BBC News

The reporter reporting on the Canada/EU trade agreement was positively sneering when and instead of just reporting the news of the agreement was telling us that this meant that any negotiations, because of Brexit, were in for a bumpy ride. I am sick to death of hearing the personal opinions of the reporters about the news. They are really becoming abnormally offensive over their reporting of anything to do with Brexit. Time for them to move on and become a professional organisation. Why should I be paying for this?

Question Time

All Question Time panellists apart from one backed Remain. This did not properly represent Leave voters.

Question Time

The programme was biased for remain as it had one brexit voter and four remain voters on the panel the audience were also mainly a remain audience in an area that voter over 60% leave yet again the bbc failed to provide a balanced an neutral view and have become a remain mouth piece.

Listening project

This whole series has been bias towards remainers hardly any Leave voters interviewed to give a balanced programme. A succession of people churning out the same old issues, “will we be chucked out of UK” “will we be chucked out of France” absolutely no chance of either happening. “Is my job safe” “we will be isolated from Europe” We have voted to leave the EU not Europe “I am a student and I won’t be able to study in Europe”. again absolutely no chance of this happening “I will not be able to travel easily in Europe again absolutely no chance of this happening, they need the money we spend A selection of people without a grip on reality, trade and travel will not change.


I’m completely fed up of listening to BBC bias on issues such as BREXIT, Donald Trump, Putin, Christianity, Men, and anything British. Why should I be forced to pay a TV tax for something that represents me, IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM! As a proud Black British man the BBC, has and shows “NOTHING” that represents me and I’m totally disgusted that the BBC do not bother to have equal representation or balance to any issue apart from their left wing narrative. What’s also disgusting is that there is no principled Politician, Ofcom or media person who’s willing to put their head above the Pulpit and challenge or comment on this obvious and blatant bias.

All News programmes

When will the BBC accept Brexit ? Every piece of good news is put down, instead of being applauded!! The BBC is supposedly neutral, and be backing the UK to the hilt !!! All the BBC commentators should be put in a room and told to stop putting this Country down !!

World at one

Nissan announced fantastic news that they are going to build new models. The BBC can only find negatives to this story. The BBC is supposed to be impartial but are clearly furious that we are leaving the EU.


I refer to the interview between Ian Duncan Smith and Stephen Sackur on the Hardtalk programme. While I appreciate that the programme is intended to be a ’tough’ interview this was biased to the point of total distortion as to the true facts of the issue. Sackur repeatedly quoted statistics as undeniable facts which were in actuality arbitrary predictions by a largely discredited Chancellor made several weeks before the referendum. If those ‘facts’ had become reality by now unemployment in the UK would be as appalling as it is in Spain, Italy ,France etc and the stock market would have disappeared though a hole in the ground. Clearly this hasn’t happened (neither has the emergency budget) The programme degenerated into a shouting match between Duncan Smith and Sackur rendering both men unintelligible. The reason for this was that IDS was attempting to answer the question put to him and when Sackur disagreed with the way the answer was going attempted to stop IDS by bawling another question at him. IDS carried on with his answer raising his voice to nearly the same level. As a matter of fact I thought IDS did quite well (never thought much as him as a debater before) while Sackur came across as an unpleasant biased thug whose arrogance was only equalled by his absence of manners. The only question left after that fiasco of an interview is should the BCC be dismantled or should the whole place cleaned out and replaced by civilised people from outside London who hopefully represent the population at large

The One Show

The report covering the alleged effects of Brexit was totally biased and only showed negative or neutral effects of the recent changes in exchange rates. Two manufacturing businesses complaining about not making as much money as normal There was no mention of the huge benefit to the travel and leisure industry as the UK now represents better value for foreign travellers than it has done for years. Ironically the report was from Blackpool yet tourism was not mentioned This is just one example of the many episodes of biased Anti-Brexit BBC reporting . Its about time the BBC realised that most of its viewers actually voted for Brexit even if the people who run the organisation didn’t . Maybe reporting some positive effects would stop all the rich boys in the City talking us into a problem that doesn’t actually exist but has been created by their concerns that they may not make the same vast salaries next year


Ah! So now we know that the original long impassioned report on the “400 children at risk of abuse” in Calais (17.10.2016) has now been changed to “teenagers and children”. Where are the young children who are deserving of help, no mention of them yet. The Today programme is still pedalling at least two untruths as the real tragedy is likely to be vulnerable teenage girls being abused. Why haven’t these girls been allowed in first as a priority? Why so far are mainly 20 something year old looking males getting priority? It’s time Today asked the right questions. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste of time and just an example of dishonestly schmoozing the listener.

Today Programme

During a conversation with James Naughtie about Donald Trump and his performance in the US presidential election debate Nick Robinson stated ‘so in a word, it is simply not enough for him to attract the sort of people who, maybe, came out to vote to leave the EU.’ This was a throw away, wise guy line that was totally uncalled for in what was otherwise a focussed dialogue.

The Listening Project

Two listening project recordings today at lunch which were very anti EU, anti Brexit, anti ‘vote leave’ . Obviously you can’t dictate what some one talks about but this seemed ridiculous. Surely they could find a recording with 1 pair talking about leave and another pair talking about remain. Where is the counter balance. One of the pair even goes so far as to say they now feel ashamed for voting leave. Considering over 50% of those who voted actually voted to leave you would swear blind that it was just a couple of misguided idiots and a few racists who voted out! Amazing.

Victoria Derbyshire

About 34 minutes into the programme an article with reporter Andy Verity in the studio discussing with Victoria Derbyshire that 3-month unemployment had risen by 10,000 – and a banner headline stating this along the foot of the screen for the entire piece. Reporter explained that the labour market and economy was slowing down and that “those wishing to stay in the EU” would probably attribute it to the effects of Brexit. This morning I read in the paper that for the same period the number of people in word reached a record 31.8 million, 106,000 more than in the previous 3-month period and 560,000 more compared with a year earlier. And – YES – the number unemployed rose by 10,000 (but is still down by 118,000 compared with the same period last year). What a disgrace.

The Listening Project

The program listened to 6 people in 3 pairs. The first two were a couple who campaigned for remain, the second pair were two university researchers and the third pair were two schoolchildren. So we had 4 remainers and 2 leavers interviewed. What was most troubling was that the children believed all those that voted Leave were bigoted and anti-foreigner/racist. This needed to be challenged, but of course wasn’t. The two researchers at least realised that they were out of touch with ordinary people and it was a problem for the EU that it promoted this to happen.

All news programmes

Every single news programme has something negative about Brexit, if you took the scots and NI vote away the margin would be even more to leave , the bbc fail to mention that, they can’t except that they could persuade the poplulous with their lies, why should we have to pay for this government lackey, everyone I know now watches RT for a proper news station

The Listening Project

The program listened to 6 people in 3 pairs. The first two were a couple who campaigned for remain, the second pair were two university researchers and the third pair were two schoolchildren. So we had 4 remainers and 2 leavers interviewed. What was most troubling was that the children believed all those that voted Leave were bigoted and anti-foreigner/racist. This needed to be challenged, but of course wasn’t. The two researchers at least realised that they were out of touch with ordinary people and it was a problem for the EU that it promoted this to happen.


On the Today programme there was a piece about 400 “children” at Calais being rescued. The impression was that they were young children and we owe a duty to protect them. If the BBC had said 400 teenagers or 400 young people were being rescued it would have made a very different story. Why wasn’t the BBC being accurate? Shouldn’t they tell it as it is?

Mock the week

Total Bias from all the panellists in favour of EU!!! As funny as they are the bias is unbelievable.


Misleading headline: UK economy ‘faces prolonged weakness’, Item Club report says But the report actually says: Britain’s economy faces a “prolonged period” of weaker growth as consumer spending slows and business curbs investment, according to a report. The headline doesn’t match the report – surely putting something in inverted commas implies a direct quote from the report?

Have I got news for you

Entire output has an anti brexit agenda. Sneering presenters and panel. Absolutely disgusting bias.

Broadcasting House

The programme this morning discussed the recent revelation that, in February 2016, Boris Johnson wrote an unpublished article setting out arguments in favour of remaining in the EU, only to declare his support for leaving the EU a couple of days later. Mr Johnson’s explanation was that he was trying to get his thoughts on the issue straight before making a final decision. Mr Pierce and the BBC commentator speculated on why Mr Johnson should have written such an article and, in doing so, they referred to Mr Johnson’s family, specifically his father and sister, both known Remain supporters. The inference was that Mr Johnson himself was probably a Remain supporter at heart and that the article reflected his “true” views. The information about Mr Johnson’s family was incomplete and inaccurate and the above inference misleading. The BBC commentator should have been aware, and should have stated on the programme, that another member of Mr Johnson’s family, his wife, was a prominent pro-Leave QC, Marina Wheeler. Ms Wheeler wrote a couple of articles in the legal press earlier this year setting out arguments in favour of leaving the EU (namely the increasing and arguably illegitimate influence of the ECJ). The omission of the information about Mr Johnson’s wife encouraged the public to form the impression that Mr Johnson’s explanation was not plausible. If the public had been made aware in the programme of his wife’s views and actions, this would have shed much more light on Mr Johnson’s state of mind at the time he wrote the unpublished article. It was perfectly reasonable of Mr Johnson, married to a senior lawyer in favour of Leave, but part of a government that wanted to Remain, to examine and rehearse his arguments thoroughly before committing to one side. Indeed it would have been appalling if he had not done so. The BBC constitution has at clause 44 of its Agreement with the State a requirement that “(1) The BBC must do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality….” It is clear that the subject of Mr Johnson’s true motivations in relation to his article has not been treated with due accuracy or impartiality. The public was given only half the relevant information and were encouraged, by omission, to draw the wrong inferences accordingly. In addition, the BBC suppressed information on Leave arguments in not mentioning Ms Wheeler or her views on the ECJ. Overall the programme was not therefore impartial and was biased in favour of Remain.

1-00 bbc news

Lead item: reports on Boris Johnson advocating to remain in the EU and 2 days later writing to leave there by insinuating his indifference to leaving. Item given lead prominance despite far more serious issues that should receive primary reporting. The anti-brexit rhetoric is becoming increasingly rabid in its delivery.


The programme on radio 4 about the likely form that Brexit will take was so negative it was untrue. No mention of new relationships being formed with countries outside the eu. No mention of new cultural ties. No mention of new trading opportunities outside the eu. Doesn’t the BBC have a world view? Or is it just stuck in its own negative worries about Europe?


This isn’t a programme as such, as it’s online report from Newsbeat but will typically reflect what was also broadcast. It’s a completely one-sided and biased account under the a headline ‘From Marmite to holiday money, how Brexit is already affecting everyday lives’ which gives a wholly false impression, giving the impression that household name products will no longer be available, football teams will suffer, popcorn will be expensive in cinemas, you’ll have to move abroad to work in finance, holidays cost more etc. These claims are often based on speculation and hearsay and are not about things that have already happened – contrary to the headline claims – or are to do with prices by manufacturers which are also part of normal life and yet don’t spark this sort of comment. The highly contentious opinions expressed are reported as fact and are not balanced in any way. Some specifics of the report run directly contrary to current news, so stories have been selectively chosen only where they back up the anti-Brexit case – for example, the claim about moving abroad is contradicted by the news this week that Ing is actually moving more bankers to London, while the evidence for the opposite is based on recruitment activity of other unnamed banks which was planned in any case prior to Brexit – the Ing story is not reported and the overblown claim about what might happen to banking jobs – that there will be so few here that you will have to move abroad to work in banking – is not in way substantiated by this report anyway. It should instead be reporting the known facts – more bankers moving to London. In any case, the claim that if you want to work in banking, you’ll have to move abroad is a ludicrous over-statement.


I find the slant taken to the Treasury Report very disturbing. The BBC takes a document which is a composite of other reports, outrageously including G Osbornes ‘end of the world as we know it’ forecast before Brexit, and slants it as objective news. The Beeb never raises the fact that, over the years, many previous reports by the IMF, Treasury , etc’ were completely wrong. Remember the Treasury one telling us that if we didn’t adopt the euro, we’d be 50 billions worse off over two decades! I am also appalled by the imbalance in the numbers of pro-anti Brexit experts and the uneven air time allowed for their respective views. For example, compare the little Brexit time given to leavers like David Owen and Nigel Lawson compared with the BBC ‘darlings’, Ken Clark and Hesselltine. Anna Soubray, I notice is currently being adopted for this BBC Anti Brexit club. When do we ever get to hear discussion about the dwonsides of being in the EU? The bias is breathtaking.

Question Time Extra Time

Adrian Chiles and his Scottish co-presenter are outrageously pushing Leave phone-in contributors to discuss the option of a parliamentary vote on the terms of Brexit. Their bias is so obvious I have switched the programme off. The BBC must be held to account.


Check this out. At the beginning of this week (Might be Mon or Tues about 0840 Nick Robinson was discussing the US election with an American when he said something like, “The sort of people who are voting for Trump are the sort of people who voted for Brexit.” That was probably a slip but describes in a nutshell the BBC opinion of Leave voters Bias: over 90% of BBC journalists voted to remain. Majority of musicians, so called Stars, writers etc. employed by the BBC openly supported Remain. They do not seem to be restricted from expressing their views. The recent reports of BBC salary arrangements with employees to avoid tax illustrates how hypocritical the Corporation is However it was also reported that these arrangements allow the BBC and staff avoid paying National Insurance. If so I wonder how people like Fiona Bruce and Jo Gosling, and all the others using these schemes, can not feel tremendous shame. They probably support and use the Health service but are sponging of the backs of the majority who have paid tax and NI by PAYE. Composition of panels are often weighted with Remainers. Review of the Papers has had far more Remain reviewers. The Guardian is always reviewed. I have given up complaining to the BBC and the Trust. I wonder if you should advise all your Brexit supporters to send their complaints to OFCOM.

Bbc news

The BBC continually report against Brexit. It seems that all the troubles of the world is the fault of Brexit the way they go on. I turn off now whenever they start anything regarding Brexit. I don’t know why we still have to keep paying the extortionate licence fee for the rubbish the BBC put out. I only ever watch 1 or 2 programmes with week anyway. Stop the reporting against Brexit they are doing more harm and trouble than we need.


During the course of the usual discussion about Brexit and it’s impact the leaked Treasury report was discussed. I am aware that the BBC always sanitises data and information in its favoured view. I downloaded the document which was then published (no longer a leak). It became clear that the Treasury only averages all the other reports or forecasts. It even included the George Osborne prediction in its document. I am appalled. People are not stupid and the should be told that this is a summary of all the various reports. And that any of them are not worth the paper they are printed on such as the IMF report etc. U have written to my MP and complained that the full picture should be given to the people and that this is the fair stand to take. He agreed with me! I said that I was fed up with simplified data and information fed to the public. People are smarter than the media or political elite think.




On this morning’s ‘Today’ at approx 06:50, one presenter introduced an item by saying ‘Can’t buy Marmite? Blame Brexit!’. This is a very subjective way of introducing a story that concerns Tesco and Unilever’s disagreement about price rises. The story itself is more complex than was implied by the presenters. I listened to Radio 4 from 06:10 until 07:20 and, in that time, at least half of the programming was about Brexit and arguably biased.

BBC News

Why are government ministers being allowed to misrepresent our circumstances? They say the ‘Brexit catastrophe’ predicted by Remain hasn’t happened. And BBC commentators are simply repeating this to us, the viewing public – as has happened today on BBC News Channel as part of reporting on comments by Boris Johnson. Politicians must not be allowed to lie like this unchallenged – and your commentary really must sharpen up to serve the public. Firstly, and most obviously, Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet. All the arrangements that we did enjoy as an EU member before the June vote are still in place because we are still in the EU. Secondly, while we wait to see what Brexit actually means, even when none of the arrangements have actually changed yet, the pound has dropped to 31 year low against the dollar – so that reveals the rest of the world’s estimation of the outlook for the British economy given our EU vote. It is the job of news media – esp. public service broadcasting – to sift what politicians say, not simply to give them a platform on which to continue lying to the public.


Constantly talking down the country . It almost like the bbc want the country to fail comeing out of europe. If they keep spouting how bad things are when nothing has changed they will talk us into a recession. A recession can be cause by haveing no confidence so people stop spending money

Wake up to money

This programme concentrates on the negative side of brexit, it will have “experts” on, on a daily basis who also bang the stay in the EU drum. I have stopped listening to “wake up to money” but since I pay my licence fee I really should not have to


The BBC held two interviews one with a Remoan whose name I didn’t catch and the other was that Thornberry woman. Both were spouting misinformation about the ills of Brexit. Neither were challenged and as usual there was no opposing view. This illustrates how effective amongst the Marxists , and the BBC in its entirety, is that the bribe of £2,000,000 still holds good. The BBC is a public broadcaster and the public by a good majority voted to leave the EU not parts of it but the whole stinking mess. The BBC should be sold off and I should not have to be compelled by law to pay £150pa for something I seldom watch as its programmes are dumbed down to suit the ignorant masses. It is now a propaganda tool in the hand of a bunch of Marxist egotistical half wits

Newsnight – Kirsty Wark

Ms Wark’s totally negative and almost hysterical chat with John Redmond exposed the deep seated hatred of BREXIT held by so many of the BBC presenters and presumably management especially Kamal Ahmed who dishes up anti brexit views at every opportunity. Hugely positive Brexit views from major companies such as Wetherspoons and JCB are pushed under the carpet ASAP. The fantastic trade deal with China doesn’t even get a mention!! John Redmond put her in her place with ease as she worked herself up into a real paddy. Why the BBC thinks it is a good idea that the government exposes its entire negotiating stance prior to any negotiations taking place is beyond me and many of your audience. Clearly little or no experience of the real world exists in the BBC. You should be ashamed!!


Promised to reveal why the payment into the EU budget will continue after Brexit so the promised diversion of funds into the NHS well not be made because the PM as not mentioned it in her recent speaches. Why did not Redwood accuse the presenter of being a remainer and the BBC trying to fabricate stories that have not happened yet. It seems that all the people who make Newsnight and other political outputs, because that’s what they are, have got together after the Brexit vote and over coffee found out that you are all remainers. So what you are doing is so obvious, you the BBC are trying to undermine democracy. By saying you the BBC, I implicate the Govenors and everyone at the BBC who are compliant in producing this bias, and that includes people who know whats going on and do nothing. All it takes is one whistle blower and you subversives will be found out

Today programme

This could appy for any day for the last few months. The purpose of BBC reporting on the EU question seems to be to undermine any reports or stories which might suggest that the EU offers anything positive. It seems to want to protect and legitimise the undemocratic way in which the referendum was set up, carried out, and its result interpreted. It does this by inviting into the studio one faily balanced, experienced and often knowledgeable speaker who gives a constructive line on the EU, and one competely biased person, whose point of view is known to be extremely anti-EU in principle, but whose views are accepted wholesale by the interviewer. Today, Anna Soubry was making a sensible point on involving Parliament in debating the many different interpretations of the referendum result, while Peter Lilley, who has been an anti-EU hardliner since the 1980’s, defended the right of an inexperienced Prime Minister to do whatever she wants (because it fits his views). The real story should have been – with so many different interpretations of the Brexit vote, should we really be giving the referendum so much weight in the political discussions? Is giving full sway to a small group of people from one wing of one party really the way to deliver what people wanted from the referendum? Instead, the BBC seems to want to endorse the right wing of the Tory party in using the referendum to make the UK ‘independent’, aping their political counterparts by pretending that the UK is better off without all those ‘interfering’ EU rules. The naivety and ignorance are frightening. The BBC seem unable to question the status quo, which is largely set by the anti-European right wing press. They seem frightened to challenge the simplistic assumption that being balanced means nothing more than taking different two points of view and letting those people talk (making sure to undermine the person who represents a more institutionalised approach, because that is what the more ‘successful’ journalists do in the Murdoch press). Either there is a strong editorial bias in the BBC against the EU (personified by people like John Humphrys, who wears it on his sleeve); or they feel the only way to survive as an institution is to go with the nationalist, anti-EU, insular flow which has overtaken the major party/parties in the UK.

Have I got News for You

Turned show off after 10 minutes. Nick clegg, Ian hislop. Need I say more. We could only watch 10 minutes. It was just full of anti brexit rubbish. Not surprising really. No balance whatsoever. Very poor from a show we used to enjoy. Quite unbelievable really that our national broadcaster paid for by the taxpayer can be so biased, stuck up its own a*** and so wide of the mark.

Newsstand on Saturday morning

What is the point of this programme! Every complaint is blandly shrugged off! I and indeed millions of people in the countries I worked in like Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Egypt, used to rely on BBC news when working overseas with the Diplomatic Service but now I find the whole Brexit saga reporting so one sided it is a disgrace. Shame on you BBC! You used to be a beacon of impartial reporting but now you are letting listeners down”big-time”.

6pm News

A report on the award of Nobel prizes to three UK scientists rapidly turned into a rant about how leaving the EU will be devastating for British science. The irony that, despite the research paradise that is the EU, all three scientists are now working in the USA did not get in the way of the reporter’s agenda. The anti-Brexit bias on Radio 4 news, current affairs, comedy (sic) is now so ubiquitous that it’s impossible to note it and still have a life.


A new low for BBC Brexit bias. Newsnight on 03/10/16 displayed an appalling bias in favour of remain and have forsaken any pretence of impartiality with its coverage in respect of the Brexit vote. During the last 10 minutes of the show a panel was assembled to discuss Brexit and conservative party conference. This panel consisted of the following remain only lobbyers:- Evan Davis – Newsnight Presenter, die hard Remainer Andrew Rawnsley – Guardian journalist, lefty Remainer. Heidi Allen – Tory MP, Remain campaigner. Danny Finkelstein – Tory peer, journalist and Cameron biographer. Remainer. Jenni Russell – Journalist. BBC, C4, The Guardian,New Statesman and the Times . Remainer.

10 pm news

BBC news reaches a new low on immigration, doing a piece about can Britons make curry in takeaways as new policy and brexit will mean nobody will be allowed into the UK. More rubbish

Six Oclock News

Listened to the BBC News which started by reporting lack of immigrant workers causing problems for employers and finishing by berating the government for not meeting targets for controlling immigration. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Nothing on removal of Human Rights on the Battle Field to Protect our Armed Forces from spurious law suits.

BBC Reality Check on BBC news website

Grossly misleading use of statistics when discussing immigration and affect on wages. Completely wrong when describing percentage points increases affecting wages.

Question Time

Once again the panel and audience appear so left wing as to not represent the public at large.

bbc online news

The bbc news online is so happy to report or make anything to do with brexit sound bad they are happy the pound has dropped, the dutch bank may lay people off they seem to revel in trivial stories that they try to put down to brexit.the only thing is if the bbcs negative reporting works then people will stop spending money and one thing they can probably save on is not buying a tv lisence


Gave excess time to Italian prime minister criticising Brexit then only quoted the exports from the UK at risk from tariffs but not the figure of imports from the EU which is in excess of this figure. Gave more time to Italian prime minister than Liam Fox pointing this out. The BBC News should be suspended and investigated for their shocking abuse of power and bias.

Six O’clock News

I recently compained to the BBC and I have given the text of my complaint below followed by their reply. As you can see, once more they are right and we are wrong! I wish I could remember the exact wording but the report deffinately linked the murder with race hate and Brexit. “My complaint concerns your report on the murder of a Polish man in Harlow. Both the main and local news blatantly linked this dreadful incident with the vote to leave the EU. Have you any idea how disgusting and offensive this is? Of course you do, you did the same after the murder of Joe Cox. Our wonderful BBC has now GONE and I mourn it’s passing. I hope you realise that the letters BBC are now synonymous with the word PROPOGANDA. It was also stated that this was a ‘racist’ crime. Can you tell me which race was involved? You can’t even get your terminology right. You are now on a parr with a low grade tabloid newspaper but relying on your past, (well deserved), reputation to hoodwink the gullible. Don’t think that people don’t know what you’re up to, you’ve been rumbled, the vast majority of British people know what you’re about and are as disgusted and angry as I am with your biased reporting and failure to report major incidents because they don’t suit you agenda. And for all this, we have to pay you a tax. You couldn’t make it up.” THE BBC’s REPLY Thank you for getting in contact with us regarding ‘BBC News’ on 31 August. I understand that you feel the report on ‘BBC News’ linked the murder of a Polish man to the Brexit vote. BBC News did not report that the murder of Arkadiusz Jóźwik was a racially motivated attack as a consequence of the Brexit vote. Our coverage simply reflected that this was one possible reason. We reported what was being said by the police, that this was one line of inquiry, and statements made by both the Polish Ambassador and the local MP. We did, however, also report on the belief among some people in Harlow that the murder could have had more to do with anti-social behaviour than racism. Daniel Sanford, in his report, said that the Mr Jóźwik could have been killed “simply because he was there”. There has been a rise in reported hate crime and incidents of racism, since the EU Referendum. With this is mind, and given that the police are investigating this as a possible cause of this murder, we believe we were right to explore whether this could have been the motivation behind the attack. Nevertheless I have made sure to record your complaint on our daily Audience Feedback Report that is circulated right across the BBC. These reports can be used to inform future broadcasting and policy decisions so please be assured that your complaint has been sent to BBC Senior Management and all the right people. Thanks once again for contacting us. Kind regards Brian Morgan BBC Complaints Team