Unduly partial and misleading analysis of the Autumn Statement, conveying forecasts favourable to Remain as facts. Throughout the piece, Evan Davis conveyed OBR analysis as fact, whereas the OBR themselves and R4 Today the following morning both acknowledged it was highly subjective, and suffered from a material lack of information. A £59bn black hole was conveyed as Brexit-related and partially arising from a devaluation of Sterling. No mention was made of the pre-23 June analysis by Organisations deemed independent and reputable by the BBC, the IMF and Deutsche Bank among many others, that Sterling was already overvalued by up to 15%, even assuming the UK remained in the EU. Nor was any attempt to offer a counter argument for growth as a result of Sterling depreciation. An impartial analysis would have provided viewers with a counter argument that the £59bn black hole would have happened whether or not we voted Leave. Disgracefully ED chided Leave voters for daring to believe there would not be the kind of economic consequence forecast by the OBR, yet failing to acknowledge this is highly debatable, not fact. Worse, Davis invited Minister Gauke to apologise for providing voters with misleading information. Something Davis did throughout the programme. Will Evan apologise if the OBR figures prove materially gloomy? The piece gave far more air time to Remain arguments and indignations, and no attempt was made to afford equal time to Leave experts to give their views and so provide viewers with a duly impartial analysis. Nor was any attempt made to declare a potential conflict of interest, given the financial arrangements between the EU and BBC. A clear breach of Ch15 of the Editorial Guidelines. Overall, yet more unduly partial output on EU-related matters from the BBC, in breach of Ch4 of the Editorial Guidelines


Evan Davis bias against brexit shown in interview about economic autumn statement…..asked guest if seeing as how the brexit had hit the economy ‘so hard’ whether we ought to run it again as the people getting squeezed at the bottom would probably change their vote.

BBC news

I watched the full statement for the budget which overall was positive with some caution. Even the pound jumped considerably. In fact watched CNN news reporting main points including the part of the speech describing UK as fastest growing Europe economy. But typical of the liberal media obsessed with not excepting Brexit we get the same biased BBC doom and gloom slant. Fed up with it as they are suppose to be impartial but they are absolutely not. Another lot who cannot accept democracy and just spout there propaganda under the banner of news!

bbc news

No report on pro brexit protest. Even tho pro eu protest have been heavily reported in the past.

BBC News

The coverage of the person who killed MP. The man has a serious mental health illness and I am very very angry at the way this murder has been reported, by the BBC, making it a political issue. There are many people in the world with mental illness and this was not taken into account. It seems there is no end to the company’s treachery, whoever it may affect. It has become a fawning leftist politically driven governmental propaganda machine unable to see the folly of their reporting. It only serves to fuel Right Wing extemism.

6.00 pm News

BBC report on the PM’s address to the CBI. Totally sceptical and dismissive of the PM.s statement and supportive of the CBI executive’s EU financed pro EU view. Yet another example of the BBC executive’s refusal to accept the result of the EU referendum. The BBC is now defined by it’s Blairite bias. How sad.


Fed up with all the negative Brexit cover (non evidenced. ) Its false, boring, transparent and ridiculing such things is harmful to our economy.

Sunday Politics

Everything about this show is negative towards Brexit ! In this show Andrew Neil and his panel don’t seem able to find anything positive to say that indicates they accept Brexit. It would be a near miracle if the BBC put on programme extolling the benefits of Brexit. There is possibly no individual within the organisation that could do it !


I have recently graduated from university after studying Agribusiness Management. The problem I have with BBC’s Countryfile is the lack of current affairs. The issue I find particularly worrying is the lack of publicity over farming subsidies and the transparency over them. These issues are what myself and my fellow colleagues in the industry of my age fee countryfile lacks. The BBC is so pro EU over what it broadcasts on Countryfile. They never truly explain the extent of the agricultural subsidy system, and how many people exploit it. Uk farmers / landowners get almost 3 Billion pounds from the EU of taxpayers money, yet a significant number of people dont realise these subsidies only really benefit the rich.

BBC news

All on the news were biased against the brexiters can we please have positive points of view given equal coverage all BBC presentations are biased

Any Questions

Jonathon Dimbleby rephrased audience questions, then answers them himself, interrupts those he does not agree with, totally exposing his bias against Brexit. I have heard him on another programme in Ireland where he again took the opportunity to give his slant on Brexit, suggesting it won’t work and idiots voted for it.

The Now Show

Steve Punt’s description of big three WW2 Allies (USA, UK and what is now the Russian Federation) as now all being led by nationalist governments. While I have no opinion on the USA or Russia in this regard and recognise that The Now Show is comedy, I can hardly see how the current UK government can be described as ‘nationalist’. Because it came about as a result of the Leave Vote? Nationalism in its original form, particularly as it grew during the 19th century, was a rather inclusive political outlook, but has since become tainted by the more extreme versions that took shape during the 20th century. This seems like nothing more than the BBC trying to ram its pro-EU dogma down people’s throats because they have voted in a way that does not fit their world view. Last time I checked, political satire was supposed to have at least some basis in fact. Steve Punt needs to read some history further back than WW2 and to get a grip.

Every radio 4 6.30pm comedy programme

All and I mean all have had something derogatory within them. Anyone that voted out is painted as racist or stupid. Comparasons are made between brexit and American Trump vote to say it’s because we are ill educated or ill informed or racist.

BBC Online

In addition to the BBC bias on Brexit, the also continue in virtually ever article i read on their website to be anti Trump, they should writing news not giving their opinion. And i’m not a Trump fan.

BBC Radio 4 Today Programm

Extremely biased questioning of Breibart’s Joel Pollak. Justin Webb, the interviewer, starts the interview accusing Breitbart’s owner as anti-semitic. Joel Pollack and Steve Bannon are both Jews! Listen from 1:09:00 into the recording.

have i got news for you

Totally disgusting behavior and attitude of Hislop and the others on the panel.This used to be one of the shows I had great respect for and the this edition and the previous weeks just sunk it. Listen to the viewers and shake it up and while you are doing that turn down the volume of the hysterical audience. I cannot remember watching a satisfying episode since, dare I say it Hislop, BREXIT.

Six oclock news

In an item about unemployment falling, it was stressed that the the increase in employment was pre-dominantly down to migrants entering the work force. Cue a random link to an employer in Barnsley who bemoaned that the lack of foreign migrants would affect her adversely. Shouldn’t the item have focused on the strength of the labour market post Brexit and how the Remain Campaigns claims of mass unemployment haven’t materialised.

BBC website

BBC buries the great unemployment figures which is great news for Britain post brexit.


Discussion about Brext featuring the interviewer James O’Brien and Jeroen Dijsselbloem Dutch Finance Minister with no-one else invited to give an alternative view. Dijsselbloem was asked ” What do you think Brexit means?” O’Brien ridiculed Boris Johnson, at one point talking about “his more manageable dreams”. The Dutch Minister was able to talk about a ” lose, lose situation for Britain and Europe with the only hope being to minimise the danger”. He described our leaving as a ” step back.”

BBC News

Kamal Ahmed (?) in conversation with CEO Google — quite balanced coverage of ups/downs until, at the end of the sequence the Google CEO was guided into saying Freedom of Movement must be protected, and to Kamal’s smiling but tendentious end question “So, keep those borders open, right?”

BBC News

“Boris Johnson offering ‘impossible’ Brexit vision” … typical headline: in fact the article goes on to state that a Dutch foreign minister had offered that opinion, along with a variety of other assertions about the UK’s future. The true story here is that the Dutch politicical establishment have concerns about Wilders’ chances in toppling them, so rubbish Boris (sometimes it’s quite easy to do that) to help combat. BBC bias detectable right across its output.


It was very interesting comparing the BBC Today programme’s coverage of Trumps back-pedalling on Obamacare with the Telegraphs coverage. The Telegraph seemed forgiving. The BBC was scathing. I wish the BBC knew when to be scathing and when to be forgiving. Don’t they recognise the will of the people at elections,, either in America or in Britain?

BBC news

On reporting the election of Donald Trump as president, the programme gave air time on two occasions to an American women stating that the election of Trump was a disaster for America as he is a an aggressive racist amongst other derogatory comments, she then described Trumps election as comparable to the UK Brexit vote ie people who voted for Brexit are equally racist/ sexist etc. This is not impartial reporting.

Adrian Chiles

Nick Clegg invited on to talk about legalising cannabis, at the end of the piece Chiles then says to Clegg ” I cant let you go without asking you about the leaked document regarding the government not having plan for Brexit and will need thousands more civil servants and at least another six months” despite this document already having been shown not to be from the government it is portrayed as factual and probably not leaked but contrived release. Clegg is then allowed to rerun the referendum campaign, and denegrating all those who lead the leave campaign as having no plan, over several minutes in the style of a party political broadcast, all without any challenge, but a very nice thank you when he had finished from Chiles .

Have I got a Bit More News for You

I don’t usually complain about comedy, even what now passes for BBC (heavily) left leaning comedy. I believe that comedy should be exempt from political correctness and accusations of offence and that anyone is fair game for having the proverbial taken out of them. I’m an equal opportunity p’ taker, I can laugh at jokes about all and sundry and just as happy to laugh at myself, my gender, my political affiliations etc. This is the cornerstone of British comedy, poking fun at one another. Of course this doesn’t accord with BBC values who in their infinite wisdom and warped notions of equality permit only left wing comedians (and in most instances I use that term loosely) and left wing audiences to appear on their shows. Of course any BBC attempt at comedy is merely another means to foist their own opinions upon people, the butt of the jokes are invariably right wingers/Tories/UKIP and anything of which they disapprove. Topping the list of this latter category is not surprisingly Brexit and now the election of Trump in the US. As I said, prior to my little rant, I don’t usually complain about comedy, I’m pretty hard to offend. But I do object to the BBC using every type of broadcast they air to promote their views. And what is more, most of their so called comedy output isn’t even funny, it’s simply a platform upon which to sneer, deride and discriminate against anything or anyone the corporation finds unacceptable. The double standards is appalling, if you cannot discriminate against one group why is it OK to discriminate against much larger groups, Brexiteers, white working class and now Trump voters in the US? The BBC won’t permit jokes which they deem sexist, which is to say anything which pokes fun at women (Men are of course fair game). Try telling a joke about Muslims (look at how the BBC pilloried Louis Smith), or other minorities on BBC…you can imagine the response. But Rich Hall telling us,(regarding the Trump vote) ‘there’s an awful lot of dumb people around’ was apparently hilarious to the studio audience.. I’ll pause to give you time to finish guffawing… No? I didn’t think it was funny either. Didn’t he just insult 59 million people? Given the large number doesn’t that equate to more bigotry than making some quip about , for instance, the approximate 5% of Muslims living in the UK? This thinking was echoed throughout the show, Charlie Brooker pronounced with barely disguised venom that, ‘Democracy is s***’, clearly voicing the BBC belief that democracy is only any good if you get the answer you want and that common people should never be trusted with making decisions as they’re too provincial, too uneducated, too old and quite simply WRONG. Brexit was, naturally held up again as a parallel for the Trump vote, Farage (nothing new there), UKIP roundly abused. Oh, there was one tiny joke at Corbyn’s expense then straight back to the Brexit/Trump bashing. Shameless bias dressed up as humour. I used to like ‘Have I Got News for You’, it used to be (reasonably) capable of extracting the urine out of all political parties and personalities but since Brexit the agenda is less about raising laughs and more about raising pro remain anger.


The programme was titled Brexit – What Europe Wants. Given that the series is called Analysis there was no analysis of any description and the presenter made no attempt to offer any alternative arguments to the ones given by various European talking heads. In fact there were no arguments of any sort. The presenter merely allowed the Europeans to vent their spleens towards the UK and how they were going to make the transition as difficult and as painful as possible to disuade other countries from adopting democracy. To cap it all, the presenter played some music with the words “We are on the road to nowhere” . An absolutely scandalous misuse of licence payer funds. What we need is a proper impartial broadcaster and not the narrow liberal pro EU propaganda machine we now have.

All News programmes

Supposed memo leak about Brexit needing 30,000 more people etc. Obviously, written on an Anti-Brexit loser’s kitchen table ! Evidence that the BBC will do anything to Knock Brexit !! I don’t believe a word the BBC put out !!

BBC Homepage

Headline states “Government has ‘no plan’ for Brexit, leaked memo reveals”. Open the article and the headline changes to “Government ‘doesn’t recognise’ Brexit memo”. Outrageous sensationalism.


Tonight’s edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme “Analysis” by Anand Menon consisted not of any ‘analysis’ but rather the post-Brexit continuation of the BBC’s key role in Project Fear. In a series of interviews with obviously rattled and aggrieved Pro-EU MPs and functionaries from Germany, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic, listeners were instructed that “you made your soup, now eat it”, “you started the fire, now suffer the blisters” and were offered similar colloquial phrases about suffering dire consequences in the local tongues. No attempt was made to balance the ‘interviews’ – an unbroken series of warnings by EU insiders that Britain would be made to pay for its actions in undermining EU ‘solidarity’; even if the member states damaged their own economies in the process. Not a single alternate viewpoint from any non pro-EU source in those territories was heard. In the foreground, repeatedly, the song “We’re On the Road to Nowhere” was used as a refrain about Brexit. This was not a work of impartial journalism: it was a piece of shameless ‘Remain’ propaganda.

Andrew Marr

Horrified that Marr actually apologised for interviewing Marine Le Pen on Remembrance Sunday. I understand that perhaps some veterans may have complained because they have been persuaded by the establishment that the Front National is Neo-Nazi in it’s policies, but I suspect that the majority of complaints will have come from middle class Left-whingers who simply do not want anyone who espouses views with which they disagree to have a voice. The same PC thinking which characterises no platforming in our universities. Agree or disagree with Le Pen why should she be silenced especially on the pretext of it being inappropriate on Remembrance Sunday? Free speech and democracy were, after all, two of the values people fought and died for. I could argue that it more inappropriate for Marr to interview Jeremy Corbyn on this day, his opinions on the military are far more dangerous and disrespectful to our brave soldiers. Anyway lets put Marr’s apology into context, the BBC as usual falling over itself to ingratiate the Corporation to certain groups/minorities/pet causes will uphold any complaint which they deem worthy of note. How many apologies did Brexiters receive for their Bias both prior to and post Brexit? Absolutely none. Marine Le Pen spoke a lot of sense on Marr’s show this morning, from what I’ve heard and read her opinions on Brexit, Frexit and the World are not racist or dangerous. Her father’s more extreme views seem to be the basis for accusations of xenophobia etc but she has distanced herself from these. The bleeding heart Liberals (including the BBC, naturally) will of course not let this simple fact prevent them from invoking the ghost of her father’s comment regarding the Holocaust because quite simply they are terrified about what is happening to their stranglehold upon the people of this continent and indeed the World. Brexit, Trump and the rise of right wing parties across Europe should’ve been a wake up call to liberal lefty luvvies but they still can’t accept any of it. Like a rabbit in the headlights they are too startled and afraid to react and as a consequence business will continue as usual. More BBC bias, more discrimination against Brexit and more (insert expletive of choice here) Europe. In some respects I’m rather grateful to the BBC and EU, their continued intransigence and inability to listen could ensure the demise of both organisations.

BBC news

On reporting the election of Donald Trump as president, the programme gave air time on two occasions to an American women stating that the election of Trump was a disaster for America as he is a an aggressive racist amongst other derogatory comments, she then described Trump’s election as comparable to the UK Brexit vote – i.e. people who voted for Brexit are equally racist/ sexist etc. This is not impartial reporting.

Who’s won the whitehouse

The BBC’s thinly veiled contempt for Leave voters even extends to the cover of American affairs. In “Who’s won the Whitehouse”, when likening Donald Trump’s Victory to Brexit, the narrator was dripping with disdain. The gist was that Leave voters were stubborn, gullible, idiots. They said Leavers didn’t take “expert” advice; the self-proclaimed (and BBC-endorsed) “experts” also advised the UK wouldn’t survive if we didn’t join the Euro in 1992 (among many failed predictions), yet the implication is voters were foolish not to blindly accept their dire warnings. The only difference between “hazarding a guess”, “clairvoyant predictions” and “expert advice” is the name you give it. The BBC called them “experts” simply to suggest that leave voters were inexpert when, in reality, everybody was the latter, because nobody can be an expert in Brexit, because it’s never happened before. In the same breath, the Narrator goes on to imply that we, the voters, were simply not intelligent enough to see the benefits of globalisation & the problems with leaving. The final blow was for her to go on to unnecessarily say “£350 million was promised to the NHS…it was lies but it didn’t matter”: which is simply untrue (& irrelevant to Trump’s campaign). This was so obviously a suggestion of how money could be better spent, not a promise; nobody who voted Leave thought for a second this was a promise and the BBC is fully aware of that. Had I realised this site existed earlier, I could have an entry for every BBC news segment since the beginning of the referendum (and on-going since its end). From its misrepresentation of Leave voters (going to local pubs for quotes from people who appear to be less-educated) & its insistence that the Leave campaign was won on “immigration” alone, when statistically, although “uncontrolled immigration” was the 2nd highest reason people voted to leave, the number one reason was Sovereignty; we wanted to be able to hold those running our county accountable & for them to be living in the country they are running & influence our own laws but that doesn’t fit the BBC narrative that Leave voters are just xenophobic morons, so they keep it quiet.

Midlands Today

BBC local Midland news programme prefixing ‘good news’ investment stories with the phrase ‘Despite the threat of Brexit’. Initial complaint was simply fobbed off, raising it again, to ‘Stage 1’ resulted in the following, begrudging admission of ‘accidental bias’… Dear Mr Durnell Reference CAS-4045252-VBB51S Many thanks for getting back in touch about BBC One’s ‘Midlands Today’ bulletin broadcast on 3 October, and we apologise for the delay in responding to you. We were concerned to learn that you remain unhappy about the reference to “despite the threat of Brexit”, and reviewing correspondence we realise that we haven’t addressed the point about the wording having been changed in the reports. We’ve spoken to the programme’s Editor personally with your points in mind, and would clarify that the “threat” wording only ran in the first two regional Breakfast bulletins, and was then amended thereafter. On reflection, the Editor would accept the that the “threat” word should not have been used on the basis that the vote had by then been cast and the UK Government had said Brexit is happening, thus making the word itself inaccurate here. That said, we can assure you once again that there’s absolutely no bias and no intention to scaremonger or anything else – it was evidently just clumsy writing in the initial bulletins which was clearly reassessed by the team themselves early on and so was changed. The BBC had and has no agenda on the EU Referendum and we did not “promote the Remain campaign” as you put it – we are an impartial and independent news organisation with no view on any matter and we are not connected to Government, the State, nor any side in any issue. We report matters and hear the views of others and facilitate the debate. You’ll appreciate we can’t comment on the views of a commercial newspaper who of course have their own views on the EU Referendum and on the BCB itself. As a result of your complaint, the Editor has asked us to pass on her promise that she will watch more carefully the programme’s use of language around Brexit to hopefully ensure this isolated incident of regrettably clumsy wording is not repeated. Many thanks once again for taking the time to get in touch. I do hope my reply here helps to clarify matters and allays any concerns you may have had. I also hope this demonstrates that your complaint has been taken very seriously, and indeed that the point you raise was actually spotted by the team at the time and rectified there and then. Kind regards Shona McCullough BBC Complaints Team

BBC News

The BBC’s choice of biased guests referring to the majority of the electorate as Mob, only criminals would criticise the decision of judges and finally comparing our voting to those of America and their anti trump view.

Today, any answers,pm

From the day that Mrs May said Brexit means Brexit none of the news channels have picked up or considered deep constitutionScotland Northern Ireland and London stay in the UK and EU and the rest of England and Wales become CrownDependencies outside the EU like Greenland. This would satisfy near 2/3 of the electorate substantially changing the near tied referendum to accession to the majority vote.

BBC breakfast

Interview with the boss of Ryanair who despite saying that business was booming and planning more flights and that he got it wrong (anti brexit)since Brexit, he was still pressed until he eventually came out with anti brexit comments. The prime minister should tell him/us what the plans are for brexit, when playing cards would you show your opponents your cards? When will they stop it and be the impartial reporters that they should be, by law I believe?

Any Questions

As usual another biased section of the panel members to air their out of step view More pro- EU scheming on how to drag out our exit from this toxic institution The usual minority Liberal Party ( 8 seats in total ) running the show with failed politicians like Ashdown knocking the majority view I guess they are so frustrated they can no longer jump on the EU gravy train jobs for their gold plated pensions. Maybe they can all get jobs at the BBC they spend most of their time there ?

Have i got news for you

Sick of this programmes anti brexit jibes, Ian Hislop should be removed from the BBC along with all the bias pro EU presenters constantly being dug up by the BBC to host the show

Jeremy vine show

Unbelievable bias in JV’s prog with discussion over Brexit judges ruling. JV nearly hysterical, might not leave after all!!!! I was so concerned I rushed home to check the News channels to see what catastrophic event had occurred. NO it’s just JV stirring again and trying to bully people Should not be allowed. I normally like JV but this attitude must change.

BBC News

The BBC reported on “anxiety” about the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic with interviews of people expressing their concern over such a border being introduced as a result of Brexit, (including an Irish farmer who was complaining that since Britain’s referendum his products are more expensive to his British customers!) despite assurances by the British government that we have had a free border with the Irish Republic since 1923 and it does not foresee a border being re-introduced. I haven’t complained to the BBC about this as I am now making another complaint about a completely different subject.