“Brexit Neogations have not begun well”

A typically negative BBC news story about Brexit which appeared on the BBC News website today, the article was an interview given by Simon Fraser who was employed by the foreign office until 2015. He made claims that the Brexit negations hadn’t started particularly well. First point is the BBC doesn’t disclose that Mr Fraser campaigned for the remain campaign, also since leaving his post in 2015 Mr Fraser has been working as a consultant advising business on Brexit. It does make me wonder whether this a personal opinion as I can’t see very many of his ex-colleagues wanting to brief him on the current state of negations Especially when you have articles like this which suggests more progress is being made than what’s being reported by media outlets such as the BBC: https://capx.co/dont-believe-the-bad-news-about-brexit/


Dateline All guests we anti Brexit so only their views were put across …. another example of BBC’s bias against Brexit.

Dateline London

4 guests entirely anti Brexit. Jane Hill reminded them 52% voters , voted to Leave but the only message from the discussion was that Brexit will be a disaster, people didn’t know what they were voting for and the comparison between Britain’s withdrawal from India being equated to Brexit was total nonsense. For heavens sake get a balanced panel (pro and anti Brexit opinions) on this programme or admit the BBC is biased and anti-Brexit.

BBC news

The Brexit debates on ‘What the Papers Say’ and ‘Dateline London’ were not balanced. All the guests clearly held the view of remaining in the EU. Such continued bias has changed my viewing habits and Sky News is now my preferred news programme.

BBC One o’Clock News

Statements that the Japanese government is ‘deeply concerned’ and do not want Britain to have a ‘hard Brexit’ as this will endanger Japanese jobs and make trade talks with UK difficult. Quote from Rupert Wingfield-Hayes; ‘If Britain is heading for a hard Brexit, the UK -Japanese ties are going to be put under severe strain’. Is this really the view of the Japanese government or is it the opinion of the BBC?


Firstly yet another appearance by Nick Clegg attacking brexit and claiming no progress has been made in negotiations… despite a list of achievements being presented over the weekend. Second…. within half hour a completely unopposed opinion piece by writer Daisy Goodwin telling us how queen Victoria would have been “absolutely horrified by brexit” and would have been a firm supporter of the eu. Thank you. There is so much every day as I listen to radio 4 which is blatantly biased propagabda Now I have found this complaint facility I shall be more proactive in trying to do something about it.