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News item on murder of Polish man was firstly introduced as what “may” be a hate crime. The attack upon the victim was then described as “a frenzied attack triggered by Brexit”. No evidence was offered to support any of these comments. This was indeed an appalling crime but it appears that the BBC’s editorial directive to undermine Brexit is now going way too far. The news editor should hang his/her head in shame at this blatant exploitation of a tragic murder victim.

Bbc points West

Bbc points West broadcast a report on ethnic taxi drivers in Bristol receiving an upsurge of racial abuse “since brexit”. No facts just a couple of anecdotes and no acknowledgement of these attitudes pre existing and no attempt of balance. Project sulk at its most cynical using the emotive race element.

The Jason Explanation

Blimey, the anti-Brexit agenda has even spread onto the BBC’s archive. In introducing a 1970s repeat on Radio 4Extra.about money the announcer referred to the post Brexit financial crisis. There appears to be growing evidence that the BBC radio mandarins have issued an edict to slip adverse references to the result of the referendum into otherwise non-political programmes and continuity scripts.

The Reunion

Not even a discussion about the history of the Glastonbury is free from Radio 4’s anti-Brexit agenda. On today’s programme there was a rather incongruous reference to how the result of the referendum will ruin the world for those poor young people who could afford the £233 to attend this year’s corporate festival.

Victoria Derbyshire show

Joanne Gosling interview of former brexit campaigner ,continually interupted to a degree that it degraded into farce. Certainly was not allowed to make any comments on Brexit. This interview again showed clear UK BBC bias .

Bbc news

Completely biased towards right wing newspapers almost mockery and laughing under their breath, but the left-wing newspapers were like they were reading from the Bible


In the 45 minute ‘Reflections’ radio programme in the morning, Kenneth Baker provided a short but convincing explanation to Peter Hennessey as to why he voted to leave the EU. In the 30 minute repeat at 21:30, that explanation was edited out. Radio 4 continues to refuse to accept that people do not share its metropolitan, liberal group-think on the EU.

Warm Weather Lifts Retail Sales in July

I’ve found BBC website coverage of recent economic news very disappointing. 17/08/16: UK unemployment drops 8,600 in July (rise of 9,500 predicted). BBC website article has subheading: ‘Brexit labour market toll’, and quotes “heightened uncertainty will take a toll on the labour market over the coming months”. 18/08/16: UK retail sales increase beats estimates at 1.4% in July (0.2% predicted). BBC website article headline: ‘Warm weather lifts retail sales in July’. Under subheading ‘Blissful ignorance’, about the aftermath of Brexit: ‘Samuel Tombs, chief UK economist for Pantheon Macroeconomics said that “consumers’ blissful ignorance won’t last long”.’ The above are in stark contrast to the website’s doom-laden coverage of July’s weak PMI data, which measures sentiment of hiring managers (many of whom are likely to have been aligned against Brexit), and the fall in the pound (which many economists have argued will be positive for the UK). Almost all of the actual economic data produced since June 23rd has been positive beyond expectations, but the BBC has attributed this success to everything but Brexit. If it keeps raining and retail sales disappoint in August, will the BBC attribute this to bad weather, or Brexit?

BBC News

Source Complaint about the BBC with holding facts about the couple who want to move away from the UK because of Brexit, i notice some questions were left out like how long they have the couple lived inside the UK and also could they apply for British Citizenship, if they could this means that the BBC is being biased by not letting viewers know how long the couple have been in the UK and could they apply for to become a British citizen, i will paste the conditions that allow people to become British citizens below this information was obtained from the government site, this is yet another case of bad reporting from the BBC. And you must usually have: lived in the UK for at least the 5 years before the date of your application spent no more than 450 days outside the UK during those 5 years spent no more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months had settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) in the UK for the last 12 months if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) had permanent residence status for the last 12 months if you’re a citizen of an EEA country – you need to provide a permanent residence document not broken any immigration laws while in the UK There are different requirements if your spouse or civil partner is a British citizen.

BBC Website

BBC website Brexit coverage. Contrast the constant and high profile negativity on Brexit and the almost non-existent and low key coverage of major eurozone problems. Brexit receives a headlined and high profile daily dose of BBC website assessment. Of course, entirely negative, explicitly or implicitly telling us what fools we have been to vote Leave. Yet, sneaked in the remote outskirts of the well-hidden Europe section of the BBC website was a piece on 29 July confirming eurozone growth had halved, France was stagnating, and eurozone unemployment is running at 10.1%. This sharp contrast in coverage is pro-EU bias of the most sneaky kind.

Brexit: The Battle For Britain

Interesting take by Laura Kuenssberg on both campaigns in the referendum. She talked about the ‘truths’ used in the Stronger In campaign on the economy and the ‘lies’ of Vote Leave. Both campaigns were misleading – this is how political campaigns work and, if the BBC, after all their years of reporting on politics, don’t understand that, they should really stick to celebrity spotting and parp Saturday night programming. There was a lot of reporting stating that people who voted to leave the EU ‘didn’t know what they were voting for…..were mislead……or ignored the facts.’ There were probably many on the other side who were mislead and hadn’t researched the EU as well as they’d have liked but it would be impertinent, naive and ignorant of me to label 16m people as such. There were voters of all ages, genders, sexuality and race who voted to leave and the BBC should accept that. Then they went to immigration and straight away it was UKIP and older voters talking about the problems of immigration. UKIP and older voters were not the only voters concerned about our heavily rising migration system, there were many people concerned. Yet again, the BBC looking at creating division between the young and the old and indicating that anyone concerned about immigration was (and is) racist. The BBC should stop creating division and labeling a very large section of society who wanted the change we now have. When Kuenssberg talks of ‘establishment,’ she should remember that the BBC are part of that. They really are going through the 5 stages of grief but unfortunately are still stuck in denial. I hope this malaise runs its course but the negativity in its reporting since Brexit shows that the Beeb are fully embedded in its EU ideals and wishes. Last thing, and worst of all in my opinion. The programme looked at the ‘poster’, ‘Breaking Point’ used by Nigel Farage in the campaign, questioning whether he stood by it. After he’d spoken, the screen went black before opening on the story of the death of Jo Cox. I always believed that to use such a sickening and senseless attack for political gain is sick, it’s disgusting, it’s immoral. To tie Farage’s poster in with that story was abhorrent of the BBC and they and Kuenssberg should feel ashamed. They won’t but they should. (Apologies for the lack of continuity in my comment – I was essentially typing as I watched it).

BBC News

Project Sulk continues at the BBC. Chief Sulker Award today goes to Kamal Ahmed. During the day, a website article “Carney Rips his shirt off”. A one-sided and sly piece of pro-EU propaganda, suggesting the UK was in grave trouble, and completely ignoring its strong relative performance. No mention of major euro problems, Italian banks at near collapse, Greece in need of yet another bailout, EU unemployment or the costs of Merkel’s resettlement programme. Amazingly, the BBC allowed online comments on this article and KA was heavily criticised for his pro-EU propaganda. No matter. He just served up the same sour grapes on News at Ten!


A report that Nissan would not be investing in British plant until the results of any brexit negotiations were known , but the report was nuanced in a very biased way whereas the underlining message from the company was that they were very optimistic of a good outcome, again one of the very many bbc reports that talks down Britain ,the economy and the referendum result, talking us into recession bbc well done!!!


Mark Carney saying he is cutting the bank rate because of the negative effect Brexit has had on our trade. This is lies there are trade deals on offer from other countries Canada being one of them . It is about time the BBC stopped the lies

BBC News

Despite economic figures still showing the superiority of the UK economy when compared to other Western nations the BBC is yet again running a story on the negative economic impact of Brexit. Rather than pointing out that there is a general global slowdown caused by many global factors the sole narrative of this article is that the UK economy is facing a poor future solely dude to the Brexit vote. Despite promises of large amounts of investment from foreign companies and high morale caused by the vote among many domestic economic sectors the BBC has again chosen to include guest comments from businesses that paint only a negative outlook. This one sided presentation inevitably gives the very false impression that the business community is fearful of the future. I can tell you that as a businessman i do not share this negative outlook.