BBC News at Six and News at Ten

One line on the announcement of the biggest population explosion in 70 years and no report whatsoever. Probably biggest single issue in the referendum and this news almost totally buried. Why not interviewing of people up and down the country as it affects our daily lives. Reports on shortage of foreign labour to man fruit picking farms but no mention of this huge increase and the social impacts caused. Disgusting but typical of the way the BBC is becoming increasingly politicised

Who Should We Let In

The programme was biased towards pro immigration ideas with the presenter putting forward pro immigration quotes and ideas in a positive manner but any anti immigration ideas in a negative manner. The show was blatantly an extension of the presenters own ideas and beliefs. In this current climate there needs to be a balanced discussion, if the presenter is unwilling to do this than a second presenter should be used to bring balance to the conversation.

News at Six

Angry tone and Raised volume plus aggressive negative reporting about brexit negotiations by Laura political reporter. This approach has been ongoing since the referendum and it is depressing that reporting is biased in this way and cannot be delivered as news using impartiality. It is highlighting doom and gloom unnecessarily instead of a positive accurate approach, hence this complaint of your reporters being allowed to show consistent negative opionated tones

Brexit Means Brexit

Utterly flabbergasted to watch the BBC’s ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ programme. I voted Remain but this is appalling – incredibly biased, this non impartial reporting makes a mockery of the BBC. Just embarrassing to watch. Really saddened and ashamed of the BBC for broadcasting this.

BBC1 News at One

On BBC1’s News at 1pm today, the presenter said (twice) that BoE governor Mark Carney said in his Mansion House speech that Brexit will “likely make people poorer”. Of course he did not. The copy of his speech* shows quite clearly that what he actually said was that, “Monetary policy cannot prevent the weaker real income growth likely to accompany the transition to new trading arrangements with the EU.” There are three parts to that statement which belies the BBC’s negative interpretation: ‘weaker real income growth’ merely means that in Carney’s opinion real income GROWTH will not be as great — not that real incomes will likely decline; second, Carney claims only that ‘monetary policy’ cannot influence that ‘weaker’ growth, thus not ruling out any other policies that may do so; finally, he mentions only the expected “trading arrangements with the EU” without balancing it against the new arrangemnets expected with the rest of the world. Unfortunately it is this kind of manipulation of comments made by government ministers or bank officials which the BBC is becoming increasingly adept at in its attempts to rubbish Brexit. Fake News abounds. *


Evan Davis clearly biased towards a, so called, soft brexit. Pushing a pro EU stance on Kier Starmer. Disgraceful.

All news, and interviews.

I pay my license to listen to an impartial news and currant affairs radio station. No chance of that with you people, constantly reporting we did not know what we voted for, yes we did, OUT. All those lovely interviews with the super well off and famous stars telling us how this has divided us, what rubbish, it was a vote to leave the EU nothing more. I am also fed up with being called right-wing. I Am 57 years old and work self-employed for about £20,000 a year, mass immigration has kept my wages low, so it’s difficult, But of course it won’t affect BBC presenters so it’s easy for you to judge , up until now I have always voted labour, unlike the so called educated elite I can give many reasons why we can’t take in and look after many from all over the world,(Controlled fine)and I love the idea of freedom for the next generations to have their country back and not being told what we can and can’t do , Theresa May who even after the big giveaway by Corbin still won nearly 60 seats more than labour she is constantly being put down, I don’t know how she keeps going, if it not Brexit it something else. It borders on bullying. From your privilege position you should give a balanced view. You always give Tory and Brexit MPs a hard time but labour get away with awful policies and spending are money to gain votes. Tell us about Corbin and abbots past and keep rubbing it in like you would if it were Theresa May and co. Please look outside of your lovely little world and give her a chance. You won’t because you can’t get over democracy can you? All those thick racists out voted you, let me tell you they are just normal people with more common sense than you. Why not be confident in are great country? Move forward together (all) and support are people, both sides of the argument. Grow up you are supposed to be intelligent.

1.00 news

During Adrian Chiles program he had a discussion between Dan Hannan (Leave) & another (remain) about the forth coming Brexit discussions during which each of the two guests put their points across, then come the news bulletin after the programme you chose to only play an exert from another (remain) spouting his pessimistic outlook, why wasn’t there also a clip of Dan Hannan’s more positive outlook played?

Jeremy Vine talking on Ken Bruce show

We switched on to hear Jeremy Vine saying that the country just had no appetite for Brexit and we should just forget about it! He should be impartial but along with the rest of the BBC he is clearly just using his programme to spout his pro remain views and will not accept the democratic decision of the British people. The BBC are intent on whipping up hysteria to try to stop Brexit. There is no such thing as a hard or soft Brexit as the negotiations haven’t even started yet – again this is a tool used by the media to try a frighten people. The BBC is so intent on halting Brexit it is obsessed with Tory bashing at every opportunity to achieve it. I’ve always been a Vine fan but not any more. Needless to say we switched off!

Jeremy vine

Disgusted at how biased and left wing the BBC is in regards to Brexit. Jeremy Vine’s show has taken it to a new low today. I know the BBC doesn’t want Brexit to happen but it is required by law to be impartial. They want Theresa May to fail only ever reporting negative news on all programs and I believe by doing this they think it is more likely to secure a soft Brexit. A term made up after the referendum.

8 am news

I listen to the news every morning at 8:00 am on Radio 4. The BBC just cannot get over the fact that the EU referendum went the “wrong way”. Is it a crime to be free once more? People are more willing to pay the price for independence than they realise. Currently we have less control over our laws than a developing country; thanks to the EU. They are wasting their time because BBC propaganda against Brexit will fail. If a team loses a football match 4-5, the game is still lost and one cannot ask for a rematch nor keep harping on about the four goals scored. Only Nick Robinson is fair and even remotely close to impartial out of that lot!

BBC Election coverage

Laura Kuenssberg shouting across to the Prime Minister as she left to see the Queen “Is this strong and stable Prime Minister?” is quite simply rude and unnecessarily combative. Her questioning of the PM throughout the election campaign had been rude throughout and she seems to be forgetting that she is interviewing the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and whether she agrees with her policies or not she should be respectful. I interview many senior business leaders in my job but I am never rude. It is neither clever nor productive. The BBC should replace Kuenssberg with someone who understands how to hold an interview such as Nick Mason or James Landale.

BBC News 24

The continuing lack of impartial reporting from BBC News 24 BBC News 24 – too much spin and too few facts: What is distasteful over the current events of the weekend is that everyone appears to be on a band wagon indicating that the National reduction in Police Officers equates to the reason that the recent improvised terrorist attacks succeeded. The reality is the way in which these attacks occurred is hard if not impossible to predict – a person clearly bent on such action can simply decide to just pick a target and attack without warning. Fostering the idea that Teresa May is responsible is totally deplorable and inappropriate at this time. This is a serious problem and there is no one solution and above all no one person to blame, a fact that some people in power fail to see. We all need to work together not play a blame game which seems to be what the BBC presenters are generating. I have watched the BBC over BREXIT and on many occasions I have found them to be objectionable and biased – which decries their remit to provide factual and unbiased news – there appears to be a good deal of supposing going on. The BBC has a responsibility – their freedom to report on any subject is a privilege – personal preferences should not spill over into any reporting. I am saddened at the way they have behaved and the air time given to those that would divide us as a Nation over those who would seek to Unite us all.

Points of view

EVEN BBC POINTS OF VIEW IS BIASED! When dealing with complaints about bias in the famous leaders debate which Mrs May did not take part in, Jeremy Vine told us about an equal number of complaints indicating bias towards the Tories and towards Labour. This gave the impression that an equal number of complaints had been received of bias in each direction. What would have been fairer would have been to give the actual NUMBERS of complaints about bias towards Labour versus the number towards the Tories. Why? I challenge the BBC to publish those numbers. PROMINENTLY, so the greatest proportion possible of the bbc’s audience gets to see them.


Emily Maitlis clearly biased when interviewing Boris Johnson but gave the labour representative an easy time- waste of air time.

The BBC Election Debate

The heavy bias in the audience for Corbyn and against Theresa May, Brexit and Conservatives was so obviously purposely created. It is just another deliberate BBC attempt to distort the truth.

The BBC Election Debate

THE HUGE BIAS OF THE BBC AND IT’S PRESENTERS TOWARDS REMAINING IN THE EU! BBC bias is clear for all to see, thanks to News-Watch’s monitoring, we have discovered that: •Despite 52% of voters backing Leave in June’s historic referendum, only 8 of 124 guests on the Today Programme were invited to make the case for Brexit’s benefits in the days following the Article 50 notice. •In 40 episodes of Newsnight in the run-up to the referendum, twelve Remainers were offered one-on-one interviews compared to only six Leavers, and twice as much space was given to pro-EU commentators in 25 feature items. •Asked on five separate occasions by a coalition of MPs, BBC Director General Lord Hall has been unable to provide the transcript of a single positive BBC broadcast on Brexit. •Analysis of a post-referendum “Brexit Collection” programme showed that the offerings included 58% of speakers backing Remain with only 23% backing Leave. •The BBC’s Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg went even further, broadcasting the views of three times as many anti-Brexit voices as pro-Leave voices in her post-referendum programme “Britain’s Biggest Deal” – including no interviews with members of the UK Independence Party. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL BBC! UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL – THE PEOPLE OF THE UK HAD A DEMOCRATIC VOTE AND IT WAS A MAJORITY TO LEAVE; YOUR PROGRAMMES AND PRESENTATION OF SUCH IS SO OBVIOUSLY BIASED THAT YOU SHOULD BE REPORTED. IF I COULD STOP PAYING MY TV LICENCE I WOULD IN AN INSTANT – NO-ONE IS ASKING THAT YOU PRESENT A PROGRAMME WITH A ‘LEAVE’ BIAS JUST ALL PROGRAMMES WITH NO BIAS! DO YOUR PRODUCERS AND PRESENTERS NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD IMPARTIAL?

Political Debate 31 May and todays BBC News

This Debate was biased from the start as the audience were mainly left wing. Most of the attacks during the debate was on Amber Rudd and Paul Nuttall. I think Amber Rudd did a great job considering her father died on Monday. Today BBC1 News showed from the Debate Jeremy Corbyn attacking Amber Rudd from the Debate on Food Banks etc. But they did not show her response. They also did not show UKIP Leaders full response to his question from last night. This Debate was a complete waste of time as it was biased against Brexit. On this mornings News they gave Nick Clegg about five minutes on Brexit and running our country down. Then Jeremy Corby was on again. If this is not Bias I do not know what is. This is why the lead is now down to three points because of all this BIAS and unfairness.

BBC news

Bias again!,was there anybody in the audience that was conservative? All they seem to push is the other party`s that don`t want to leave the EU. It`s about time the TV licence was revoked .

BBC election debate

Bbc said the audience was representative of the population. Why then where the front 2 rows completely anti government and anti conservative only 2 or 3 people placed at the back of the room supported the current minister. I thought the country voted brexit and for the conservatives yet nowhere to be seen. Typical bias at the BBC.

BBC News

British expats living in the EU do get free medical care only because the bill is sent to Britain and paid for by the NHS. It is under an Agreement that we do the same with Polish and other Europeans living here but Britain probably doesn’t receive payment from other countries because we are too silly. There are 3 million EU migrants here and 1 million Brits there which means that should it be stopped we will be better off. Spain by the way, which is never mentioned on TV, do not recognise these cards and everything medical has to be dealt with by private holiday insurance. I have my doubts about Greece as well.

BBC Breakfast

The BBC continues to report inaccurate facts about Brexit. Today the report was supposed to highlight that the ex-pat elderly Could put a strain on the NHS to the tune of £500 and this accounts for the 190,000 that are currently living in the EU. The report interviewing a guest expert was merely based on supposition and conjecture. The fact that not balanced argument was put with migration figures or health tourism figures is proof that the BBC is not impartial as the article was completely one sided.

Question Time

An audience packed with Labour and Green supporters. Conservative panellist barracked from the audience also never received any applause. Chairman was biased against the Tory panellist allowing the Labour panellist to constantly badger and also himself interrupting the Tory panellist to ask awkward questions. The audience applauded loudly every time the labour or green panellists spoke.

Bbc news

The BBC is funded by licence payers and is supposed to be unbiased in its news reporting. It seems there maybe people within the BBC who have investments in Europe or who have friends who do . The reporting of Brexit has been highly biased and completely misleading. With the coming election the BBC are only reporting news on labour as they know they wish to stay in the EU. This is both biased and misleading in its concept . I no longer respect the BBC .


BBC News Male presenter (Jon Kay?) making derogatory comments about the views of Harry Styles on Brexit from the papers section. We do not wish to hear what your presenters feel about any subject. They are there just to report. Bias?

Question Time

The whole programme was completely biased in favour of left wing propaganda. Even the audience which is supposed to be evenly split across all parties were like a baying mob for the leftist views heckling and booing anything right wing or in favour of Brexit. The BBC are supposed to be impartial but all their programmes, if reporting any political views or stories, always cut or end with something negative about the Tories or Brexit

News at Six

Main news item Labour’s brexit policy thrown into confusion. The poisoned question which Corbyn refused to answer was would labour leave the EU even if the deal offered was unacceptable. This is an impossible question to answer, and designed as such. And the headline given over and over was “Labour’s brexit policy has been thrown into confusion after Corbyn refused 5 times to say if Labour would leave the EU.” Completely out of context to the nature of the poisoned question and Corbyn’s refusal to abandon a nuanced answer when no other answer was possible.