Steve Wright in the Afternoon

Light entertainment show interview with Alex Salmond who was asked his view on Brexit and was given an unchallenged platform to be completely negative about Brexit. No challenge and no balance so even on non news programms anti brexit views now have an unchallenged platform


Terrible interview with Polly Toynbee and another person. “Debate” on the effects of Brexit re farming and food production. There was no debate, the interviewees were purely ruminating on the possible effects of Brexit on food production and farming subsidy. There were no facts, statistics etc just highly pessimistic speculation. Neither clearly knew anything about it, the gentleman simply agreed with Ms Toynbee. Phrases such as “people did not realise this when they voted for Brexit” were clearly heard, along with terrible cheap American food flooding into the UK.

morning news

MP Grant Chaps appears to talk about Broadband delivery, Naga Munchetty launches into him about Brexit matters,whole item slot is painfully extended while interviewer batters away and Grant Chaps presents a sound reply,I was interested about Broadband not Brexit, BBC stands for Brexit Bashing Company I suppose?