Andrew Marr show

Why is Nigel Farage being given air time, the man campaigned on lies and then resigned when is was obvious that he had no plan to go forward after the vote, surely there are more current candidates than this, he has had plenty to say about what others should be doing, and then leave the scene when the real work needs to be done. The massive increase in Race crime in Britain needs to be laid at firmly at Mr Farage’s door after the untruths that he peddled, where are the questions about what he is doing to counteract that?

Eastern Europeans in Brexitland

This programme was presented by Gary Younge whose focus is racism. The whole programme will have generated more fear and concern in the Eastern European population in the UK. I work in social research and meet a diverse range of people living in the UK. The vast majority of out voters have great concerns about the EU and immigration was only one factor within their concerns. They are not racists. The BBC is not helping race relations when it creates such bias output. It really needs to explore the issues much more holistically and find presenters who have open minds rather than agendas.

Is Brexit Inevitable?

The whole program presented itself as fact but was mainly based on the opinions of four ‘experts’ who had strong connections with the EU. These connections were not declared. This was output for the World Service so was available to listeners in many countries. I was very unhappy about its whole tone and content. I work in social research and feel the out voters are being completely misrepresented as racist when their concerns are actually about the EU, its bureaucracy and lack of democracy which have not been explored at all because the BBC presented the referendum as being purely about immigration and race relations.

Inside Out

Totally biased brexit 30mins, actually the programme before was equally terrible. The reporters are clearly remainers. They use derogatory language to describe anyone brexiting, selfish, racist overtones, lack of intelligence. They use conciliatory language and sympathetic questioning for remainers, shocked, ashamed, worried, doom and gloom outcomes. Editing room and producer/director compiled crap.


They’re still at it every programme there is a dig at brexit, they try to camouflage it, but it’s too obvious , they treat the ordinary people as stupid, but they’re not, we all now know the BBC has an agenda for the elites of this world, and sod everyone else, we should have a vote on paying the licence fee, this may stop them,

Inside Out

BBC have again been trying to blame Brexit for any violent crime involving EU migrants. Unfortunately these incidents have been happening ever since the open door policy began and changes were being noticed in people’s communities. When a huge influx of foreign people come into a country there will obviously be some people who notice these changes and will feel threatened/angry, these feelings can lead to aggression especially when alcohol is involved. This would have been happening regardless of Brexit and in fact would have become much worse as time went on if the open door policy continued. I am not excusing any form of violence but this unfortunately is human nature. What the BBC never seems to focus on is the way the British public have been lied to for the past 40 odd years about the whole purpose of the EU and only now is the truth being realised (by some) about how we were about to be swallowed up into an anti democratic dictatorship and lose our sovereignty although if you only watched and believed the BBC you would still be very ignorant of these facts.

BBC news

Scrolling headlines state that Teresa May has issued doubts about the possibility of a points based system of immigration – and according to the BBC -“a key promise of the leave campaigners in the EU referendum” In my opinion this was never a promise, simply a suggestion. How can they lie again ?

BBC News

I have just returned from Berlin with a keen interest into how a nation could have been hoodwinked by a corrupt government, only to realise that the BBC are attempting to do the same thing regarding brexit which is being blamed for every negative news item. Why can’t they accept it was the nation’s decision to leave the EU!

BBC2 6 0’clock radio news

The news started about a Polish man being murdered in Harlow with the idea it was to do with Brexit and the next article is about Theresa May in China and how the rest off the world is gonna shaft us..BBC = We love Europe.


During last night’s Newsnight John Sweeney’s report on the murder of a Polish man in Harlow seemed determined to prejudge the motive as a hate crime and imply that it was somehow the result of the Brexit vote. Sweeney interviewed a local Polish resident who was visibly distressed. “I don’t want to name names” said the man but Sweeney egged him on, “No, go on, go on”, until he laid blame on Brexit and announced that Nigel Farage had ‘Blood on his hands’. It was the opinion of an understandably upset and concerned local Polish resident but it was quite outrageous to broadcast it. The comment should have been edited from the report – and yet not only was it not edited out it was used as the primary point of the piece. It was not a report of a senseless murder, instead the murder was used to suit the ongoing narrative of the Brexit vote causing harm and emboldening racists. Today the Policeman responsible for the case, Detective Chief Inspector Martin Pasmore, said: “It’s concerning that the widespread media are reporting this as a hate crime, when in fact that is no more than one line of inquiry, in a number of inquiries, which we are delving into to try and establish the truth, to establish that sequence of events that led to Mr Jozwik’s tragic death.” It was an outrageous attempt to conflate a murder with Brexit but it suited the ongoing BBC anti-Brexit agenda. I’d also add that I doubt we have heard the last about airing a potentially actionable slur against Nigel Farage personally.

BBC News

Top item on BBC East about the gang of thugs who have been terrorising shopkeepers and members of the public, who have just killed a Polish immigrant. Nobody in the item mentioned Brexit, people were interviewed saying they were worried. The BBC PRESENTER blamed Brexit when nobody else even mentioned Brexit. Now police are saying (1st Sept) there is no direct evidence it was even a hate crime. This local item was preceded by a piece on the national news at c. 18.15 where Fiona Bruce presented. I am pretty sure Brexit was blamed there too.


The programme covered ‘Are we any closer to knowing what Brexit means?’ and incorporated a novelist who talked about his unhappiness with Brexit in a lengthy interview with Evan Davis. Also, the story of the day, a Polish man killed by teenagers which has been quickly described has a hate crime. This awful crime seems to have been used as part of an anti Brexit propaganda push and there seem to be no depths to which they won’t sink to try and change people’s minds about it. If it wasn’t for the Brexit vote, they would have dismissed it as ‘just another murder’. There have been many murders of immigrants in the UK over the years which didn’t make it to a major piece on Newsnight. They could teach Russia Today a few lessons.