Brexit. This is a dumb it down story for the normal Joe public who goes on holiday ,rather than giving them all the facts about the pound rallying . The BBC should be helping promote Britain as after all its the BBC after all, not the EUCC. A 34 yr old engineer from N Ireland.


Whilst driving to work this morning two key points of bias reporting by BBC Radio 4 morning programme came out of the radio at me and I am sure millions of others. At around 06:15 we heard from Paul Johnson of the Instuite of Fiscal Studies tell us why Brexit is going to be bad for business and that he couldn’t see us replacing lost trade with the EU as we step outside the single market and that this would have a natural impact on jobs. Next up we had Sadiq Khan London Mayor at around 07:50 tell us why he wanted something different for London as London voted to stay part of the EU and that people didn’t vote to make themselves poor along with a number of other negative comments and we had no counter to this from the leave side of the discussion what so ever, BBC (Bias Brooadcasting Corporation) an absolute disgracefull reporting and an all to commond outcome from the BBC reporting bias across its whole structure. The Government need to understand that the Country is in massive debit and we need to trade our way out of this which we will not be able to do whilst remaining part of the European Super State that my parents didn’t vote to join back in 1975 or I voted for since being old enough to vote at the 1983 general election onwards.


I was a big fan of BBC 2 but am sick and fed up with Jeremy Vine and his biased views regarding Brexit and the need to remain. We have voted and whatever side you are on we should accept the outcome. We do not need Mr Vine and the BBC constantly bringing this subject up in a negative way. Seriously, fed up.

Bbc news

Laura Kuenssberg coverage of Mrs May’s speech in Florence was aggressive, critical and blatently bias in favour of the EU and against Brexit. Her questioning of the PM Immediately following the speech was viscious and her manner was both cynical and offensive.

BBC news

Yet again the BBC cannot report on Brexit without being impartial. Every time I see Laura Kuenssberg on the news, she is always reporting on Brexit negatively. Tonight she asked a politician questions pressing on the negative aspects of Brexit, many points not proven.


Presenter stated that there would be food riots after brexit.. Couldnt believe it. I work in a port and they were saying that inspections would stop all food. Total rubish . We eat food from everywhere every day. So angry

Question Time

As usual the panel is loaded up with remain voters with just 1 leave voter. soon as the brexit question arose it was the usual claptrap and negative attitudes that made me turn the program off. I stopped watching question time months ago but thought I would give it a try. no change from previous panels. total bbc bias. will not watch again. dump it and rename it bbc anti brexit show.

BBC News

Today’s BBC News Online headline is: “Brexit: Boris Johnson repeats Leave’s £350m for NHS figure” This contains two straightforward lies: there never was a promise, or even a suggestion, that £350m would go to the NHS – and Boris hasn’t ‘repeated’ it.

Question time

Once again, as in every single panel since the referendum, the BBC has put a panel on the show that is made up of 80% remain campaigners. Its disgusting how the BBC is abusing its trust to further their own political agenda.

upstart crow

don’t know what time it was shown. saw it on catch up. Will Shakespeare is talking about the time of Henry the eighth. About 10:11 into the programme, the narrative is something like this: the union between england and wales made sound economic sense. but the one thing we know about the british, is that when it comes to a choice to follow sound economic sense and bloody minded petty nationalism, the world can get stuffed because we want our countries back no matter how small, cold, wet or utterly impoverished they may be.

BBC news & politics programs

Every day I have to listen to the BBC bias on leaving the EU, the air time given to the remainers is disgraceful. We voted to leave pack trying to brainwash the British who pay for the license fee it will not wash, we are not stupid. More people voted to leave so the Brexitee’s should get the majority share on tv & radio.Why is this not so ? Why are the governing bodies that are supposed to make the BBC impartial not doing anything about it, It’s a disgrace that they get away with it.

Andrew Marr

I find it as astounding that the Andrew Marr programme today gave the prime slot to Tony Blair, ahead of a Minister of State, Michael Fallon. Yet another example of left-wing bias of the BBC and an opportunity for the unprincipled Blair to announce his astounding volte face regarding immigration.

Andrew Marr

Having Blair on the show for an enormous amount of time without a clear counter voice eg. From UKIP is entirely unreasonable. The % air time to remain was utterly disproportionate. Fallon was not given anywhere near as much time to talk positively againt remain

Andrew marr show

Andrew Marr now fails to challenge or provide intelligent response to guests on the show. The Mr Tony Blair remainder showcase this morning is the latest point in question. Mr Blair was allowed to pontificate without any challenge to the obvious half truths and weaknesses in his remainer speech. Mr Marr seemed only able to nod his head as if he was sitting on the right hand of some sort of god figure. Mr Marr’s questions appeared to assist Mr Blair make his very weak points, giving them a phoney gravitas they Would not have had if correctly challenged.

6pm News

Total bias on the 6pm news regarding the government leaked document regarding immigration. Total bias on everybody interviewed stating they believed that immigration was a good thing. The country that’s the majority voted to leave the EU and the reduction of immigration was the key point. Not a senior person was interviewed supporting controls on immigration. I know it’s a waste of time complaining to the BBC as it’s always right and that’s how they always answer any complaint regarding this matter


I tuned in for news of the strongest hurricane to hit the Caribbean for years and what did I get?! More bias from the BBC regarding Brexit ( the proposed Immigration Bill. )We have Laura Kuenssberg back with us plus the Mayor on London et al giving the country negative indoctrination again regarding Brexit! I turn the sound off now and wait for the real news.