News general

During the lead up and since the Brexit vote the BBC has shown an unquestionable bias against the UK leaving the EU. Likewise it became fixated with demonizing Trump. One example would be covering the Oscars when the BBC showed Robert De Niro giving a private opinion of Trump but none of pro Trump supporters stars, that exist. Its become an obsession and people are turning off.

The papers

I found the BBC invited 2 people to read the papers who were extremely biased towards our Prime Minister and President Trump on a very important day, when all our press bar one or two carried front line stories, the presenter was very weak to rebuttal, and the bile spouted by the two readers basically calling the President if the United States a liar on National TV was a disgrace. The BBCs programme was biased.

BBC 10 o’clock news

In December 2016 BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg was named journalist of the year at the Press Gazette’s British Journalism Awards. I can hardly believe that a reporter with such a negative, cynical and at times nasty reporting style could have received such an accolade. Her utter contempt for politicians is apparent for all to witness in her reports. Her style sets an unhealthy tone creating a toxic environment in which no politician is given any respect or credit for attempting to lead the country through these difficult & challenging times. I for one can hardly bear to listen to her.

BBC Breakfast

Not just on this day but for almost every day on BBC Breakfast in the business section, all reporting of financial data whether good or bad is never without a caveat about Brexit. If the figures are good then the comment is, “but things are likely to get worse in 2017 because of Brexit.” If the figures are not good then, of course, Brexit is the culprit. There is the incessant negative reference to our leaving the EU. There are never any unqualified statements about any aspect of leaving the EU being positive.

BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast was reporting on the upcoming talks between the PM and the USA President. They invited onto the programme the former chief of staff to Tony Blair to comment on those talks. Straight away this man said that our position in relation to the USA is considerably weaker now that we are leaving the EU. The whole commentary from this man was very negative towards our PM’s chances.

News at ten

The BBC did everything it could to downplay the good economic growth of 0.6% meaning an annual increase of 2% . The report made special emphasis that BREXIT could reverse this growth without a balanced approach that BREXIT might actually improve growth.

All news programmes

Has the BBC become a political party without anyone outside the BBC knowing. The BBC is anti everything, its there to depress the whole country and it doesn’t matter how many complaints you send in, they are just ignored. We want a Sean Spicer over here to put this BBC garbage in its place.

Six o’clock news

BBC Economics Editor Kamal Ahmed just reported that the latest economics statistics disprove prior apocalyptic forecasts of Brexit, but he didn’t admit that his prior reporting was apocalyptic. I’d like the BBC to appoint an economics editor with some training in economics and objectivity (and honesty).

BBC news

When reporting on the decision by the supreme court on the use of the royal prerogative to trigger article 50, the BBC said the judges made a unanimous decision. This is a misrepresntation of the facts as the decision was 8 vs 3 thereby exposing their anti Brexit bias.

Radio 4

Blatant unbalanced reporting of US politics and Brexit. It is clear that both PM and TODAY have dispensed with valid reporting (e.g. references to Trumps “narcissim” and “what can we make of the term ‘snowflake’? fine examples today). We are now in very dangerous territory in which the public can no longer trust our state sponsored public broadcaster.

Victoria Derbyshire

The blatant BBC bias shown this morning on the Victoria Derbyshire program when the Court of Appeal Result was announced has surpassed itself , there was no balance of views i.e. all the public guests were in the main pro remain and had total disregard for the views of those that voted Brexit I only heard one voice supporting brexit. Even the Professionals who were there putting their comments were in the main remainer’s The pro brexit Professionals were given mush less air time . The program was an utter disgrace. Lets have an equal debate where it is equally matched on both sides !!!!

BBC News at 1.00

In the interests of balance and not showing bias I fail to see why the BBC only wheeled out 3 remainers in response to the High Court ruling. Where were the people who voted to leave ? Is their opinion on the ruling irrelevant ? I expect a better level of journalism from the BBC, you are supposed to report the news not try to influence it !

Victoria Derbyshire

Interviews people from across the political spectrum,but only seems to interview ukip when discussing leaving the Eu,seems they are trying a drip drip feed into viewers heads that leaving the Eu is just not British.Sell off this bloated corporation.


Evan Davis shocked reaction to the thought that we might actually eat American food after a free trade deal was marvellous. American hamburgers? Gm foods (which are cheaper and may have benefits)? Good god whatever next! Come on BBC, aren’t smoked meats from Europe even more dangerous?

Andrew Marr

Once again Andrew Marr interviewing the prime minister was trying to expose secret open negoatiating positions with the EU. This effectively reduces our ability to negotiate and tells the enemy EU our secrets and is tantamount to treachery. He should be taken off the air immediately and an apology be issued.

BBC new app

The following article is a non informative rant against the success of brexit with negotiations with Germany, completely one sided and doesn’t have much fact in there, almost appears to gloat stating why negotiation will not work out. Why UK Brexit talk baffles Germany

Morning news

Having continuosly used the word ‘populist’ to describe the people who voted to leave Europe, usually with a derogatory sneer, (despite it being the correct use of the word) they today referred to the extreme right neo-nazi parties whose leaders are meeting today, as ‘populist’ parties. This clearly, and insultingly, infers that the UK voters who want to leave the EU are the same as theses extremists. I am fed up with the BBC’s totally biased reporting. Don’t they get it, we are fed up with establishment groups like th BBC telling us what to think. They should have their franchise withdrawn. Why should be have to pay to hear such biased reporting?


The unashamed bias against Brexit by supposedly “common sense” everyday people.The trailer is trying to brainwash people in to thinking that if they supported Brexit they do not have any common sense, In that case the majority of this country don’t have any common sense. Actually the BBC do not have any right to be so biased. More relevant is the view that the “remainers” should actually be considered as traitors committing treason by wanting to give up the Sovereignty of our country. For what did so many men and women die for in the last two world war?. Freedom for our country to control its own destiny. The BBC is disgraceful it really is. In the 1970’s I voted to join the Common Market for cheaper food as most other people did, not to join the European Union.


Shameless bias what about how Europe will survive without our money military intelligence and trade we take from Europe its time to stop we are leaving, maybe the BBC could move to mainland Europe

News at Ten

Unremittingly biased reporting against the government and its plans for Brexit. Not a single item produced to balance the programme. I was so disgusted I had to switch off.


I am fed up of the constant bias of the BBC towards Brexit. I seems that on every news programme they roll out some old cronies or remoaners to try to pitch the country against each other The vote was had we have a democratic result they should now respect that, enough is enough. When we have an election they dont then spend months rubbishing the side that one. I know they receive money from the EU but come on……

BBC News

I am so sick of listening to the BBC’s negative reporting on Brexit that I have taken time to search the internet for similar feelings from people. It didn’t take long to find quite a lot! Both yesterday, following Theresa May’s Brexit speech, and now tonight, 18.1.17 on BBC1 news, it is relentless! I listened to the whole speech and by the time the BBC had finished reporting on it, it was doom, gloom and negativity. The BBC’s own Political Reporter, Laura Kuenssberg, is one of the worst. This has to be stopped!

Common Sense

Where Do I start? Every time the BBC plug this show, it has the participants mouthing negativity about Brexit. Their blatant anti-Brexit rhetoric permeates this ‘comedy’ show. How they can possibly say that they take a neutral stance on such things as politics is beyond me. Can any of those at the BBC actually say that they do while keeping a straight face? Their anti-democratic, anti-Brexit stance is plain for all to see (not that other broadcasters are any better). As they have no problem with ignoring their impartiality clause, I wonder how they’d feel if I ignored the licence fee?

BBC News

The News reporter who asked question to BBC and later on was standing by the No.10 door sounded very negative and against PM Teresa May’s speech. I thought BBC of all will be a neutral reporting organisation but they seem to be against Leave. People has made it’s choice, BBC should report neutral and not enforcing BBC staff’s personal view.


After the clarity of Theresa Mays big speech yesterday, I thought we would have a forward looking hopeful Today programme today! What went wrong? The (assumed) civil servant guest was terribly negative and nonplussed even John Humphrys. Couldn’t he have picked up one of the 12 points and run with it? Maybe take up 1 point per day to elaborate and clarify them all? What a shame our flagship news programme cannot even back or properly analyse Thesera May’s policy principles.

BBC Breakfast

What a slanted view yet again from the BBC. This time on our ability to carry out the necessary trade deals with the rest of the world once we trigger Brexit. The BBC wheeled on Miriam Gonzalez a most avid Pro Remainer to give us a reality check!!!!! She with her husband have been the most prolific Remainers in the national press. Surprisingly (not) she lectured us on how difficult it would be to negotiate these deals intimating it was nigh on impossible to create these deals within a 2 year period . The EU trade deal with Canada was given as an example of how long it may take …7 years I believe. What tosh! The reason it took this long was because of the EU was trying to get 27 different countries to agree to a joint trading positions especially regards Agriculture. The deal nearly derailed at the last minute because of some regional Walloon Council in Belgium who nearly scuppered the deal !!!!! Ye gods talk about balance. The BBC has long failed to give a balanced view on anything relating to Brexit. The have manufactured a contra view to the government’s assertion that we are quite capable of handling our own trade deals to a reasonable timetable. They are tacit Remainers incapable of delivering any balanced view on our exit of the EU. The BBC have become the voice of the liberal left undermining the democratic view of the electorate. They have become the voice of the political elite who are still convinced the electorate are mindless, little Englander thugs, incapable of making rational decisions on sovereignty, immigration and self determination


Please curtail Laura Kuenssberg from her negative reporting of Brexit. When the PM announced her Brexit strategy the first thing she tried to do was trap the PM re her thought on Brexit before the referendum. As the PM said it’s time to get behind Brexit. What part of that doesn’t ms kuenssberg understand. Even on the 6pm news she seem to reval in the hope that Mrs May would be proved wrong about Brexit. She is clearly a remoaner and as someone who contributes to her wages I find her style of journalism deeply offensive. It’s about time she acknowledged the democratic vote that took placè .

Breakfast news

After the PM ‘s speech stating aims for Brexit I felt it was all negative interviewing without a balance of views. The worst example was Nick Clegg ‘s wife M D Gonzalez. Since when has she become a political pundit, who proceeded to lecture on how certain nuances & influences could negatively affect EU citizens in the UK. Talk about hypocrisy. I lived in Spain her home country for 10 years & was made to jump through hoops to become a resident even though I bought my own house had private means to keep myself. All my paperwork had to be interpreted by an official translator at great cost, I had to have medical insurance, be fingerprinted as foreigners made to use a separate entrance at the town hall signposted as “Extranereous ” the word for foreigner. The other side of how UK citizens are treated by the EU is never highlighted. I don’t appreciate this failed politicians wife, who was recently flogging her cook book on the BBC giving her v biased views !


The Newsnight presenter was discussing the Prime Minister’s speech on exiting the EU. He spoke to the Works and Pensions Secretary in which he basically ignored what he was saying and kept stating the EU already had free trade so why would they go for that and kept cutting the responses off. Which of course is not true as when we leave the EU they would not have free trade unless an agreement was made. But more concerning for me was when he spoke to the Italian Minister for European Affairs in which his language was highly biased. On commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech he used words like Demands and Threats which the PM used, when clearly this was not the case, words like proposals would have been the correct course of action. Where is the unbiased, even handed coverage of the BBC gone? It used to give a two sided, intelligent argument on any issue but now seems to have decided on its own political agenda and sticks to it. Regardless of voting remain or leave it should be a clear, intelligent discussion on issues, not a pitchfork gang going after the sensationalism and making the public divided in the most unproductive way.

BBC 10 oclock news

Report from outside number 10 reporter so blatantly biased against brexit expressing views as facts. This is totally unacceptable to me as a licence payer. I want a unbiased report.

The world tonight

During the first article about Theresa May’s speech there was a balanced interview with members of the public in the north-east of England then they moved on to European reaction which was predictably negative and depressing in mood, anti-Brexit with no balancing view from a more positive source. It was biased and unbalanced.

BBC News

Biassed commentators, political editors etc, keep referring to tariff barriers if we leave single market. Never mention that EU exporters would have the same barriers in exporting to us – and since e.g. German car makers, who send 1 in 5 of every car made to UK, don’t want that, it will never happen. VW & Mercedes will make sure of that !

BBC News at 6;00

Once again the BBC has expressed extreme bias in favour in the EU by severely denouncing our Prime Minister”s Brexit Plans. A reporter by the name of Laura Kuensburg could only find fault with everything the Prime Minister said. It was that obvious!! I already wrote to the BBC even before Brexit to complain of their bias towards the Remain camp. It is all wrong!!

6 o clock news

Since the Referendum giving the government the right to negotiate the UK’s exit from the European community. BBC news has, very clearly, biased it news content against that decision. Even tonight a local news reporter asked members of the public in a market-place, what their views were. Every one was chosen because they fitted an acceptable profile in that they all disagreed with the UK’s exit. It was totally biased. Later on in the program Laura Keunnsberg and also the terrible histrionic Norman Smith demonstrate strong bias to support their resistance to ‘Brexit’. They, and BBC News must start to reflect the opinion of the people instead of trying to influence it. I recorded, and watched ITV’s reporting to compare the two and I found, refreshingly, that their reporting was more fair.

BBC News

The report by Andy Verity following Mrs May’s speech included several serious omissions and factual errors. First was his assessment of the EU single market – 49% of our exports, wrong – in 1999 the EU share of Britain’s exports was 61%, in 2015/16 it was 40%, including an allowance for the Rotterdam factor, it is still declining and provides a huge trading deficit. Exports outside the EU make a profit and offer significant scope for further growth – 88% of the world economy is outside the EU. When he analysed the effect of the drop in the pound, he only referred to inflation, no mention of the fact that it was overvalued or the positive impact on exports and no mention of the impact on the FTSE share prices.

1 o clock news

Continual reference to how damaging brexit is to the country. Mentioned tariff being imposed on our exports to EU after brexit with no balancing argument stating eu countries would not risk us imposing trade tariffs on them in return. this type of bias is shown every news bulletin. The bbc by law are supposed to be impartial, someone please inform the director general on his job description

BBC 10pm TV News

During this main news bulletin, you showed a short clip of your reporter asking the Prime Minister about the crisis in the NHS. It was noticeable that behind the PM on the platform were two flags – Union and NZ – the event was a joint press conference with the New Zealand Prime Minister, who was making the point that Brexit would create a welcome opportunity for Britain to re-establish trade and cultural relations with New Zealand. Your presentation cut this out and therefore changed the purpose of the conference for your audience. Was this a deliberate act by the editor ?

Andrew Marr Show

As per usual Andrew Marr, who I would say is a Europhile, gives fellow europhile Ken Clark a platform on his views,without challenging his views.Time to sell off the BBC methinks.

BBC news website

I’m just fed up of the constant negativity vs trump. For decades the intelligence agencies in America have been criticised for their role in the Cold War, Iraq, etc etc. Now trump is not taking their views on Dave value suddenly they are the saviour of liberal values. Russia today correctly showed that the unclassified report has zero evidence of Russian wrongdoing yet the whole tone of BBC news is suggesting there is. It is all subtle and about tone. BBC is against brexit, trump and any agenda that is not totally politically correct – a politically correct agenda that no one asked for and does not want. They need to stop shitting out a reasonable debate about many global issues that they keep shutting out – they are a million miles away from what people talk about socially – nowhere near – they are a left wing liberal (liberal in terms of not listening to anyone’s view they don’t agree with so not really) elite – it needs to stop…,


More negativity about our prospects in negotiations to leave the EU.


About car sales up 2.3% then saying forecast to drop 5% during 2017 (by who, experts that have never been right this year or last). Going on to say the reasons, pound exchange rate dropped? Then oil has gone up all inferring Bretex being the cause? Nothing mentioned about OPEC reducing oil production forcing up prices, or the Euro was originally inflated by those wanting us to stay in Europe (now GBP v Euro at the correct rate). Totally biased, negative and pessimistic reporting.


Car sales up so far this year, but expected to go down this year by 5%. They always counter act the good news with bad news. Almost like they want us to fail. The news controllers are very anti-brexit. Brexit’s happened it was a demacratic vote by the population, we should all now get on with it without the bbc negativity!!!!!

BBC news

Presenters showed bias regarding Brexit by pesenting their own opinions and with disproportionate representatation of Brexit supporters. Also Next’s Xmas sales being down by 0.4% were reported as a Brexit calamity. I fail to see how this can be hailed as such when overall sales including internet shopping are up. Is the BBC continuing it’s fear campaign? It certainly looks like it.


Wouldn’t know where to start on BBC pro EU bias! Didn’t you see Sky News (a reputable News channel) that the majority of voters want to leave? Unfit for purpose.

BBC news at one

The newsreader was reporting Next’s trading statement and said the company said 2017 would be tougher because of Brexit. I have read the RNS from Next and nowhere do they refer to Britain leaving the EU, they merely cite inflation as one of a number of factors; indeed they state that the devaluation of sterling will help their exports and improve their bottom line next year. Nowhere is Brexit mentioned.

BBC World News

Top of the bbc news today: Clearly, if the BBC was anti brexit this would not appear in the top 1 of its webpage world edition. I can say as a foreigner who used to read BBC that I dont read it anymore. I find it now clearly supports Brexit, you only need to read on and ser all comments of any article. I want a more objective medium like reuters o the economist.

Bbc Breakfast

Brexit bias. Inital claim by louise minchin is that the countryside and rural life is threatened by brexit. She goes on to say farmers will lose subsidies. There was absolutely no evidence or reasoning behind these claims. Main story of the day about Lord Ivan stepping down and criticising Brexit? Why are you scaremongering? We are the ones who pay for the BBC and we are the ones who will pay the price of Brexit IF it is a disaster. Its incredibly insulting to the general population, we live life, you view it from an ivory tower. Anyway, you dont need me a 23 year old non-graduate to tell you, im sure the ratings are telling as you are getting screwed by a farcical news programme GOOD MORNING BRITAIN!

Silent witness

I love silent witness, but it has been totally ruined by the blatant political statements. It’s a drama , on TV ,let it be just that . Stop making it an inaccurate party political broadcast. I make sure I’m as informed as I can be about all the atrocious things happening at home and abroad but when I sit myself on the sofa to watch a brilliant programme it’s a little time for escapism not a chance to ram raid my brain with any political ideas, statements or opinions.

BBC News

Why are the BBC persisting in opposing the electorates view on leaving the EU?………………..we voted LEAVE……so drop it BBC and listen to the people.


Interviews with people who may have voted differently if given another chance in new referendum blatent bias

Bbc news look ahead

Gloom laden predictions from all 4 panelists regarding forthcoming brexit negotiations as the “reality of brexit” unfolds throughout 2017. E.g, “will we enter recession? Who knows…”.

Shaun Keveny Breakfast Show/The whole station generally

With not much hope, I would like to complain that this radio station generally and it’s presenters do not even attempt to adhere to the BBC’s code of political impartiality. This has become particularly prevalent during and after the recent EU referendum, and the station has become a vehicle for heavy pro EU bias, and the shaming of Leave voters, many of whom, like me, are regular listeners. The station and its output would not be commercially viable outside of the BBC based on 6 Music’s currently listenership, and so is only on the air due to the BBC’s wider funding. However, the general feeling given out by the presenters is that although the rest of the BBC is supposed to be strictly politically impartial, and has been for many decades before 6 music was aired, the 6 Music presenters are ‘too cool’ for this to apply to them. In fact BBC 6 Music was only saved from closure due a recent petition, signed by myself and at least another 10-15 other people which I can think of who also chose to vote ‘Leave’. We all now wish we hadn’t bothered signing it. I don’t know where they have got the idea that the whole listenership is pro EU, and I find it patronising that the presenters think that their political bias is acceptable if it’s delivered in a sardonic, indirect way. The station has an on going agenda in favour of the EU, and incidents of bias towards the EU are too frequent to list in full, a current example is a trailer that is on regular rotation in which the Brexit vote is sensationally and incoherently linked somehow to the rebuilding of The Berlin Wall. Clearly this is ridiculous and untrue. If you’re not grateful to be part of the BBC and consider yourselves too cool to operate within the rules which all other presenters across it’s whole network are supposed to operate, then launch 6 Music as a commercial station. I think you know as well me that it would fail miserably. I’m sure that all the staff at 6 music also feel themselves above dealing complaints against the station, I don’t expect anything to change, and despite paying the wages of the presenters I’m quite certain that my complaint will be a great badge of honour for all concerned.