Delay Brexit if no trade deal reached, say business leaders

The above editorial on the BBC website published on the 28th February, is clearly intended to mislead and scare the public by being negative about leaving the EU. It does not give a balanced perspective nor is any journalist named on the page. It is clearly not impartial as required by law, but pushing a biased political agenda for its own ends.

BBC News

I cannot believe what i witnessed on this news this evening, what is it with the BBC that it is stilll championing and support remainers, the time they gave John Major and their reporter was ridiculous , it does not matter one hoot what John Major has to say, it is over the population voted out and that is what we should all now support with positive actions, but instead the BBC is hell bent on negative anti Brexit propaganda from as many chancres that dare to open there sorry mouths. I fully support what President Trump had exposed about the BBC, it does not give accurate news on reality but its own agenda to twist the real news. Very sad it could be a shinning light to the world and the people, but it is lost in distortion of facts.


It is no surprise that the BBC is pathologically and institutionally biased when reporting on Brexit or, for that matter, pretty much everything else. It may be news to some, but a few years ago the Corporation applied for and accepted an offer of some £3million in EU grants, to be spread over a period from April 2011 to November 2013, ostensibly to fund the costs of unspecified research and development projects. Allegedly these appeared in the BBC annual accounts under the heading ‘other grant income’. It was only by dint of a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Spectator magazine that the BBC was eventually forced into revealing the actual source. Although total EU grants of some £3mliion represent only a small fraction of income forcibly raised through the licence fee, it shows quite clearly that the BBC has an insatiable appetite for public money and also illustrates a degree of wilfulness in the way they tried to avoid being publicly accountable for the ways in which that money was spent. To cite two recent examples of bias: 1. Radio 4 PM programme on 17 February, the day of irrelevant charlatan Tony Blair’s controversial ‘rise up’ speech at Bloomberg HQ. I listened to the introduction by Eddie Mair for a few minutes until an extract from Blair’s speech was being broadcast and delivered in his usual messianic tone of voice. Following the advice of the Foreign Secretary I turned off the radio for a few minutes in the hope that the programme might have moved on. When the radio was turned on again after a period of several minutes, Blair was still spouting sanctimonious drivel about Brexit and the myriad ways in which the electorate had either been misled, or were far too stupid to understand what they were voting for. The same evening Blair’s wholly unwarranted intervention was top story on BBC 1 News at Six. This from a man who took us into what many argue was an illegal war in Iraq, against the will of more than a million citizens who demonstrated against it in Central London, and who wanted the UK to join the Euro. It beggars belief that the BBC made virtually no attempt to interrogate or drill down or explore Blair’s sanctimonious utterings and deeply undemocratic views. 2. BBC 1 News at Six on 20 February reporting on the start of the Brexit debate in the House of Lords. Extended coverage of odious Lord Mandelson’s apocalyptic prophesies for what he thinks is bound to happen when the UK leaves the EU, followed by more doom and gloom from a hapless Lib Dem Peer, leaving time for only short clips from Lord Hague’s and Lord Lawson’s pro-leave speeches. What in particular is it about the word ‘Leave’ that the BBC, Blair, Mandelson, Clegg and others of their ilk in the lefty-liberal metropolitan elite cannot understand?

BBC Points West

During coverage of the position of migrant workers in a post Brexit world two members of the public were interviewed on the subject. The individuals interviewed I suspect were chosen to reienforce a stereo type of the average Brexit voter. Becoming very boring now, BBC give over.

BBC News

Reported Mandelson comments about Brexit and the Lords from the Marr show earlier that day but did not give the balanced opinion of MP Lizz Truss who appeared on the same Marr show


Over coverage of Tony Blairs anti Brexit speech.Too much of the programe was dedicated to this speech and much discusion but no opposite view for balance.I am also told that BBC news 24 covered the whole speech with a union flag superimposed on the side of the picture which was fluttering as though the speech was some national call to arms.Very much overkill and very much in the BBC remain bias output.

tracy ulman show

Scene in cafe, yes the bloke is an idiot but when the cup is labeled voted for brexit, it is making the comment all brexit supporters are like this. Then 25 mins later i have to put up with tony blair pro eu news and anti trump news. You are not impartial .

5 o’clock news

It wasn’t so much ‘The News’ as it was the grandstanding of Tony Blair’s call for people to ignore the result of the referendum and block Brexit’s. Whole swathes of his speech were played, with a couple of very short, dismissive references to people such as Boris who hold the opposite view. I really have had enough of the BBC’s bias. It’s everywhere; The news, comedy programmes, ‘factual’ programmes…


Outrageous support for Blair’s speech. Called only Blair supporters to comment and no opposing views. The BBC seem to be evermore biased without even a token look at the other view. How can this happen without being made to take a balanced approach as they are reqiured?

BBC News 24 & All Bulletins

Constant coverage of Tony Blair’s speech trying to convince the people to ‘rise up’ against the decision to leave the EU. Huge chunks of his speech is being constantly aired across all BBC news mediums. Why are they giving HIM the airtime? He is no longer an MP, in fact no different to me. Would they give me a national platform to argue my case for us leaving asap??? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Victoria Derbyshire

Bias Brexit Tony Blair once again a blatant bias against Brexit.never put a fair argument for Brexit. Why is he being given air time? Once again saying people didn’t know what we are voting for. This is not what I pay my license for, millions of us think the same. News should truthfully reported, money talking again. Don’t forget the people pay your wages BBC is becoming a joke fake news channel

BBC breakfast

More brexit bias and allowed a report where ex PM indirectly called those that voted brexit ignorant and stupid. I believe this shows he is stupid. BBC continues to show brexit bias constantly. Also the part about the fruit and veg piece was bias, always talking about more cost.  

BBC News

I love listening to the news before I go to work. For 30 minutes once again I had to listen to hate filled venom fueled attacks on Donald Trump and Brexit. Please could the BBC go back to telling the truth and supporting the “British” country I love. Stop the Fake News and go back to telling the truth.

BBC News Channel

The news piece, purportedly about a poet, showed a man saying he’d like a poem about ”the state of the country. immigration, I voted out” almost the next shot was of a written poem stating ”It starts in dark pub corners in stomachs full of spite. It ends in concentration camps the rule of the far right. Brexit’s voice has broken and it’s the best excuse. For every closet racist to air their dirty views”. Firstly, this disgusting poem should not have been aired, it calls leave voters such as myself racist, links us to concentration camps and incites hatred against leave voters. Secondly, the BBC’s piece, IN ITSELF, was just an excuse to slander and incite hatred against leave voters.

BBC News App

I am finding the constant anti Brexit bias displayed on the BBC news app to be very concerning from a supposedly impartial National Broadcaster. There is a constant drop feed of what might happen after Brexit…pollution might increase, cancer drugs might cost more all highly speculative and displayed alongside genuine articles regarding the downsides of the Brexit process make the sites impartiality questionable . It’s as if the editors are so blinded by their own views that they are publishing the stories that confirm their own bias.

The Andrew marr show

On the sofa,two of the three guests are always remainers making it a very biased show. Marr is also biased. Perhaps it would be better to replace marr with paxman who is much more impartial.


John Sweeney interview with Geert Wilders. Rarely have I witnessed a “journalist” with such a preconceived opinion of the interviewee. The first question is not even a question but a both sly and cowardly put insult: “some people say that your are a bit of a racist”. Later Sweeney tries to make a point at the expense of the victims of the MH17 flight that was shot down over the Ukraine. Vital parts were edited out of the original first interview, because these would not fit the frame that Sweeney is trying to create. Check out the sneer at the end of the first interview “Well, some answers there .. of a kind”, which is exactly the kind of left wing activist journalism comment that Geert Wilders was mentioning in the interview.

BBC News At 10

Headline inro: Quote ‘MP’s vote by a large majority to begin DIVORCE talks withe European Union. Oxford English dictionary definituion of divorce: divorce – noun – The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body, A legal decree dissolving a marriage, A separation between things which were or ought to be connected. Simply factually incorrect bad journalism or deliberate EU bias?

Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum

RE:‘Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum.’ by Martin Rosenbaum (freedom of information expert) I am absolutely outraged, shaking with rage (not for the first time) at this latest attempt by the BBC to undermine the leave vote. I’ve officially complained of course but am aware that I’ll get nowhere. Once again the BBC are telling us that all Brexiters are old, ignorant and white. This could be explained as desperation, a bit of petulant name calling because they didn’t get their own way but it’s much more insidious than that. This report has been used expressly to bolster the negative opinions already held by aggrieved remainers, BBC included. The analysis is based upon, at worst, biased speculation and at best educated guesswork.These dubious stats were expressed by the BBC during the referendum and after in a variety of ways and it serves no purpose to indulge in further analysis. It is in fact a waste of time and money (licence fee payers money) It will not change the outcome of the vote, no matter how much BBC employees may wish it could. This report serves only one purpose, to heap scorn upon leave voters. For all the BBC’s boasts about inclusion, diversity, equality and non discrimination it is clear that the BBC are being divisive and perpetuating unhelpful stereotypes which could engender verbal or physical abuse to be aimed at leave voters. The BBC is, in short, guilty of inciting hatred. I know full well that this complaint will be met with the usual platitudes. ‘public interest..blah, blah, BBC committed to impartiality…’ and my favourite, ‘The BBC doesn’t have a view upon this issue…’. Even if you accept that the BBC doesn’t have an official stance upon the issue of Brexit (as if anyone could believe that) it’s journalists and employees certainly do. They appear to be cut from the same cloth as regards their devotion to the EU and liberal lefty politics and they have over the last few months made it abundantly clear that they heartily disapprove of everything Brexit. Like a love sick teen unable to accept they’ve been dumped or the bereaved still in denial they seek to apportion blame for something they find unbelievable and unacceptable. I’d like to ask Mr Rosenbaum for some information under the freedom of information act. As a licence fee payer I believe I’m entitled to ask how many of BBC employees voted to leave and how many hold political views which do not adhere to the usual liberal left/centrist ideologies which characterise all BBC output? I’m guessing the answer would not be a surprise, a big fat zero. How can they hold up the pretence of impartiality when there is none among them to question the material ? I’ve asked for an apology, I demanded one, on the basis of bias, of discrimination and provocative reporting. I know my demand is fruitless. The BBC’s hubris knows no bounds, in their insular ivory tower of power and influence all the like minded minions are congratulating themselves upon their sanctimonious superiority and ineffable righteousness. They simply cannot see there might be an, equally passionate and valid, alternative to their viewpoint. This organisation must be tamed or bought to its knees because no one in the public purse should be so wholly disconnected from the people they are supposed to speak for and to.


This is the final straw for me, have put up with the BBC’s bias towards Remain and the opposition towards Trump so far but am now sick off it all. Finishing Newsnight with Bercow’s vile speech to the backing of Jerusalem Is about the lowest the BBC has stooped to. Would he have dared to give the same speech if the Saudi King was to have a state visit? NO because the Libtards would have branded him Anti Muslim and racist for doing so. Saudi’s human rights and treatment of women is barbaric to the extreme but no one wants to touch that hot potato. Even the feminists vent their anger on Trump but not against the Muslim countries around the world. Ladies please get your priorities straight Trump has not said Women will be beaten if they are found driving a car or many of the other medieval punishments dished out in Muslim states. Have stopped watching the evening BBC news for a while as it is either anti-Trump or anti Brexit. The BBC has an agenda to try and wreck this country with publishing every story it can find, every news item it can dig out to make us feel that Brexit was a bad choice. It now has to continuously provide anti Trump stories to try to ruin our chance to get a trade deal with the US. Obama has been presented as some kind of modern day saint from the same guy who told us to get to the back of the queue! BBC please realise that you are meant to be professional and report news without any bias. You have turned into The Ministry of Propaganda, it is not 1984 yet, please stop with the minutes of hate. We do not boo at Brexit, Trump or Farage.

BBC News OnLine

On a day when the papers (including the Guardian) reported the great news for the UK that Britain has the world’s top economy after Brexit and that the banks and economists admit they got it badly wrong for predicting the exact opposite post-brexit, the BBC chose to run away to the other side of the atlantic and reported as their main headline something nasty Joe Biden said about Trump. Joe Biden means nothing to the UK and his views are not newsworthy. His opinion reflects someone from the losing side who has himself lost his political job because of Trump’s victory. Most people in the UK wouldn’t even know who he was. Trump isn’t even our leader. The BBC simply cannot bare to report good news about Brexit because they campaigned so hard against it by their biased reporting. They’re still doing it today. Times: “Britian has world’s top economy after Brexit”. Telegraph: “Brexit call was Bank’s ‘Micahel Fish’ error”. Gaurdian: “Economics in crisis, admits Bank expert”. BBC Number 1 Top story: “Joe Biden urges Trump to ‘grow up’”. I have taken screen shots of the BBC news website on the papers to show this but don’t know how to submit them here.

BBC News

In their Papers section, on a day when most paper’s headlines (including the left leaning ones) reported very good news for the UK as a direct result of Brexit, their summary of Newspaper headlines instead chose to quote the anti Brexit opinion: “Special trade deal for UK with US ‘delusional’”. This comment is not even factual news but just something that a EU bureaucrat said. Non of the papers headlined with his opinion. I Weekend: ‘UK boosted by Trump effect’. Daily Express: ‘EU EXIT WILL HAPPEN’. Times: ‘EU warns May over Trump’ (unsurprising)

Mark Cummings

A report about EU nationals living in Gloucester gave some examples of concerns about their status once the UK leaves the EU. Mark Cummings then interviewed Richard Ford of Gloucester UKIP who gave clear answers to every question asked. He stated that any EU citizen legally resident would have nothing to fear. The BBC then showed their blatant pro EU bias by going to a report about Polish workers expressing fears, this appears to be the norm now, whenever the BBC report on Brexit they finish with something that can be interpreted as anti Brexit, an old psychology trick

Jeremy Vine Show

February 1st: Jeremy Vine show chose to discuss single dissenting Tory, Ken Clarke, and ignored the numerous Labour MPs who said they would vote against the Brexit bill. February 2nd following an overwhelming vote in favour of the Brexit bill and a large rebellion by Labour MPs, shadow cabinet members and 3 whips the Jeremy Vine show chose to avoid mentioning the subject completely and chose instead to make the banning of A boards the main topic, followed by a discussion on older workers. This follows a consistent pattern of highlighting any perceived weaknesses in Tory policy, Brexit policy and any Tory rebellions whilst ignoring anything negative about Labour. The editor Tim Johns has many times in the past ridiculed Conservative policies in a role playing position; I’ve never heard him do the same to Labour despite the shambles that has followed Corbyn’s election as leader.

BBC news

Did not show one MP or person in parliament voting or speaking for the 17.5 million people who voted leave only the odious nobody Tim Carton etc disgraceful partisanship from BBC news