BBC Breakfast

While reviewing the events of 2016, the presenters constantly referring to 2016 as a terrible year. Why? This has been one of the best years I can remember in recent times.


The Today programme did a feature on Hull this morning. Very interesting except virtually every interview asked a question about Brexit and nearly every answer appeared to favour Remain, and this is in a city where two thirds voted to leave! Are the people involved with the city of culture different from the majority voters? If so I don’t hold out much hope for it or the BBC. I expected the answer to the Brexit questions to show how prices might drop and employment might increase in accordance say with Patrick Minford’s analysis.

(What a fun site)…. Much of the bias comes from decisions of what NOT to depict as well as what to depict, we should remember! Here are 4 I spotted in the last 10-15 mins! Re: A headline speaks of “record numbers leaving Germany”, as an attempt to downplay the impact of immigration created by open border EU. However, only on reading the articles does on realise that the number leaving is 1/10th of those who arrived seeking asylum the previous year. In their news in pictures, there was no mention of victory for the Brexit campaign; only pictures of the campaigning, one showing an earnest looking Cameron and Ashdown versus a comic Johnson underneath. There was no pictures of adverse impacts of immigration, which are important in many people’s lives and a key reason for the Brexit vote (e.g. no go areas; illegal immigrants; overcrowded hospitals; bomb scares etc). Action = motivation minus friction: Another negative story on Brexit, reducing resolve to undergo the process by talking of the extra cost to leave the EU. While there are quotes on the impact of the additional costs from leaving the EU, there are no mentions made of the additional costs racked up on waste in the duration where we can’t leave – including the ongoing downward pressures on wages – which, if included, would add impetus to accelerate the leaving process. Same as above – £58bn…. By the way, it should be noted that if we scrapped HS2 (a strong EU-centric project that fits with their wider mobility agenda), favoured only by about 20%-25%, we would just about that amount back in the coffers !! But where is the BBC linking the dots on that one?! Not heard a peep!

Alan Bennett’s Diaries

Alan Bennett finished this programme with his diary entry for the day after the referendum – it was an anti-Brexit diatribe and was in very poor taste.

Holby City

Another shocking use of license fee payers money to air anti-brexit left wing propaganda. The control the BBC have over British culture is frightening especially when mis-used in this way. When the BBC are accountable to their tax payers, perhaps they will begin to represent this country rather than control it.

Outnumbered (comedy)

I used to watch this comedy series years ago,, and was looking forward to this Christmas special,, but sadly I counted more than 7 anti-brexit statements,, as well as 2 anti-trump,, plus a very pc programme,, and at one part of the show it was showing that people who voted brexit were not only drunk but racists, interested to see if anyone else noticed this in the boxing night show

news channel

The interviewer constantly nagging the Sainburys man about prices rising when he said that in fact the cost of Christmas is cheaper than last year, he got very impatient and asked him repeatedly to say when prices will go up as it was in his view inevitable, made me so mad, BBC constantly do things like this re: Brexit and talk up the supposed difficulties all the time. We will be much better off out from under the rule of the EU ‘turkeys’ even if it takes a while, EU is full of bullies and blackmailers and we need to get out quickly.


“I. S. (Islamic State) rejoiced at Brexit” Said by someone in an interview, possibly an E.U. politician, in connection with the Christmas Market atrocity. What is the evidence for this statement? I would have thought having properly guarded borders would be the last thing I.S. would have wanted.

BBC1 News

BBC smear campaign against the democratic decision of the British people to leave the EU by making the case that we had been duped by the bus with the NH S 350 million pound weekly savings we would make. I chose to leave because the EU is undemocratic. Are the BBC and the remain voters Democratic?

BBC News at 10

A report on fake news ended by criticising the Brexit bus banner claiming £350,000,000 being saved and benefiting the NHS. There was no mention of similar misinformation being produced by the stay campaign. Once again, the BBC has shown it is not providing an impartial news service.

BBC news at 6

I just caught an extremely gloomy assessment of Brexit by a Reporter who was clearly presenting from a “Brexit is Apocalypse” platform. Seeking people to appear in his report who to put it bluntly came across almost Suicidal about the future and our prospects. The Polish lady with a young Child fearing for her place in the UK…”I said to my child if we have to go leave then we have to go”…she said despairingly. The Man who saw nothing good for our future at all. The Reporter finding Negatives for people to consider, negatives which are almost certainly Transient issues which will be diminished once the withdrawal from the EU is complete and the Fog of Uncertainty has lifted. I’m 44 and have had a problem with the BBC since I was 12. I’m not a Fan of it as an institution, in fact it often disturbs me greatly. This report was particularly Naughty.

BBC new 6pm every day.

Every day the BBC gives out negative so called news stories relating to brexit . It’s not news it’s just (look what you’ve done by voting to leave )propaganda Totally biased and there’s no getting away from it. Today they covered Coventry in the Midlands and it was the same old story unbelievable.

Have I got News For You

Gary Lineker said “meanwhile Britain’s Ambassador to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers has announced that a Brit Exit deal could take 10 years …….that’s not fair most of the people that voted for it would be dead by then” I find that most offensive suggesting that the majority of people that voted for Bexit were old !

Have I got news for you

This complaint is best show in the links below, The BBC is not being impartial, it’s using guests to peddle EU propaganda, it breaks the Bill of Rights. We can hope for two things here to sack Gary lineker who the BBC know for his Pro EU stand and to end the BBC licence fee monopoly for not being British and impartial..


Outrageous and blatant display of nasty anti-brexit placards set right behind members of the discussion panel so that they were prominent for long periods during the programme. i have submitted a complaint to the bbc but whats the point of that???? Who is responsible for this? Something needs to be done.

Business section

UK’s Buoyant economic growth won’t last. Katie Hope spinning positive economic growth implying it” won’t last” through quoting British Chamber of Commerce,. Implication being if we leave the EU the economy will only get worse, pure speculation and guesswork from all concerned

Have I Got News For You

Jacob Rees Mogg ridiculed and mocked by panel. Another typical three against one farce in the name of satire. I now expect the BBC to play dirty and realise that they don’t care, so long as they can stir it up but seriously… have a care! With Hislop and Merton so obviously anti Brexit and proud to highlight this EVERY WEEK; maybe two panel guests should be subjected to their rudeness each episode, rather than this continued three pronged attack. Would lend more gravitas. Perhaps this is the point, this is why they do it….bit like bullies, safety in gangs maybe. It may have been funny at the time and people probably did laugh but this sort of churlish and provoking behaviour sticks in people’s minds… in the strangest way. Next time someone considers the comedic relevance of HIGNFY, who knows, they may just decide that this satire show is possibly a little tired and really not that funny anymore.

BBC news

Saying slavery will get worse because of brexit and complaining about garage getting to much coverage when anti brexit comments are coming Over all the time DISGUSTING BIAS.I WILL STOP PAYING MY TV LISCENSE AND STOP WATCHING BBC.

Front Row

A director interviewed about his play which links Carravgio and Liverpool and Brexit: The director interviewed shares the strong pro EU and anti Brexit feelings that he has: that sense of animosity and of we are better than them is what allows nasty right wing demagogue populists to manipulate large numbers of angry people. Just shutting people down is playing the game that Farage and Boris Johnson want you to play. The thing they don’t want you to do is to communicate.

News at 10

After a motion in parliament regarding ministers voting for the triggering of article 50 I find it disgusting that the BBC chose not to have it as a headline story at all on the news. Competing news channels ran this story why not the BBC? Its obvious that the bias of the remain camp is twisted into every vein of the BBC’s corridors. I remind the BBC that it is a public paid for organisation by people who voted for brexit and without there license payments they would not exist.


Sharp practice from the BBC. Yet again. Adam Parker reported on a growing threat to the City from financial businesses seriously considering a move from the UK to EU locations. Along with a lot of dubious inferences conveyed as realities, was one outrageous piece of reporting. A gentleman running an FX business was interviewed. He told the BBC he was moving his operations to EU locations, and this was relatively easy. What he, and the BBC report, did not say is that his business is already regulated by the EU, not the UK. It would be interesting to know why the impartial BBC did disclose such information to its viewers.

Have I Got News For You

Obvious bitterness and snide remarks towards the UKIP guest, accusations of xenophobia and anti-immigration, very uncomfortable viewing at times. Will now be boycotting the BBC entirely over their disgraceful bias and condescending attitude towards those in favour of Brexit. BBC is all full of back slapping luvvies who are hopelessly out of touch. Given the previous scandal ie Mr Savile, you would have thought they would behave themselves going forward?

have i got news for you

the luvvie presenting the show and ian hislop and another ex public schoolboy made a series of derogatory comments on brexit without any redress from anyone else on the panel except for Suzanne evans who was continuously attacked by all three. I know this a satire show but it is a very one sided show. We all have heard by now what Hislop thinks of brexit and I am getting a bit fed up with a bunch of overpaid and privileged ‘celebrities’ sneering comments that fly in the face of a democratically taken decision by a majority of the british public and license payers

Morning News Programme

The Brexit court case is now being reported, exhaustively given air time and explained solely in terms of ‘process’ and ignores the obvious facts that the case has been brought by pro EU campaigners who are hell bent on stopping Britain exiting the EU. The BBC repeats the pro EU campaign message with no regard for the fact that the case is actually being brought by remain voters solely to overturn the referendum result. The pro EU campaigners are often filmed saying that their case is not about stopping Brexit only about the ‘process’. This is a blatant lie and everyone knows it. Yes, this is a blatant lie and everyone knows it. It is widely understood that he campaign group was formed and funded solely with the purpose of derailing Brexit. That the BBC repeats the pro EU campaigners slogans and lies without any mention of the fact that the case is widely understood by the public as a whole (and leave voters in particular) as a cunning, manipulative and dishonest manoeuvre to overturn the Referendum result which 17 million people voted for makes the BBC appear to be wholly in collusion with the pro EU campaigners. (What a surprise !) Although it obviously pleases (understatement) the considerable number of remain voters, it should be important that the context of this case is truthfully reported by the BBC and that is simply not happening. The Bias of the BBC has never been more obvious. It is irresponsible to report in such a manner. The BBC is misrepresenting the truth and leading people to believe the pro EU campaigners message as if it is pure when it is actually a clever use of legal technicality to try to achieve political aims. It totally diminishes the BBC in the eyes of the real world as it shows it to be a totally biased operation with a complete lack of integrity. The BBC likes to make a lot of its so-called independence which is more and more becoming a joke because of this obvious bias. We the British people deserve a lot better than this from our publicly funded broadcast service. We should not have to pay for such a blatantly biased propaganda machine where anything at all 1mm right of centre is labelled far-right radical extreme anti establishment and insurgent. 17 million of us are also your viewing public. Our money pays the BBC licence fee also and we deserve to have our views fully represented. The biggest story here is the fact that a handful of pro EU people have got together to try to overturn the Referendum result. Why are you not reporting the story in that context? That is the only reason this case has been brought to court. Why does your web page have any information to that effect. There is no court case brought by Leave voters to ensure that this very important ‘process’ is properly carried out? I wonder why that is?! How stupid do you think the viewing public at large really are? BBC you have outdone yourself this time with totally one sided reporting of this very important case. The case is seen as a treacherous betrayal by the majority of British people. Shame on the BBC for joining in.

NOW Show

The BBC in general is incredibly biased towards Brexit; to the point where I have just stopped listening to the news and many of their other programs. Despite this I thought I’d listen to something a bit more light-hearted – the Now Show on Radio 4. Straight away it was back on the negativity, scaremongering and complete bias in the Brexit issue with absolutely no balance or counter argument. I do not want my license fee going towards this nonsense anymore.

Have I Got News For You

Constant anti-Brexit bias. Misrepresentation of Boris Johnson. Implying the UKIP guest was xenophobic. Implying Brexit was one of the worst periods in British history… The whole programme is set up as an anti-Brexit narrative. The BBC should be reprimanded for this programme’s blatant bias.

The Now Show

I’ve specified the Friday 2nd December show but every show for weeks has been outrageously anti Brexit. I get that it’s ‘comedy’ and therefore it only works if they pick sides on opinionated matters, but it really is over the top Remain support.

Have I got news for you

Complete programme seemed to be a party political broadcast on behalf of the country remain party. The UKIP guest was just there to be the butt of their jokes and snide remarks.


Interviews with Venezuelan citizens concerning unrest in country and how they would like to live here ….if allowed. So obviously anti brexit it was sickening

Emma Barnett, Radio-5-Live

Emma Barnett’s implied criticism of the ‘far-right’- policies of the presidential candidate in the forthcoming Austrian election, Norbert Hofer – and directly to his face, too – was a disgrace to broadcast journalism. The ‘far-right’ label was used by Emma Barnett because Hofer supported a referendum on continued membership of the EU, and because he said that Muslim immigration into Austria ought to be curtailed. She expressed similar criticisms – real in your face criticisms – to another Austrian MP who supported Hofer’s policies. Each and every question to both Austrians was loaded up front, with references made to Hitler’s birthplace, and that ‘anti-Muslim’ discrimination was as bad as anti-Semitism. There was no attempt to ask neutral, unbiased questions, or even to disguise them in some way : she was appallingly unprofessional.

BBC News website/Africa

The BBC is simply pumping out pro Castro stories as if we are idiots. At what point does the UK License payer get to tell BBC News that it is unpatriotic (Brexit coverage), biased (v Boris Johnson, v Trump), blinkered (pro Castro) and arrogant (every response to every complaint I have launched this year)? It is really one of the THE most unsettling political issues in the UK today.

BBC news

Yet again!!! BBC bias shocking!!! Clearly reporting both remaining a member of the single market does not deliver brexit, nor remaining in the EEA as you can not negotiate own trade deals not a mention of these points during BBC news ! IS IT TRUE OR DID YOU HERE ON BBC? Bought sticker today they have sold over 109k

The Now Show

I have always enjoyed The Now Show but since the referendum it has become a show blatantly favouring the Remain camp and this was particularly demonstrated in the show on Friday 25 November 2016 when a joke was made about Brexit with a comment made that it would upset the 52% who voted for it. I am one of the 52% and while I try hard not to be upset or offended by people expressing the opposing view as I feel it is important not to be dogmatic in these things I cannot agree with a programme such as this that is so biased in its view of the world.

BBC News

On BBC breakfast, or on any BBC news program, the BBC seem to be continuously mentioning the so called possible pitfalls of leaving the eu…..why?


Discussion about Brext featuring the interviewer James O’Brien and Jeroen Dijsselbloem Dutch Finance Minister with no-one else invited to give an alternative view. Dijsselbloem was asked ” What do you think Brexit means?” O’Brien ridiculed Boris Johnson, at one point talking about “his more manageable dreams”. The Dutch Minister was able to talk about a ” lose, lose situation for Britain and Europe with the only hope being to minimise the danger”. He described our leaving as a ” step back.”