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Looked at the main BBC UK newpage at 8am this morning. “GSK to invest £275M in UK post Brexit”. A positive news story following Brexit!. What are you doing BBC, you are letting your guard slip. Surely GSK are missguided to think that the UK is still an attractive proposition. Have just looked again at 4pm and I cant see the news item on the main page phew !. But whats this “UK economny sped up ahead of Brexit vote”, could this be another positive pro Brexit news story. Surely not BBC, you cant have two positive Brexit items in one day. Ah, the headline is then explained by many pro remain caveats. I know what sarcasm is probably the lowest form of wit and I do apologize. Its just that The BBC`s Rhino skinned complaints procedure and its attitude towards criticism over pro remain bias has made me so angry in the last few weeks, that sarcasm has become my preferred emotion. Now 5pm, I have just checked again, cant see the GSK feature but I am comforted to know that there is an “Ostrich family on the loose in Ayrshire”. Happy days!

Jeremy Vine

I used to have a lot of time for Mr Vine but since Brexit he has done nothing but bang the remain drum…. In his show today on more than one occasion he suggested that the recent queues at the port of Dover may be ” Frances revenge for Brexit” . What a pathetic statment to make in the light of the recent troubles in France … Vine really has to wake up and smell the coffee , we voted for Brexit and that is that !!!!

BBC business live

Negative Ryan air story owing to Brexit. Ryan air spokesman on programme very positive about Brexit future. A non story just to talk about a negative angle to Brexit. Everyday the BBC runs these negative Brexit story

Brexit Britain – A month in

I surely cannot be the only one to complain about this programme. Why are the BBC pushing for a second vote on EU when we are a democratic country apparently? And why is no one defending our rights on the BBC regarding the fact that we do not have second or third votes in this country to get your own way? Why is the BBC pushing the dangerous notion that we voted out purely on immigration? Not only nonsense but inciteful? Why the BBC allow a complete left-wing writer in Paul Mason to call everyone who voted to leave a racist? This is outrageous, how very dare he, and again, no-one to defend us. Why is it that when the conservative MP, Mr Kwarteng, said that the leave voters are appalled by the remainers rhetoric and actions over a second vote, which we are, he is heckled and shouted down by a majority remain audience because they held it in West London – funny, I thought the BBC was in Manchester? Does this country not realise that the reason we voted to leave is exactly because of what is happening now, lefties trying to get an autocratic state just like Mr Juncckers wants? There will be no second vote, I live in a democratic country and that is the end of that. Who is questioning the BBC over their obvious efforts to get us back in the EU via the common market, still trying to give our country and wealth away with more treaties that are treasonous to this country’s future? Why do I pay the BBC licence for this obvious bias, they are as about as far away from being independent as you can possibly get, it is yet another farce in this country. Why is no one questioning the BBC on their obvious attempts to get a second vote by latching on to what happens with Brexit? It does not matter, we voted, we left, end of story. Please let me know where else to write as the BBC has been out of control on taxpayers money for years now and something needs to be done. I will also not be called a racist by Paul Mason, who is obviously not as clever as he likes to make out as that is typical left lowbrow sound bites – please let me know who I can directly complain to about him, complete disgrace, typical of the remain campaigners, naive, uneducated and rude. Also why is Paul Mason allowed to openly lie on this programme? Yes, Scotland can leave the UK but they will never be allowed to join the EU as Spain would always veto it because of the Catalan situation there, end of that story. Whereas Mr Mason seems to think that Scotland, in his words, ‘should leave the UK and join the EU’, just like that, easy as 123?


Held a BREXIT programme in PRO REMAIN London and on top of that didn’t control the audience as it was first come first served so obviously it was NOT made up of 50/50 remain and leavers! The LOCATION of LONDON which clearly has a different take on EU to the rest of England and Wales. I have complained before but it doesn’t seem to make a difference and I believe the producers are ALL pro remain too! The BBC needs to have pro remain and pro leave producers and then ENSURE it is NOT biased by controlling the audience too and my god don’t hold the programme in LONDON!


The BBC reporting only bad news about Brexit. The Daily Mail Comments page today was very upbeat about the FTSE and the exchange rate improving, and how all the doom reports pre Brexit were wrong, but the BBC has to publish some report from some committee we have never heard of saying how bad things are going to get. Why can’t the BBC be more upbeat to the nation it is meant to be serving instead of looking for bad news. We are Brexiting BBC so make the best of it.

BBC News Website

Brexit Causes “dramatic drop in economy” but if you read the full article it’s only the very last sentence that reads “The downturn, he added, was “associated with risks in the global economy,” as well as Brexit.” so obviously the headline is totally misleading.

BBC Radio 4’s Brexit Street

I enjoy listening to Radio 4 every so often to keep up-to-date with current affairs. I’m a massive fan of the BBC’s natural history unit and of course Sir David Attenborough, but I’ve been so disappointed and have felt let-down in their hilariously obvious, biased coverage of Brexit, before, during and after the Referendum… Get over it BBC! Brexit Street on Radio 4 is a show whereby a biased reporter/journalist or whoever she is hosting the show, is visiting some obviously well selected residents of a small street of a northern English town. This town happens to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK and one of the highest proportion of ‘leave’ votes in Britain. It portrays a stereotype of Brexit ‘leave’ voters by asking questions to a handful of unemployed, out-of-touch individuals, who seemingly do not know a great deal about the EU and all of the reasons behind the Government’s decision to hold a Referendum. Therefore not really knowing the reasons of why they voted apart from “‘avin’ are country back!” (yes, I have spelled ‘are’ instead of ‘our’ on purpose!) and a few other ill-informed opinions. The show feels like a far-left, Londoner’s cheap shot of stereotyping ‘leave’ Brexit voters. Even the name ‘Brexit Street’ is a patronising title. I somehow doubt they’ll be interviewing all of the well educated, hard-working people living all around England, outside of London who also voted to leave the European Union, that were not influenced by the likes of Nigel Farage or fear of immigrants etc. Get over it BBC! The vote has been won fairly by the majority and the decision has been made. It’s a triumph for democracy and all drops in the strength of pound Sterling and UK shares etc. were expected. Give it a year or 2 to test the water following such a huge worldwide decision by Britain, one of the world leading economies for centuries, before you can have snips and snipes at what has happened overnight! Yours Sincerely, Adam

Breakfast News

I ‘ve sent this to the ‘Have your say’ contact and am following it you with yourselves and another news watchdog website: My impression of the BBC editorial since the BREXIT vote is one of the BBC focusing more on BREXIT fears and uncertainty, pushing its own agenda and reflecting the views and bias of the editorial team. Today’s news appears to be another example. No mention of an agreement between Mr Holland and Theresa May regarding the retaining of the existing agreements on border controls and other positive aspects of their talks close to the concerns of many voters.. This from a major newspaper front page article: It follows warnings during the EU referendum campaign that the controls, which mean people are checked in France before arriving in the UK, would end and Britain would be forced to take sole responsibility for screening and security. “We are both very clear that the agreement should stay”, Mrs May said, while the French President added that the agreement is useful to both countries. “We consider it as our duty … to apply it and also to improve it” he added. Mr Hollande also said that British people living and working in France can stay “as long as they like”, adding that he expects a reciprocal agreement to be reached for French citizens in the UK. There will also be greater cooperation between the the nations on security and anti-terror measures, the two leaders agreed, as they met in the wake of the attacks in Nice. Yet you did focus on the more negative pronouncement regarding ‘free-movement’… It’s time this bias was investigated. Let’s see what we can do.  

Marr show

The BBC has consitently failed to provide acccurate data on the downside of leaving the EU to the extent it has been dishonest Many many people lost their jobs & many conmpanies had contracts closed after Cameron annouced the vote in 2013 None of this has ever been published

BBC 5 Live Daily

Non stop pro EU bias, prop brexiteers cut off in interviews and phone calls . The BBC are now actively trying to undermine the Referendum result, giving politicians who want Parliament to overrule the popular vote more uninterrupted air time. This has to be stopped.

Desert Island Discs

Interview with Inga Beale Lloyds London chief – almost final question was about the perils of Brexit on the grounds that Lloyds London had published that it was a remain supporter. Completely inappropriate question for DID which is about an individuals life, not a very specific political view – unless they were mainly famous for their politics which Inga Beale is NOT!

News at Six

During the BBC half hour news slot there were three anti Brexit reports, from British scientific research affected to the adverse and then more racist abuse-attacks since brexit, after the BBC went to Hartlepool to Report on public opinions and ended up with a lady saying they were supposed to improve our Hospital with the funds saved after withdrawing from the EU this is after four weeks from the referendum vote unbelievable the BBC should be sold off.

BBC News

Reporting on the probability that scientific researcher’s will lose grants and small to medium sized companies may have to lay off staff because of the EU funding for scientific research being withdrawn. This is a one-sided and biased view and should have been balanced by some facts – or even some other scenarios, as the BBC was not using facts in their report. For example, The European Research Area (ERA) is the structure that facilitates all science programmes and collaboration that are funded by the EU, and yet includes associated non-EU countries such as Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Serbia and Israel, the last of which is not even located within Europe. In other words, science collaboration within the EU’s own ERA does not depend on EU membership, but sadly, several pro-EU commentators continue to promote the mistaken belief that it does. Another possibility for any potential losses of funding may be the uncertainty because of the reluctance of the government failing to comit a date to triggering Article 50, leaving many to believe that the democratic vote to leave the EU will be ignored, or perhaps another referendum held until a vote to remain is won.

News at Six

One sided reporting – again. On the 6 o’clock news a piece about how researchers are losing grants and small businesses who say they will have to scale down operations and lay off staff once the EU research grants go. Surely a more balanced view would have reported that the uncertainty of ‘will we won’t we’ Leave the EU and not initiating our leaving are causing some of the aprehension. The BBC reporting is totally one-sided. Why no mention of the positive possibilities, such as The European Research Area (ERA) which is the structure that facilitates all science programmes and collaboration that are funded by the EU, and yet includes associated non-EU countries such as Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Serbia and Israel, the last of which is not even located within Europe. In other words, science collaboration within the EU’s own ERA does not depend on EU membership, but sadly, several pro-EU commentators continue to promote the mistaken belief that it does. The BBC are fueling the belief that the democratic vote to leave the EU is not binding. It is perpetuating the myth that the UK will fall apart outside the EU. It appears they are now manufacturing their own ‘news’ to justify their continued existence in the current form. I am one of many who do not believe we should fund a biased organisation. Impartiality, fairness, honesty and balanced information is what I thought the BBC was supposed to deliver. It does not.

Jeremy Vine

Fund Managers view of Brexit. JV introduced his programme on Ken Bruce’s show at about 11.30am. JV described a major Fund manager as having a very negative view of Brexit consequences. Not only was this misleading, JV made no attempt to give equal prominence to the many star Fund Managers who view Brexit as positive. Indeed, Mr Buxton appeared on a recent Fund Manager webinar, chaired by JV colleague Mishal Hussain, where he confirmed the very short term context of his views, and acknowledged the potential longer term positives. This episode exposes the current sulky BBC approach of grossly exaggerating a potential negative impact of Brexit, whilst ignoring the positives, or at least failing to give anything like equal prominence to them. The BBC’s true pro-EU colours have been nailed to all of their masts since 23 June. Perhaps the biggest display of bias in their history.

BBC Online A BBC “magazine” / brainwashing article titled: “The link between Brexit and the death penalty” The “item” basically contains a graph showing a weak link between supporting Brexit and supporting the death penalty. What the hell is the BBC on? Who commissions this garbage? Why do I have to pay for it?

BBC Online – the link between Brexit and the death penalty

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this article. The title (the link between Brexit and the death penalty) caught my attention pretty quickly, as did the image of a hangman’s noose. Apparently new research shows that Leave voters aren’t necessarily all uneducated, working class, low income people living in small towns after all. A much better measure, according to this groundbreaking study, is whether you believe in bringing back the death penalty and publically whipping criminals. And guess which voters are in favour? Leave of course! I was going to complain to the BBC about this but changed my mind – if it keeps on churning out trash like this it will sign its own death warrant. I just hope that research wasn’t funded by taxpayers’ money!

BBC News website

I have formally submitted 14 complaints to the BBC in the last 10 days. Primarily, about negative Anti-Leave sentiment embedded in news as well as outrageous bias against Boris Johnson – who deserves a public apology from the Chairman.

BBC News

Usual BBC biased and manipulated headline, in this case ‘Tim Peake ‘Brexit will affect science’. Listen to the 40 second interview, Tim Peake actually says ‘The UKs participation is not affected by the EU referendum….The UK is still firmly a member of the European Space Agency. There are concerns about how it will affect science but we will move forward and make the best for Britain out of this decision’. I AM SICK OF THE BBC’S PERSISTANT AND BLATANT ANTI-BREXIT STANCE. THE PEOPLE OF THE UK DISMISSED THEIR PRO REMAIN PROPAGANDA PRIOR TO THE 23RD JUNE BY VOTING TO LEAVE AND YET THE SO CALLED IMPARTIAL BBC CONTINUE TO SCAREMONGER AND EVEN TWIST WHAT PEOPLE SAY INTO THEIR ‘BREXIT IS BAD’ MANTRA. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT URGENTLY.

World News Today

All day today, the BBC World channel – broadcasting around the world – has been criticizing and ridiculing the new UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson (Leave campaigner, of course), without a word of criticism for the person who appointed him to this role (Theresa May, Remain supporter, now PM). I happen to think she has made an inspired and very smart decision to choose this born salesman who will sell the UK to the world, so I’m not anxious to see her criticized for this appointment, but if you don’t think Boris is the right person for this job (as the BBC clearly doesn’t) surely the person whose judgement should be questioned is the one who appointed him. But no. Not a word of that either in the BBC World TV bulletins, or BBC online. Even as the country moves forward, the BBC is still banging on with its own endless anti-Brexit agenda. And it is continuing to damage the UK’s image around the world by belittling its new Foreign Secretary. Is the BBC doing this in order to increase the likelihood of his failure? Thereby damaging Britain’s future prospects. Is this what the UK licence-payer is funding?

BBC Online This article is so biased towrds remain.. Poor german student may have to go to US to work (he’s german so can easily work in europe). Students can’t travel freely (we dont know that yet) …Places like Dubai, Sydney and Singapore could benefit from British workers who want to more easily get international experience (for sure it is not “more easy” to get into Sydney than europe to work)


The usual doom and gloom for the construction industry. This time from Sir John Armitt. No alternative views offered. I don’t remember voting for Lisbon treaty. Why do I have to comply with Article 50?

All BBC Political Output

The top management are presiding over the destruction of the BBC as an unbiased and trustworthy broadcaster. Once an institution with the highest standards of unbiased political journalism it is now in the position where not a single word of its political output as any credibility whatsoever.


BBC WORLD RADIO NEWS AND COMMENTARY I am working with the UK Government in Kabul Afghanistan. I am a regular listener to the World Service and I just listened to Rob Watkin being interviewed by the BBC news broadcaster about the Brexit. He stated, ” 16 million remain voters felt shocked and appalled by the Brexit vote. They felt let down and betrayed and felt the campaign was dishonest.” Where is his evidence that 16 million remain voters feel this way? Watkin used his personal bias to broadcast unfounded and misleading information to millions of people around the world and I consider this to be a gross violation of journalistic privilege.


News BBC1 1300 hrs. Good news 2000 jobs created with Boeing, BBC report this as a small number in aerospace terms. True or not are you trying to keep the people, investors and business insecure while leaving eu? Andy Murray, virtually saying he is a British one off and comparing us to rest of europe. Get rid of your academic driven eu remain attitude and get behind the majority of British people and exploit your position to drive confidence here and abroad. Your reporting and over the top ‘balanced’ reporting depresses me. Alternatively drop the British from your title along with your annual unchallenged guaranteed income (submitted to BBC complaints)


Implying that Eastern European seasonal farm workers are more efficient and capable at picking fruit than UK workers. Almost suggesting that once we leave the EU there will be no one to pick our fruit.

Andrew Marr

Placing Andrea Leadsom campaigner in the middle of two women which was clearly a premeditated plan to have a go at him about the article the previous day in The Times. It was the first item on the agenda and Andrew Marr allowed it to continue. The BBC are clearly trying to drag this out as long as possible. Guests were chosen carefully to create this scenario.

all BBC news and Current programs

I am sick and tired of the BBC in general and there biased reporting, every news program before and after the referendum has been holding back the real stories for reasons unknown, as a supposedly trusted Channel i find it offensive that you only report on things the EU tell you to report, leading up to the Referendum every political program was geared up for the remain camp, and those question time programs were a disgrace to the general public you could not have shown a more biased opinion if you tried, you forgot to mention on any news bulletins and main news that there were riots going on in France with the immigrant situation, rapes in Germany , the borders with other countries Nothing on any of the BBC channels , since the referendum you have shown your selves to be as anti British as possible, putting the country down because 17 million voters voted to leave, As far as i know we still live in a democracy and that includes the BBC, why not report on some of the countries that want to have a trade deal with us and the commonwealth countries that want to re- establish trade with us . i hope you remember these commonwealth the ones your masters in the EU that made it impossible to trade with the EU block

BBC Today

Humphries interviewing Penny Mordant about Times claim that Andrea Leadsom was denigrating Theresa May for not being a mother. Obsessive focus on non-story with no other purpose than to undermine Leadsom’s standing. Truly dreadful partisan gutter radio-journalism

BBC News website and Radio 5 live bulletins

I see the BBC are leading with the Andrea Leadsom “being a mum and what she said to The Times” article. The relentless showering of negative sulky pro EU remain articles since the leave result have hopefully fallen on deaf ears now, with the BBC unable to defend its bias towards EU remain. Lets try another tack!. Lets show our bias by exaggerating the significance of everything the Brexit leading contender in the Conservative Leadership contest has to say. At least that way we can use our influence to have a pro remain leader!. A majority of the voting population chose to ignore the propaganda fed to us by the establishment, media and so called “experts”. I think Andrea Leadsom should take it as a massive boost to her campaign every time the BBC runs a negative article about her. The public are intelligent enough to see through the bias. Well done Andrea for daring to say what she thinks in an interview. Motherhood, Trident, Religion, Gay marriage. We might not agree with everything she says but wow, how refreshing to have a politician that actually answers the question asked of them. You find ways to discredit her and you will assist in helping to make her the next Prime Minister. As an average member of society, I would have thought there were far more important issues to make the lead item on your news. Fall out from The Chilcott enquiry for example. Honour the lives of all the thousands that died during and following the Iraq war by holding a few of the decision makers to account. I dont suppose that fits your agenda though.

BBC Website

I have never made a complaint about any media , but I am sick of the anti brexit articles that constantly appear on the website. I have been monitoring over the last few months the content of the bbc website and it is 95% anti brexit propaganda. The headline spots are continually filled by anti brexit “news”. I have never felt so strongly over any media issue in my life – I am disgusted at the BBC – they should hold a neutral view. It worries me — who pulls the strings behind this organisation?

Farming today

Still so much doom and gloom that BBC presenters are talking the UK down deliberately. The people voted Out and so many people are excited that we are free. STOP doing this and get positive not negative.


Very obviously trying to paint the out vote as a racist vote. I’ve noticed that the BBC are refusing to acknowledge that anyone of colour has voted out, clearly this must be part of a plan…? Many ‘minorities’ have voted out, however, the BBC seem to be suggesting that all out voters are white Caucasian. Why is this, my theory is that the BBC have been told to do this to push public pressure on a 2nd referendum or a .Gov move towards not implenting article 50.

BBC News

I cant give a date as the BBC has shown biased propaganda against the leave voters consistently and daily since the referendum. One programme that particularly sticks in my mind was ironically a news programme investigating that people had said the BBC was biased. The presenter introduced a short film as an example of voters. Every person in the short film was a remain voter. At the end a leave voter was interviewed, putting across his pont of view. At the end the interviewer lifted the persons short sleeve to display a swastika tattoo. Now if that isn’t biased, hate-creating news reporting I dont know what is. I live in the Staffs area so it may well have been a midlands news programme.I have been frankly overwhelmed and shocked by how this has been reported. Only know are we starting to see a change on the TV to a less biased report.

News Website The headline simply does not reflect the content. It puts a negative spin on an optimistic view from an Indian Government representative regarding the UK exit from the EU . I’ve complained to the BBC and await its response

BBC (General)

My complaint is that everything is geared towards undermining the brexit vote and unfairly besmirching us all. I tweeted and emailed some info for them to use and they didn’t. Even an article I wrote with more actual facts on leave voters issues. And a tweet by Theresa May about 3 days ago with a link to a Guardian article on how to stop brexit. We leave voters pay our fee too. And their program on why people voted leave was just picking a few people who have immigration issues. I’ve found a lot of blogs and tweets from people with many v good reasons to leave so why can’t the bbc find them. Lies were told on both sides but they’re not reporting that. The TTIP deal that died with brexit, why is that hidden? And the EU have admitted their superstate plan, what about that? Or the eu hypocritical human rights violations. Or the fact that 11 EU member states don’t pay into the eu.

Online articles

Beyond the EU vote, the BBC continue to perpetuate their bias, agitating for a further referendum. Their bias comes in these three main forms, from what I can see: 1. PRIORITIZATION: The prioritization of news stories in favour of the EU and the de-prioritization/omission of stories that would support the Leave vote. 2. BALANCE OF COVERAGE: The balance of coverage within stories in terms of the strength of arguments put on both sides. 3. ASSOCIATION & OPINION: The negative (and spurious or unreasonable) linkages and associations made between Leave and various unsavory and unpopular causes (aka Nazis, National Front etc), without reciprocal linkages between (e.g.) the left and anti-Semitic groups or religious extremists. The presentation of this opinion as journalism. Specifically, today (5 July), as I look: On the main page, the Brexit related stories are the five below, providing an example of bias type 1 & 2: 1.”Romanians in UK left anxious by Brexit vote” 2.”Universities take a knock post Brexit” 3.”Carney hits the reassurance button” 4.”Would Brexit violate UK civil rights” 5.”What do the Americans think of Brexit” Of these headlines, 1 & 2 are clearly negative; 3 & 4 serve to raise doubt and fear; 5 appears neutral until the content is read – as per below. Re: Headline #5: “What do the Americans think of Brexit” – This showed an example of Bias type (2): The article admits 80% of Americans supported Brexit pre-poll. In the article, three members of the public all disagree there is similarity between American and British independence. 3 out of 4 Americans then give negative views of Brexit. The fourth is only conditionally positive, acknowledging short term risks. This is clearly completely unrepresentative of the US sentiments. Stories omitted from the BBC Online front pages today (Bias type 1 & 2) that should have been there – in the context that Immigration was a key topic include that: -Migrant and refugee numbers entering the EU increased 60% year on year (Report published yesterday by the Organisation for Migration) In terms of ongoing Bias (types 1 & 2) – The BBC have also failed to note that Australia, Canada and New Zealand populations have favored Britain leaving, focusing on EU opinion rather than the global nations that Leavers now believe to be more relevant. Relaying such opinion would serve to bolster positivity and reduce doubt in the vote. – The BBC have not provided the data showing the wider European lack of confidence in the EU and the strength of opinion, particularly, in France and increasingly in Germany. (Providing this picture would serve to illustrate that ‘Remain’ is not a stable or certain path and that the British are far from isolated in their intense skepticism towards the EU’s efficacy or integrity) -When talking about immigration, the BBC have also only talked about number of immigrants enter the UK. (Bias type 3). Therefore, they have not talked about the far greater impacts of population rises caused from immigrant cohorts, which are the figures which might align more with people’s concerns on the Leave camp, due to the impact of demand on public services and jobs. The impact of reporting this as the BBC do serves to underplay the impact of the issue that many are concerned about, by presenting the upcoming impact as less than it is.

The One Show

I’m disgusted by the way The One Show have tried to somehow imply Remain voters are racist. There is a clip about how the report of racist hate crime has increased after the referendum. Alex quotes ” Police have revealed the number of reported hate crimes has soared since the result of the EU referendum”. This seems to be a coincidence doesn’t it? As if we didn’t have enough people claiming all Brexiters are Racist, Xenophobic, Bigots now we get this BS. Racism should’t exist in this day and age, but I get the feeling that she might as-well have said ” if your a brexit voter you’re a racist here hear is the (evidence) “. This is Blatant. Why not just do a One Show Brexit bash hour with the News.

Panorama, Why we voted to leave

I felt that the interviewing of the lady with pink hair was inappropriate, not I would like to add because of her appearance but because of documented her vulnerable state .This was a lady who spoke openly about the difficulties and challenges she faced on a daily basis. I would question if the BBC felt she was not entitled to a vote due the story she told? To challenge her about her choice of timing with regard to exercising her democratic right to vote I felt was inappropriate and belittling. Perhaps her choice rightly or wrongly has more to to with the empowerment the referendum has offered people. The referendum has clearly demonstrated a social and economic divided.The BBC would do well to explore this and how the tax credit systems has underpinned big business for far too long. This has perhaps created a system the has rendered social mobility immobilised. This along with cuts to basic need services such as schools and the NHS are perhaps why people have chosen this time to raise their voices. It is of the utmost importance that the BBC does not manipulate the vulnerable to create an image that suits its own agenda, after all each and everyone of us has to pay the licence fee.


Another anti brexit report, this time from Sheffield regarding universaties losing EU grants. The bias day after day is becoming overpowering.

The One Show

This news/entertainment programme contained a 5 minute or so report based on what they subsequently acknowledged was “an unscientific survey” of random people who all expressed fears/concerns about an alleged upsurge in racist abuse and threats since the Brexit vote. It was clear that all those interviewed (except just one) had voted or supported the Remain side. The local police commander said that there had been no increase in reported incidents yet the BBC report just asserted there had been. It then paraded a photo (also used on the main BBC News) of a team of medical staff holding up notices displaying their country of birth with the message “immigration fuels the NHS”. All this is just blatant propaganda and campaigning seeking to undermine the democratic vote taken on 23 June. The BBC news teams are manufacturing so-called “news” items and giving very slanted coverage. The BBC cannot accept the Brexit outcome and seem to be exploring every possible line of attack to denigrate those (the majority) who voted Leave and to provide false evidence of the dire consequences.


Following news/current affairs reporting about reforendum the weather forcast opened with comment; “In this increasingly uncertain world………” Is this my imagination or is the BBC continuing its campaign?

BBC News

Looking at the Home Page of the BBC News website there are 10 items that show an EU Bias. ‘Brexit Risks begin to Crystallise’ – read the article and the doom like headline is clearly misleading. Yes there are risks but also benefits too. Brits living abroad, Brits in search of dual nationality etc. – all the articles headlines seemed designed to cause unease and panic. The BBC is clearly totally biased and deliberately trying to mislead and upset the public.

News Broadcasting after the live European Council debates and live Select Committee

After watching all of the LIVE European Council Debates and LIVE Select committee debates that took place during June 2016 with regard to the British Referendum ..the first BBC broadcasts shown on tv directly afterwards were heavily edited and biased towards remaining in the EU.. and were implying rather than impartially informing the public. They have a duty of care. I believe that the BBC have played their part in dividing the country and stirring up potential civil unrest and should be held accountable. I am a working class woman who voted with her head..heart and conscience my informed decision was based on watching and making observations from a number of live sources and my own personal experiences.. I will never believe what the edited BBC broadcasts again..shame on them.


I have noticed a bias toward the stay camp but thought I was getting it wrong, but lately I have been told, did I think the BBC news reports are all biased in the stay camp and I am taking more notice and I believe there is a definite bias in the way the argument is presented and the time on each side is grossly unfair. It is not just one instance but all reporting on the brexit that has this bias. There still seems to be a tendency to keep going over and over the Brexit arguments, but it is over and should be putting the effort into the future. I have seen in the past when the BBC is accused of bias, the BBC came up with a chart showing the proportions, will this be done on Brexit


Evan Davis is extremely biased towards remaining in the EU. It is becoming a big problem for me as a viewer. He is constantly aggressive for the remain arguments, even though the referendum is over.


Are the bosses of the BBC scared of Evan Davis for some reason? Yet again tonight, during what was laughingly called an “interview” with Ed Vaisey and Eric Pickles, the only voice we heard was that of this very rude and frankly obnoxious man. How many politicians have to ask “Will you let me answer?” before someone in authority at the BBC tells this “reporter” to SHUT UP and allow our elected representatives to talk to us. Not only does Evan Davis need to learn some manners, he needs to realise (or be told) that he is merely a pipe, a conduit, for the news. Like everyone else, he is entitled to his opinion of the news he is reporting, but his job is simply to report on that news. WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HIS OPINION. The BBC became the safe institution it is because it worked hard to garner a reputation for being fair and unbiased. Evan Davis clearly wants to change that. Evan Davis. SHUT UP!!!

Brexit and Food – a food programme special

I will admit to not having heard all of this programme but I listened for half an hour and heard nothing but negativity regarding the effects of voting Leave on our country. Each time a negative was given I was able to counter it with a positive but I only heard one occasion where the presenter did so (that expensive American hops might lead to us growing more hops in Britain and to our using them). They kept speaking of the effect of the value of the pound having dropped but they insisted that that was bad for our whiskey exporters (the opposite is surely true) and nobody seemed to be aware that the value of the pound has now risen regardless! A chap said that we would have no farm labourers because they all come from other EU countries and suggested that the people that voted Leave should do these jobs instead! Nobody reminded him that if we couldn’t fill these positions with either people from outside Britain but who were already here or British people (regardless of which way they voted), that we could bring people in from Europe or from anywhere else in the world (under the system that has been suggested!)

Mock the Week

This programme is meant to a satirical look at the week’s events. Instead it was one long anti-Brexit, pro-EU rant by everyone on the panel. There was no attempt at balance or to point out the totally childish attitude of Remain voters demanding a second referendum. I had to turn it off to stop my anger taking control of my life, the way their anger had consumed the panel!

Adrian Chiles

Two remain members of the public were put against one leave member of the public in a phone in. Whole programme has been remain bias.

BBC London News

Extremely subjective news report tonight about the affects of Brexit on tourism in the UK. I felt it was scaremongering and over sensational, with no credible experts giving evidence of the claims it was making, insinuating that Brexit makes tourists feel unwelcome to the UK…this is not journalism, can’t you think of something better than that BBC????? I have no respect for this over-bloated organisation that burns tax payers money on a daily basis, shame on you for inciting division in society.

BBC News Site

There hasn’t been any positive coverage of Brexit on the BBC news web site. All negative scaremongering. Also missing is an explanation of what we are set to gain in terms of democracy, self determination and freedom to trade with the rest of the world, including the single market. Investigation into EU corruption, waste, bureaucracy and arrogance would balance the coverage.

BBC News TV & Online

I never complain of such sites, but the BBC’s propaganda war on BREXIT is becoming tiresome and so obvious. As a psychologist I find the bbc’s approach is to get everyone scared that they have voted wrongly to leave, feel guilty that we are racist and unfair to migrants and that we are not bright enough to work anything out, other than we are run by self-serving narcissists. We are led to believe we need another referendum. The BBC only represents the view the ELITE want us to have.

Dateline London

BBC News 24 – Presenter Gavin Esler Guests: Stephanie Bolzen -Die Welt (pro-remain), Polly Toynbee – The Guardian (pro-remain), Marc Roche – Le Point & Le Soir (pro-remain), Iain Martin – Editor CapX (pro-leave). All pro-remain guests including presenter ganged-up on the 1 pro-leave guest stating that the EU alone (no NATO or UN) has preserved peace, that race crime is on increase since brexit (suggesting links), that leave campaign was based on lies, that leave voters ae solely concerned with immigration, that leave have no plan (why would they at this early stage when they were no allowed to use civil servants to assist them?) – again shameful pro-euro bias from the BBC, when is something going to be done about this?

Pienaar’s Politics

Led by Mr Pienaar, and with the assistance of his two main guests, the programme attempted a character assassination of Andrea Leadsom, the Leave campaigner for the Tory leadership. Nothing the representative of Mrs Leadsoms campaign said went without destructive comment. This followed, and was followed by, how good Mrs May, the Remain candidate, is, was, will be etc etc. Totally and utterly biased. Really surprised at Mr Pienaar.

BBC News Website

We’re told that, in a poll for BBC Newsnight, Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,077 people between Wednesday and Thursday. Not exactly a huge number compared with the millions who actually voted in the EU referendum. But even out of this paltry sample, it seems that 78% accept the democratic will of the people, unlike the BBC who – from those numbers – create the misleading headline “A third of voters think Brexit won’t happen – poll”. A third of 1,077 is 359 people! And how about “Two thirds of voters think Brexit will happen”? WHAT has happened to the BBC and its claim to provide unbiased, trusted news? It seems to have morphed into a tabloid rag, but one that has the dangerous power to spread its influence around the world – all funded by the British public, the majority of whose views it is refusing to reflect. I NEVER thought I would say this, but its licence MUST be revoked.

BBC News website

BBC News website is excelling itself today. Features include, Thousands gather for Brexit protest, Immigrants who voted leave (sounds balanced but watch it and judge for yourself), Brexit graduate gap (sounds balanced but judge for yourself), Brexit brawls, Can the law stop Brexit?, Worrying times – exposing hate crimes on Facebook (features a stop immigration – start repatriation banner). Where are the balanced, positive, in the public interest messages following such a monumental positive display of democracy in this Country. The BBC has unfortunately shown its true pro remain bias since the EU referendum result. It continues with “look what you have done now” anti Brexit headlines. Since the result, I have complained 3 times to the BBC and copied my comments to my MP. In sheer frustration and in an attempt to make my point, I sent this tongue in cheek complaint to BBC radio 5 live. “I would like to thank the BBC news department for helping me to gain a better understanding of why I may have voted to leave the EU. I am grateful for the realization that I may be missguided, probably voted in protest, uneducated, expert ignoring, racially intolerant, inward looking, economy wrecking, pound devaluing, stock market crashing, turmoil creating, town dividing, family dividing, Glastonbury ruining, youth ignoring, Sturgeon & Salmond fueling, middle aged (or older) selfish oik. And for reminding me that I probably now regretted my vote, didnt understand its consequences and that I was probably poised to sign the growing petition for an immediate rerun of the referendum. For one awful moment, I thought I may have been a relatively normal, below average income, hardworking, compassionate, charity giving, always feeling totally European, member of the public that just wanted to have greater democracy, a more accountable government and just a little more control returned to our Country. I feel awful that I may have dared to think that it may be worth a little short term financial uncertainty, so that the UK could create a better long term future for itself and to become a democratic voice for all those in Europe that need a voice. It is very important the BBC give plenty of air time to the individual cases of real hardship inflicted on the gracious vote accepting remainers and keep the 17 million brexit voting oiks in their place with plenty of punishing “look what you`ve done” articles. I feel I must make a particular apology to the young lady, interviewed by the BBC at Glastonbury, that voted remain and might not be able to do quite as much travelling in Australia next year as she might not be able to buy as many dollars with her pound. Just how bad can it get? All I can do is apologize, I hope over time my shame diminishes.

BBC News

Throughout the referendum the BBC has been Bias towards Remain, Giving much more time to the Remain Campaign. And presenters who were obviously bias towards Remain constantly being negative about Leave. Why also were you not reporting exactly what was going on in Europe covering immigration, demonstrations and civil unrest, which was being covered on the other channels!!!!!!


Continuing to promote the Remain side by giving airtime to Tim Farron who wants Parliament to have final say about in or out. It was also mentioned that he would be attending a pro-Europe rally in London today. 17m people voted to leave, apparently the largest number to ever vote for anything in UK. When will BBC start promoting and encouraging our future. Left wing ant-leave bias continues to be promoted. Disgusting

BBC Online

Outrageous biasArticle “Have Leave Campaigners broken promises?” – see link below: Appallingly biased as there is no counter point to the rhetoric and lies of the remain group (who sadly could not even describe one single reason to stay !) Thoroughly undemocratic, deceptive & seditious biased reporting. Does the BBC not recognise democracy in action – it should, if for no other reason, it’s own future existence. Does malfeasance mean anything to the BBC news mandarins?


Interview with Crispin Blunt. Complaint sent to BBC immediately afterwards. Complaint Summary: Appalling, rude behaviour of Evan Davis ongoing. Full Complaint: Throughout the referendum campaign we have been subjected to biased reporting, blatant lies and appalling behaviour. The BBC should have its licence revoked for condoning this behaviour. Tonight just showed how arrogant overpaid presenters have become. The BBC should also learn to keep up with breaking news. It is regularly running in arrears and has done all it can to inflame situations and cutting off the leave campaign mid sentence. Totally corrupt and appalling behaviour.

jeremy vine show

Jeremy vine continues to create a divide in nation by stirring up tension with remainers I find his show completely biased and the show and other content on the BBC including the news seem to be firmly in favour of remaining in Europe and seem to constantly creating a narrative to support that and fail to report the story’s in a fair and balanced way I pay a licence fee to provide a service not to be preached to.

Jeremy Vine Show

I have listened to Jeremy Vine for years but have been disgusted these last few weeks on how biased his program is against Brexit. Why don’t we every hear about the positives and not every program against the negatives. Today it is Boris Johnson bashing. Very sad journalism. You have lost an office full of listeners Jeremy.

Question Time

The program was *once again* biased against the decision to LEAVE and also why have Douglas Carswell on representing UKIP when he doesn’t at all! When are we going to get the public funded BBC to start acting like an unbiased main stream media source? It’s no stop 24/7! It is also time for DD to go, he can’t control a debate anymore and it is so obvious he is a *remainer*!!

BBC Website

The website at claims that the Economy and Immigration were the two chief concerns, with sovereignty as a third. Yet the figures clearly show the Economy as the main concern of Remain, and Sovereignty as the main concern of Leave. Immigration is a third level issue.


Newsnight, in line with the relentless editorial narrative of the last week, ran a wholly positive piece on Theresa May followed by a cozy chat with a supporter. Followed immediately by a damning piece on Michael Gove and an interview with a Theresa May supporter and a Gove supporter, with the Gove supporter subject to the now standard heckling interview technique adopted by BBC to any leave campaigners who continue to show no remorse. The BBCwebsite running a piece entitled 4 ways to get a good deal from the EU, with a picture of Theresa May. I thought BBCdid a reasonably good job of being balanced before the vote but since the vote it has acted in a divisive and negative fashion, pushing forward all bad news and promoting the idea that the decision was wrong. My faith in the bbc will probably never be recovered due to what i have seen in these 7 days

Question Time

David Dimbleby is constantly reinforcing the message that the nation is duvided, we are led by liars, backstabbing politicians and racists. It seems to me the BBC is determined to play the remain voters off against the leave voters. This message is reinforced constantly on all news programnes its disgusting.


Constant reference by presenters of options to not go through with exit from EU, trying to promote this as a viable option. Promoting remain leaning candidate in Tory Leadership, last 10 minutes were absolute appalling propaganda. Trying to promote Theresa May to be selected without even allowing due process. This is appalling and has to stop.

BBC Online

I live in the States and all I see is the doom and gloom from the BBC about Brexit. They voted to leave and all I see is the negatives, , if they vote again you can throw the declaration of human rights in the trash as well as all your values. So you want a totalitarian system . Why don’t you mention this? Great Britain got back it’s own decision making and that’s a good thing, can open trade talks with India, Australia and many more countries to trade with, why don’t you mention this. The pound’s dropped, believe me the yanks are coming. Lets see some positives from the BBC and not turn into Fox news