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Laura Kuenssberg is so biased against the conservatives it is embarrassing. Work mates friends and family all agree. She is a very good reporter but her bias really lets her down. She is like it every time on TV very bias against the conservatives. She really should be taken off TV

Have I got news for you

Once again a BBC programme begins by ramming home its intent to ruin this country with a ” little joke” more like jibe, at the expence of the British tradesman, showing a clip of a man in a hole using a cutting disk to cut a line in some concrete, in which a hole opens up swallowing him into it, then the presenter Alexander Armstrong says, this is the state of construction, now all the poles have left due to brexit. I find this well-worn BBC war on this nation’s pride dignity and confidence both boring immature and one trick ponyish (like, come on change the record) on one hand yet highly irresponsible on the other, the imperial ambitions of the BBC to cram down the throats of not only the people of this country but of as many countrys of the world through its BBC worldwide arm, means many people overseas absorb BBC meanness and bile also. If so what does this do for the reputation of this country abroad, and if Britain and its people have so little to offer the world, why would they want to watch BBC programmes, being from”this dismal isle with its dismal people who have nothing to offer the world, but chips and ignorance”. Also with many new peoples coming to Critain, as is backed by BBC policy, as they grow up in a country that tells them such lies aboutthe British character the knowing no other will assume this is the case and will aspire to fit in with this supposed great Brittish tradition and the future will be one of squandering talent in a society of downward aspiration. And so both by manipulating confidence in our democratic decision to leave the EU. and in running down the spirit of confidence and international reputation of the British people, in the long-running slur making out British people are lazy feckless and incompetent. As someone who grew up with builders in the family I know, this is a highly skilled profession, which takes years of learning to master, and is a very much required part of our national economy, and significant part of our international import economy as many materials come from overseas, much from the EU: bricks from Holland , wood and boarding from Scandinavia, stone from Italy concrete from Germany etc, which having sold off our export industries as part of the deal to join the EU, has become an over importance, which is why the government encourages the demolition of so much good housing stock every year to replace with new builds, in order to claim we are in a booming economy. And to facilitate the myth we need all the immigration, because British people are too fat and lazy to get off their behinds to build all this ” much needed housing stock and shopping centre’s “.

BBC News

Spoken headline was “CEO of Goldman Sachs says City of London will stall when Britain leaves the EU”. They then showed an interview with the CEO and Kamal Ahmed. It wasn’t a press conference, it was an interview which the BBC had arranged to generate the “story” After the interview Kamal Ahmed finally admitted that the CEO had actually said “there should be a good deal, as frictionless as possible, between Britain and the EU”. The whole “exclusive” story was fabricated by BBC News.

News Programme Anytime

The consensus about the BBC reference Brexit bias is disgusting, they are and have always been a left wing consortium they operates on selective journalism that suits their political objectives. Honestly it peeves me to pay for a TV license knowing that the BBC gets a percentage of the revenue. I am really sick of certain media like the BBC that attempt to poison the public’s minds with their bias reporting, for me you could close them down tomorrow, no loss as true journalism is dead. DISGRACEFUL

News at Ten

Laura Kuenssberg’s political reports have become so aggressive and unpleasant that my family can hardly bear to watch her. She was so particularly rude and sneering about Theresa May’s justifiable press statement after she returned from Buckingham Palace where she formally informed The Queen of the dissolution of Parliament. Ms Kuennsberg was equally unpleasant on the Radio 4 lunchtime news. Whether a Remainer or a Brexiteer, viewers or listeners must have been horrified by the tone and indiscretion of the EU hierarchy but Laura Kuenssberg made Mrs May out to be a liar and the troublemaker when, in fact, anyone with any financial nous would know that because she took on the job of PM with such statesmanship and confidence, this has been the reason that Mr Osborne’s and Mr Carney’s predictions of doom have not come to pass. World markets have been impressed by her stability. People like Ms Kuennsberg, whose ignorance is palpable, is the type of journalist who cannot report news impartially and metaphorically speaking would prefer to throw a grenade into a room and then run with her irresponsible reporting. She MUST go! She is bad for the BBC and bad for Britain.

BBC 10 O’Clock News

I am run on a fairly even keel when it comes to BREXIT; however, Robert Pestons report for BBC News at 10 on the 3rd May stunned me!! Unbelievable bias reporting. This really needs to stop before real harm is done.

The One Show

The EU flag-waving at the end of this program was the most blatant example of BBC political bias my wife and I have ever seen. This was a deliberate act perpetrated by BBC bosses to showcase the EU. We were seething with rage that such Nazi-style propaganda could be aired on national TV by our National Broadcaster. ACTION MUST BE TAKEN TO ENSURE THOSE RESPONSIBLE ARE PUNISHED AND THE CORPORATION IS HEAVILY CENSURED.


Laura Kuenssberg looked positively vicious when reporting the news that ‘Theresa May accuses EU of trying to affect UK election’. She has serious delusions of her own importance and needs to put her own obvious ambitions aside while giving a supposedly unbiased report of current affairs.


Laura kuensburg is so biased.. She does not put both sides of the argument equally. it is all about what Teresa May is doing wrong not what the EU Commission are doing to interfere in our election. If Laura Kuensburg cannot be impartial she should be sacked.


Laura Kuenssberg continued to forcibly put her anti Brexit views forward at every opportunity. Her anti Tory stance is so blatant that I wonder how she keeps her job as what should be unbiased reporting .Her views should not be allowed to overcome the news she is reporting,I do not care what she thinks.


Highly interesting that David Davis was given such an easy ride on Today by John Humphries. He was not challenged on any of his blithe assumptions that all would be rosy post Brexit. And none of his apparently hopeless interventions during the recent dinner were brought up. Yet another example of total anti-EU and pro-Tory bias by the BBC.


For a second day, The BBC’s “Today” radio programme led with the most important world news item – an unaccredited ‘leak’ from a German Sunday newspaper. Apparently it’s ‘real’ news that Emperor Juncker, having digested his working dinner at Downing St some days ago, now (allegedly) no longer thinks the meeting was ‘constructive’, as reported at the time, but considers we Brits to be delusional. Is the news that Juncker, or one of his lackeys, lied then or is lying now? No, it’s that Britain’s government must be delusional. Just to check, I tuned into to Capital Radio for its 8 am news, only to find the item didn’t even get a mention – obviously some radio broadcasters are better able to recognise ‘fake’ news when they see it, and ignore it. But not the good old Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

Unbelievable Truth

Casual remark about U.K. throwing away access to a ‘harmless’ free market following Brexit. The comment drew applause with no counter opinion offered as to the social, financial and political costs asscociated with membership of EU.

7am News

Mention of the EU thinking we are delusional and their red line but do not mention some of their red lines directly conflict with our red lines for balance. It is very negative towards the UK and TM. Very pro EU Words like delusional, shambles when referencing the UK.

The one show

How disgusting that the BBC still advertises their negativity towards Brexit. The One Show’s blatant display of the EU flag, many people waving them around behind the Cranberries, at the end of their program on Friday night is disgusting. Shame on the BBC.

South East News

A report on the general election in the London area was not balanced or fair. The entire item only heard from one ‘Brexit” candidate, the remaining 4 speakers were all anti brexit including Vince Cable. It’s about time the BBC attempted to represent all their licence payers not their EU paymasters.

The one show

The waving of eu flags during the cranberries performance was totally unnecessary pro eu bias.

BBC News

(UK growth slows as shoppers tighten belts) is the most bais and political motivated news story I’ve seen. It paints a false picture of what is actually happening. It got me so cross I had to complain. I’ve never complained before. I’ve noticed today the headline has changed to (UK economy grows by 0.3% as service sector slows). The story should be pulled and a redaction placed. The BBC has to be impartial and provide the facts which was completely missing from here. Running news stories of this quality the calls that the BBC is bias is going to increase 10 fold.

The one show

Flying euro flags during a performance of the cranberrys, and cameras highlighted this…disgraceful


Whilst cranberries were playing all of the public in the sideline (bar one) were waving European Union flags. Bizzare amount of airtime and how they were placed .

BBC News

Report about British Wines and Brexit. A little bit about about how British wine is exporting more world wide because of numerous awards and the fall in sterling , how the imported wine is more expensive so selling more in the UK but then jump straight to idea that machinery will cost more from Germany and France, foreign workers not being available to help both large and small vineyards. They turned a positive story into a negative one very quickly. What about our wine industry growing, getting worldwide recognition surely this means more jobs, opportunity to manufacture the machinery ourselves, buying more UK wine and therefore supporting UK vineyards. Everything has to have a negative.

News at six

Laura Kuenssberg is so biased in her anti conservative rants her face contorted in fury and anger when describing Teresa Mays reaction to the EU And the way it proposes to deal with any negotiations after Brexit. The BBC can not pretend to be unbiased while still retaining this twisted reporter.