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Laura Kuensberg was giving her opinion on what Theresa May has said about the EU statement made by Angela Merkel before Theresa May had spoken a word on the subject. How can this be fair reporting when something that has been broadcast when it hasn’t been said. I find this biased and opiniative rather than reporting the truth.

Afternoon Edition

I had to turn this off because I was getting so angry. Usual emphasis placed on Lib Dems (5 Live is turning into Farron Live). Usual culprits: an anti-Brexit poet having a laugh, someone suggesting a unilateral guarantee should be given to EU nationals……with ex-pats mentioned as an afterthought and a total lack of common sense and proportion. Apparently not wanting to wait for a reciprocal agreement on EU nationals and ex-pats is morally superior and when someone said “No one is suggesting people should be loaded on buses” no answer – because when someone says out loud what they are implying, it sounds as stupid as it plainly is. The tone was as if ethnic cleansing was being contemplated. Dreadful and unfortunately typical.

news at ten

The BBC is not biased in favour of EU Because whenever they conduct interviews with general public they only ever interview old lower social class anti EU people never young people or middle class ,I have not heard one person interviewed who was for staying in europe

BBC News Online

11/01/17 – Oxford academics warning of Brexit ‘disaster’ 19/04/17 – EU agencies to leave London after Brexit, says Commission 30/03/17 – Britain has lost an historic level of power and influence by triggering formal Brexit negotiations with the EU, former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine has said. Just a selection of some of the contrived and bias reporting on Brexit undertaken by the BBC. If you are forcing people to pay for a licence, then the least the general public should be able to expect is impartiality. So please BBC, stop acting like poor losers and try to objectively look at Brexit, reporting the potential positives, as well as the barrage of negatives you seem bent on filling peoples heads with!!

Brexit: Britains Biggest Deal

Tv programme was devious and biased towards anti Brexit. The inclusion of Tony Blair on the programme at least three times, was clear indication that the producers of the programme wanted to make a statement , which was clearly anti Brexit. The programme had no news content and was simply a vehicle for causing confusion to the people in the U.K., regarding Brexit. The producers of the programme should be asked why the programme was broadcast and what were their political motivations in airing it. This complaint was sent to the BBC, ref case no. CAS-4263450-Z8QSNS, And received the usual ‘white wash’ reply from the BBC.

World this Weekend

I was shocked to hear that the BBC gave almost all of this half hour programme to Mr Blair’s arrogant refusal to accept the nation’s Decision to leave the EU. – and at prime-time Weekend listening – in a bid to influence voting behaviour . His opinion was again given prominence on the six o’clock news – Conservatives hardly mentioned and, as is usual, only by the ‘Tories’ tag.

BBC News

Laura Kuenssberg gave personal opinions which were highly biased and unprofessional. Her commentary was completely anti-Brexit and full of negative assumptions which could not be substantiated. She should not be allowed on air or anywhere near a news report.


Just turned over to see the young millennial type presenter, interviewing a man in bath, who appears to be a conservative, member who admitted he voted remain in the referendum, but has accepted the outcome of the vote and simply wants to move on to see brexit got on with in proper manner. The young presenter then starts to persue the issue of how the democratic will of the people can be overturned by voting libdem, the man seems surprised at this , saying something, and the presenter informed the man the libdems are the only party trying to overturn the democratic vote, the man who seems like a normal decent citizen who can understand how democracy works, is then pursued, by the reporter trying to incite the attitude that this result of our parliamentary democracy can be simply run again to get the result he and the BBC clearly desire.

Laura Kuenssberg BBC Political Editor

Laura Kuenssberg is the BBC Political Editor. She has used her Twitter feed to publicise a crowd funding site set up by Gina Miller to crowd fund tactical voting in the General Election. Where is the BBC impartiality?


Very biased interview of Teresa May this morning. For example, why did Robinson keep reminding us of her being a vicar’s daughter? Big chip on shoulder? He is a sales dorector’s son! So what? More evidence showing that the BBC is anti Conservative and anti Brexit. As our National broadcaster, please allow some balanced discussion during the run-up to this election.


Bias. 2 anti brexit headlines. No positives ever mentioned. The stories are light on facts and are a real reach. One implying Lloyds are moving jobs to the EU. One implying that British people are trying to become EU passport holders. Not news. Im sure there are some but the main flow is and always will be the other way. Ask some 18 -30s in Greece or Spain. Just Propaganda. Should not be news. I have written to the BBC, third time this year. No responses ever. Why no positives there are so many. Exported, free trade, comment wealth, democratic deficit eliminated, pressure of the NHS, Cutting red tape, Balance of payments, extra tax gained, not being part of the organisation that cant change and that benefits Germany over unemployed youth in Spain and Greece.

text news

It was reported in the text news that there was a cyberattack on the WEB SITE TO VOTE IN THE BREXIT VOTE. Not as reported in other media the WEBSITE FOR SIGNING UP TO VOTE IN THE EU REFERENDUM. Clearly another example to link something negative with Brexit. There is a continuous stream of the negative linked to the things and people its biased against. This serves to subtly plant this type negative bias in peoples minds. This should not be happening in a publicly funded broading castingcompany.

Brexit vote site ‘may have been hacked’

Brexit vote site ‘may have been hacked’ headline on the website this morning, just a JOKE! They are referring to the “Register to Vote” website that crashed through high traffic or a DDOS attack (not a hack). This is too far for me, this is shocking bias. This headline is clearly trying to suggest that the referendum result to leave was in some way compromised.

Graham Norton

On Graham Norton’s opening dialogue with the audience , He said Brexit is going well, and then went on to say when the audience did not respond, “Still gathering momentum, I see “, this is BBC bias, but hat was a disgrace was his comments regarding GiBRALTER, He said “three days in and we are threatening to go to war with Spain”. he said “its our rock and we want it back”, he went on to say “We stole it fairly ” I find these comments in acceptable. Also Mr Norton has said during an interview on Irish television that if the vote were taken again a different outcome would happen, and the British people regret the outcome. Mr Norton should not express his personal opinion , using the BBC as his platform, and the BBC should not have allowed that part of the show to be broad cast it is not a live show. it should have been edited out.


Wilful distortion of Ford executive’s comments about his firm’s future in the U.K. & Europe. His comments were twisted to say Ford did not guarantee its future post Brexit when he actually said “nobody can guarantee anything” looking forward forward over time.

BBC News at Six

On 5 April 2017, Nigel Farage made a fantastic, patriotic speech in the European Parliament rebuking them for the stance taken regarding negotiations. In his speech Mr Farage was standing up for the UK and its interests (something which the BBC never does!). The BBC then showed an edited clip of this speech on BBC News at Six in order to give the impression that Nigel had been cowed for saying that the European Parliament was like the mafia and did not show that, in fact, Nigel stood his ground and retorted with a riposte about them being gangsters. Appalling and disgusting editing and bias! If only other politicians and the BBC had half of Nigel’s honesty and patriotism!

15 minute drama

In this pot boiler crime drama there was a swipe at Brexit. It particularly jarred because there was another similar sneer in the afternoon drama yesterday. I have listened to Radio 4 everyday for over 40 years and have supported the license fee, but I am reaching the end of my tether. News and comedy output is all relentlessly negative of Brexit and dismissive of its supporters but drama too?

The Now Show

Totally Remain biased coverage resulting in me switching off this programme although whole series 50 has been the same but become unbearable assualt on leavers by BBC Elite. As a loyal listener for many years you have turned me off the show completely

BBC News 24

BBC portrayal of Brexit is a joke. This morning I found Nigel Farage’s European Parliament speech on YouTube. After watching his speech, I felt a sense of deep respect for The Man in standing firmly for what he (and I) believes. The clip was taken from BBC Parliament, but I wondered whether it would make the main news? I presumed that it wouldn’t… so I was genuinely surprised when I watched BBC News 24 and saw that they were giving Nigel some air time. HOWEVER, instead of showing the complete speech, which I feel would have had a profound, open, honest and pro Brexit effect on the minds of the British public, the speech was edited to show him being told off like a naughty schoolboy for likening the European Parliament to the Maphia… completely out of context… utterly disgusting!


Continuous speculation anti brexit statements made on this and many other bbc programme s without any opposing views the bbc is very anti brexit and unfair to the population of uk

BBC news

Richard Dawkins: Brits have not spoken on Brexit. This is a total disgrace, it now saying that a 66% majority is needed for Brexit ! points: 1, Would this idiot of even done this if we voted 52% remain ? – I think not ! 2. He says ignorant and mis-informed public, obviously not the Remain voters who are as we know the educated elite ! and they know what is best for the “the great unwashed” unbeliveable aggrogance ! 3, It is asserted that we have condemned future generations to be forever impoverished. Brexit if done correctly offers massive opportunities for future generations at ever level Whereis the balance here ? I haven’t seen anything that even tries to counter this. This is a total disgrace ! The BBC might as well change its name to Remain News or PRO EU news. because it is a joke that these guys are neutral.

Today programme

Speculation of what may/may not happen which was the constant theme of probably the whole programme this morning starting early, 6.15 on, about banks leaving London. I switched off but finally, at above time, to catch any extra news switched back over and we were subjected to possibility of being unable to land our planes in Europe!! I now regularly switch to music stations to calm down…but am sad as this used to be such a good programme, it’s slowly being ruined by this constant bias of a few editors I guess? Or worse the likes of Mr C Pattern who sounded mad, or even dimented when interviewed on the lunch time news last Thursday 30th. I hesitantly voted to stay in, the BBC has convinced me amongst other factors that we are right to leave and make our own individual rules, and not those of a larger state / corporation run by out dated socialists.

BBC News website

News Article – “Brexit commitee warns of impact of no deal” Firstly it says that no study has been done on the impact of “no deal” the assertion being that the UK falls back on WTO trade rules. There is no mention of the very comprehensive report published in April 2017 by Michael Burrage of Civitas titled – “Its Quite OK to Walk Away”. Also, no comment is made on the constant claim that the single market is good economically nothing is said to counter this arguement, However, the article is littered with comments stating that “no deal is better than a bad deal” comment made by Theresa May.


Ten MPs, including from SNP, Lib Dems, and Labour, from a committee of 15 think there is ‘no evidence’ that no deal with EU with is better than no deal and, guess what, Radio 4’s ‘flagship’ news programme leads it’s world news with the story. Is Radio 4 news being run by the grandchildren of Lord Haw Haw?

Big Question

A totally ridiculious question posed to a pro EU audience in which NIcky Campbell asked ” Does Theresa May have a mandate for article 50″ which has already been activated, pointless but it gives the remoaners another say about their grievance in which the presenter chips in that those that voted leave would perhaps have something physchological wrong with them and then introduces a psychologist who goes on that that those that voted leave had a deficiency. Why is it that those that purport to have liberal values are so intolerant of others viewpoints and try to shut them down by calling them unintelligent and racist. Why did they take part in the referendum if they weren’t going to agree with the result and the BBC is the chief remoaner who ignores democracy and that the majority of people that voted, voted to leave.

Andrew Marr Show

The stand in presenter said to the Chief Minister of Gibraltar what would be so awful about Spanish sovereignty and repeat this line several times showing support for the EU and that the wishes of Gibraltar’s residents and self determination was unimportant. The BBC is supposed to be a public broadcast company with fair and impartialty built into their remit but they shouldn’t receive any public funding if they constantly show a pro EU bias.

BBC Website

The website presents Michael Howard’s defence of Gibralter as ‘sabre rattling’. While quoting Tim Farron, it headlines his words rather than the substance of Howard’s. Typical BBC bias through emphasis. To do this today of all days, the anniversary of the Falklands Invasion is especially crass.

Andrew Mar

Massive pro EU bias 1) 2 of 3 paper commentators were pro EU 2) Interview with Fabian Picardo, chief minister of Gibraltar, pro EU. 3) Interview with 2 Green Party leaders – also spouting pro EU propaganda 4) Interview with Ian Hislop – pro EU. 5) Interview with ED Milliband – pro EU propaganda 6) Interview with Michael Fallon – previously pro EU but now supports gov policy. No attempt at balance at all. Appalling example of continuing BBC bias. I want my money (licence fee) back.

The Big Question

Another audience loaded with remoaners Nicky Campbell was clearly in support of Brexit. LAST straw was a suvgestion that Brexit voters were led by a mob rule by a psychcologist. Anyone that thinks we did not know that Europe would make it difficult to leave is naive in the extreme and in fact justifies the vote.

Andrew Marr show

Pro EU. The whole show seemed to be biased towards the UK remaining in the EU or that it would all go wrong if we left, and that Gibraltar was doomed. All this from our supposedly unbiased national broadcaster. The broadcaster that we HAVE to pay for if we have a TV.

BBC News

Two fifths of gaming firms could relocate- thus is a ludicrous unsubstantiated claim / they actually say that 75 of OVER 2000 (how many? 76 out of 10000?) firms were polled by UKIE (who? – looks like some part timers and admin staff to me). More than 98% of respondents (how many respondents – 51? Or 1?) Who was polled? The smallest firms? Who responded? A 2 person company? On what basis is this headline technology news? This looks like a dreadful example of ‘news’ that fits a biased agenda – it’s just a headline – no substance

BBC National & Local News

Dear BBC, Not normally one to complain but yesterday was absolutely the last straw, virtually every item on the lunchtime news gave a very negative aspect of the British withdrawal from the eurostate. I know you rely heavily on funding from Brussels but you need to be reminded that the name includes the description British Broadcasting Corporation, your first duty to the population of this country is to keep them informed without bias, the complete refusal to promote enthusiasm & optimism for the very bright future we now have ahead of us is almost treasonable. The local evening news fares no better. The gloom & doom forecasts of Countryfile were in complete opposition to real hard facts, British agriculture only gets back half of the amount paid into the eurostate, at present our farmers are actually subsidising the opposition they face in the market place. The referendum voted in favour of leaving the eurostate & its about time the BBC accepted the result, no more biased QT with panels unfairly loaded with remainers giving them the platform to continually complain & put down this Great Britain that will flourish without the directives & targeted subsidies which have undermined our economy. Brexit will mean the end of numerous BBC employees dashing off to report on foreign events, its now time to take a long hard look at your expenditure because when you become reliant on the BBC LIcence Fee you will find you no longer have an audience to watch your programs, as a long-time viewer I am considering ditching BBC programs to watch alternatives, this will also raise future questions on the legality of an imposed Licence Fee. Please listen to your audience & take note…….while you still have one.

Question Time: Brexit

As usual a heavily pro remain bias with David Dimbleby even worse than usual, giving so little time to Suzanne Evans she may regret even bothering to attend. Like it or not UKIP received more votes in the last election than the SNP and it’s about time UKIP are given a platform. It’s not for the likes of Kuenssberg and Evan Davis to air their own views and it does beg the question how much the biassed news channels affected the eu referendum result…If coverage, particularly by BBC and Channel 4 had been unbiassed the result would definately have been more decisive in favour of Brexit.


Every day we see negative news against Brexit, across the bottom of the screen all day LSE/ Boersch deal scrapped by EU, even though it was already rejected by LSE two weeks ago. Balance of payments has gone down best since 2013, surplus trade with the rest of the world increasing over 7bn Surplus, Unemployment falling, immigration figures falling, pound gaining and stock market at its best for years, inward investment to UK higher than ever, tourism at its highest, BBC and Blomberg are both bias and its a disgrace, talking down Britain when its never been better, its time institutions backed Britain and its achievements it so sad to see Brits putting down the country, on what no banks have left yet, no jobs have left for anywhere, sorry i seen a handbag maker move back to Italy 20 Jobs, but big news for BBC. Get over the shock and start promoting your country and acknowledge that your so called experts were wrong, also we do need immigration but one thing no one has mentioned, for every one worker there are 5 that dont work. this is the main issue

BBC News Website

BBC News Website: GDP up 0.7% but headline is Household savings ratio falls to record low, says ONS, followed by a comment about Brexit. Had GDP fallen no doubt the headline would have been about impact of Brexit. More bias from the BBC.

BBC News

Announced Lloyds of London were moving to Brussels the inference being the whole lot were packing up and going when in fact only a handful (less than Lloyds representatives in China) would be setting up there.

6am News

Once again woke to negative Brexit story. This one about Hotel owners worries about losing trade after EU exit. Doom laden narrative as though noone will ever holiday in Britain again with no attempt to address a positive point of view. This is plain panic mongering.

BBC News Article ‘Brexit Walk’

Unbelievable blatantly unashamedly biased anti-Brexit article.The article is about a Polish photographer who flew to London to capture the ‘mood and thoughts’ about Brexit of some of the people he meets’ and….surprise surprise the people featured in the article are all anti-Brexit and ‘scared of what might happen to them’. If the BBC was a truly balanced unbiased organisation then they would endeavor to present an equal number of people anti and pro Brexit, but oh no, the disgrace that is the BBC only features the doom-mongering anti-Brexit people. For the record I am a UK citizen, 38 years old, previously lived in Spain an an EU expat, have family living in the south of Spain as EU expats, and am married to an EU national. I voted to leave the EU.


I’m absolutely sick of hearing BBC news coverage of Brexit. Never anything positive and always negative. I’m glad I voted to leave and would do again and again. Why should I pay my licence fee and listen and read the BBC biased version of Brexit?

Radio 4 news bulletin

In the morning of the 30th March I listened to a news item about Lloyds of London setting up an office in Europe. The spokesperson stressed that it would only involve tens of staff. On the midday news on radio 4 it was reported as if Lloyds, a British institution since the 1600’s was moving wholesale abroad because of Brexit. Completely miss representing the fact

BBC News

BBC online news is blatantly anti Brexit. Why give column inches to sad old has beens like Heseltine? They have absolutely nothing positive to bring to any table. The BBC should be ashamed of itself. Please review the result of the referendum closely, you will observe that a result was recorded that you obviously do not agree with, but which reflects the will of the people. Suck it up BBC and please let us all move forward positively and without your interminable bias.