Midlands Today

Today on local Midlands Today was a report that a BBC correspondent in Birmingham had been attacked with a racist comment. The report started that police had reported that there was NO increase in racial attacks since the referendum took place but the BBC decided to push this to one of the main stories in the programme with the reporter breaking down. This time last week this would never have even been mentioned. Surely the BBC are trying to stir up racial reaction and blame also to blame it on the vote decision. They are having to use their own people now to carry out this bias. If there is no increase in racist attacks according to the police then how come this is news worthy.


Evan Davies interview with Crispin Blunt: Evan asked questions that had quite complex and detailed answers, but Evan continually interrupted Crispin so I actually learned very little from the interview. I thought that Evan was, quite simply, rude. Yes, an interviewer should not let an interviewee be evasive, however, answers to some questions cannot be given in a soundbite.

Have Your Say

Have your Say, as always, is very selective. The top stories (especially those that favour leaving the EU) hardly ever allow comments from the public. Today for example, Boris Johnson said he wont run for PM, Corbyn is clinging to his job like a dog with a bone and yesterday Istanbul airport was bombed by terrorists. So, what does the BBC allow us to comment on? I’ll tell you, Heathrow 3rd runway decision is on hold until Sept and Ministers think that scrapping the motorway hard shoulder might be dangerous… We live in a Dictatorship with BBC as the mouth piece.

BBC News

My complaint is more directed at the entire BBC News network rather than a particular show (of which have all been clearly bias on the referendum). I’d like to draw attention to the repeated reporting of the FTSE100 and GBP dropping after Brexit. However, it has not been reported (on the same scale, if at all) that as of COB 29/06/2016 the FTSE100 was indeed higher than the pre-Brexit level and the GBP has improved considerably from what it was the previous Friday. The BBC’s blackout on the economy recovering and improving is a disgrace and does have an impact on the markets again. If they reported that Britain was open for business instead of doom and gloom we would see the markets flourish, instead we get the bias reporting I’ve mentioned above.

BBC Website

Project Sulk. BBC Website. Ever since UK citizens had the temerity to vote Leave, the BBC has been grumpy. One of many examples is Young Voters. On 24 June, a Jon Kelly article appeared on the website Magazine section. Of course, it gave a pro-EU biased view. Typically, it was economical with the evidence. We were told youngsters were livid with the older generation because 75% of them voted for Remain. Hang on a minute. The only current polling estimates we have is from Sky Data, who suggested only 36% of 18-24 year olds actually voted. 75% of 36% makes 27% of youngsters that actually cared enough to vote for Remain. Now, that puts a very different perspective on the strength of emotions. Fair enough, vast majority of those that voted are likely to have supported Remain. But, and something completely ignored in the BBC article, they were likely to have been a small minority of the total youngsters eligible to vote. We can expect a lot more of such stories, as the BBC continues its unduly partial analysis.


I was shocked at the interview of Crispin Blunt by Evan Davies on Newsnight last night. It was, in fact, hard to understand why Crispin Blunt was present as he was not allowed to say anything – it was simply a discourteous rant by Evan Davies. People tune into Newsnight to hear the opinions of the interviewee and not the interviewer.


The interviewer Evan Davies constantly interrupted Crispin Blunt and would not allow him to answer the question. He also talked over Melanie Philips in a sneering manner. He did not allow her to develop her arguments. A very discourteous and biased interview.


For the second time in 3 days Evan Davies lost his temper with a Leaver. He is trying to rerun the referendum .

BBC News Home

Since the referendum result (and before to be honest, but more noticeably since) the output from the BBC has been absolutely insane it reminds me of the feeling I had when there were riots in London in the sense that people have completely lost it. It seems that the organisation is so furious with the British public, who incidentally pay their wages, for not succumbing to their pre-referendum leading that they want to do away with democracy to get their own way. Where are the articles the promote the point of view of the majority who voted to leave? They are none existent. When we had the Scottish referendum did we have the BBC interviewing people who felt that since the result they had voted the wrong way? This is not acceptable in any way the BBC only represent their own opinions and seek to impose them on the nation, they do not represent the opinion of the nation. I think it is time to say bye bye to the BBC .


Scandalous interview by Evan Davis of Crispin Blunt. An evisceration of an MP by a vengeful interviewer who used the interview to air his own pent up rage and disappointment at Brexit. Davis shouted at Blunt for half the interview. A total disgrace. Sack him.


The Newsnight presenter interviewed Christopher Blunt who is supporting the possible candidature of Boris Johnston as leader of Conservative party. The interviewer continually interrupted Mr Blunt and no doubt threw him off his course of dialogue. The interviewer was aggressive and rude and did not allow Mr Blunt to get his point across about blocks on immigration and so on. It is very obvious that certain BBC journalists are still leading a ‘REMAIN ‘ campaign and are trying to discredit those who supported Leave EU and to frighten those voters who may now be regretting their vote by concentrating on the negative economic information. Last night’s episode had done a survey of business leaders to ascertain how likely it was that they would invest in the near future or make staff redundant. At no time were we told what type of businesses had been polled (maybe, just maybe, those same businesses that encouraged their staff to vote Remain?) or how many. It was pure and simple a continuation of scaremongering. This biased programme structure has got to stop. I am 45-65 age group, educated, reasonably well off, speak 3 foreign languages, love Europe but I voted out because the EU institution and their leaders are not fit for purpose any more. Please help stop this bias.


The terrible way that the interviewer kept interrupting the Boris supporter. Kept asking him questions but then never gave him a chance to answer, his attitude was really aggressive . I am no Boris fan but was absolutely disgusted with this behaviour. The whole reporting style has been very anti leave since the referendum. Surely you are not there to impose your personal views on people but to represent all and to present news in an unbiased way. I am one very upset and angry fee payer and have to say I have spoken to many who feel same way. Better shape up BBC or it will be your Brexit

Victoria Derbyshire current affairs

On her current affairs show this morning, one of her presenters, I think her name was Jess, talked about Britain’s “EMBARRASING EXIT FROM THE EU”. May be embarrassing if you are biased against Brexit as the BBC seems to be. A cause of celebration for the majority of people in this country as there are lots of positive opportunities to come out of this . You are funded by all of us. So get your act together BBC and give us the fair, unbiased reporting that we are entitled to.

World News America

Now Laura Trevelyan (on the BBC World channel, broadcast in Canada at 5pm Eastern Time) is featuring “nice” families who are planning to give up their British passports and take Dutch citizenship so their children will continue to have all those wonderful opportunities to work and live in Europe. When, oh when, are we going to see some equally “nice” families (not the swastika-tattooed fringe) who are delighted that now they’ll be governed by their own elected government (not the undemocratic EU institutions), and will no longer have their judiciary’s decisions overturned by the European court?

5 live News

30 mins in to the programme Sarah Ransom reporting from Torremolinos interviewed 4 ex-pats. Tony Livesey had already stated it (Brexit) was a real concern for them. The first interviewee voted OUT mainly for the future of his children. The second wasn’t frightened but did have some concerns regarding health care. The 3rd had voted to Remain but was glad we’d done it and wanted us to get on with it. The final interviewee was distraught but didn’t say why. Tony Livesey then commented that you could tell some people are really worried. Errr, no. One out of 4 was distraught and the others not at all worried. The bias shown by the BBC on radio and TV towards Remain and against Brexit, before and since the vote has been a disgrace.

Jeremy vine show

The show was full of leading questions and biased selection of callers to try and show that many leave voters were now horrified and full of regret for voting leave and he used this to suggest the need for a new referendum The air time was totally biased towards callers that argued as per above with hardly any selection of articulate callers to create balance It was pure scaremongering and propaganda blowing up any potential negative aspect of the leave outcome out of all proportion and giving no air time to the leave argument and benefits


Attack on Nigel Farage’s speech to MEPs on 28th June deliberately withheld essential information. Full Complaint: The BBC web page ‘Reality Check’ says: ‘Martina Anderson spent 13 years in prison in England and Ireland when she says she was a political prisoner before her release as part of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. She then worked for the Sinn Féin party until 2007 when she was elected to the Northern Irish parliament. She became an MEP in May 2012.’ Martina Anderson may ‘say she was a political prisoner’ but she was convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in England. From Wikipedia: ‘Anderson was again arrested on 24 June 1985 at a flat in Glasgow with four other IRA members including Brighton bomber Patrick Magee. On 11 June 1986, all five were convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in England, although Magee was the only person convicted in relation to the Brighton hotel bombing. In 1989, Anderson married fellow prisoner and IRA member Paul Kavanagh at Full Sutton Prison. By 1993 she was one of just two female category A prisoners in England, the other being fellow republican Ella O’Dwyer.[6] In 1994, she was transferred from Durham Prison in England to Maghaberry Prison in Northern Ireland. On 10 November 1998, Anderson was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. On 22 March 2016, Anderson was forced to cancel an event (to celebrate the centenary of the Easter Rising) in light of the 2016 Brussels bombings.’ ———-

Woman’s Hour

The remain bias was clear in the 6 to 1 mix of guests, in Jane Garvey’s hasty retreat from saying Andrea Leadsom was the only Brexisteer in the room and other obvious instances of bias by Jane Garvey. I’ve already been the target of anger for not voting remain (BTW I wrote “abstain” on my ballot paper.) I’m finding the intolerance and lack of even a hint of empathy for the disposed of this country from many middle class Remainers truly shocking.

The One Show

Where to start? Having just seen BBC London stirring up race hatred, we have had an unrelenting diet of pro remain propaganda. As a certified by the left-wing as a “knuckle dragger”, I am sure I am not as clever as Simon Pegg, as I have never done a voice over for a furry cartoon animal. However I have spent a large part of my career as a credit expert on the European markets studying the detrimental impact of the statist EU project on the very people who are now screaming how unfair it is to be subjected to democracy. I just ask that the hysterical minority among the remainers do some research instead of offering themselves as acolytes to the false religion of totaliterianism, as supported by the BBC, Sky and the Guardian.

The Jeremy Vine show

The question on one of the Jeremy Vine shows features was about people regretting there vote and changing there minds now that we are six days in to Brexit. The very question is really aimed at those who voted leave and have subsequently changed there mind over the last six days. It is hardly aimed at those who voted remain and changed there opinion after the vote. They had one guest in as a token gesture, to look impartial. He was remain and now more positive about Brexit but apart from that all callers I heard were as you’d expect moaning that they had voted to leave and wished they hadn’t. It was so clearly set up for that kind of response and so I turned the show off. The bbc is so biased that if they and other people in the media (the Guardian and the Independant especially) don’t stop this campaign of doom and gloom the country will be persuaded in to recession. That doesn’t suit anyone so I would suggest moving on, remembering what democracy is about (so let’s not keep talking about another referendum!) and that It’s part of the reason 52% of this country’s people voted leave, to regain our democracy.

Phil Williams

They had so many people (all EU citizens as far as I could tell) relating hearsay stories of abusive their friends, children, spouses had suffered. Where was the balanced coverage? Where are the stories of Leave voters abused by Remainers and EU citizens who wish to deny them their democratic right to disagree with the EU agenda? Propaganda is not news and neither is anecdotal narrative. School yard bullying was elevated to news in this programme. Refund my licence money BBC.

Ten oclock news

Constant bias and vitriolic abuse of the democratic result of the referendum. Talking over and abusive ly shouting at people who represent Vote Leave, when they a get any air time at all. A comprehensive attempt to convince everyone that Brexit is wrong and should be ignored, and that those who voted leave are fools and halfwits. No impartiality. My BBC licence is worthless, I refuse to watch the BBC any longer, and can’t wait for the day when the licence fee is removed.

Jeremy Vine Show

Biased debate implying many people that voted OUT in the EU Refrendum, are already changing their minds to REMAIN.

News at Ten

The coverage in this programme, and in many other programmes, of the reasons for Brexit seems to entirely ignore the fact that sovereignty & democracy were the main reasons most people voted to leave. A minority of Leave voters did so because they wanted a different immigration policy; this minority is divided into two broad camps: (A) Those, such as Daniel Hannan who are happy with current levels of immigration but want priority by skills rather than EU nationality, and (B) Those that just seem to want less migration. Listening to the BBC output, one could easily be mislead into believing that Leave voters were anti immigration and anti immigrant. Not only is this untrue of the vast majority of Leave voters, but the corporation is doing a disservice to the public by ignoring the issues of Sovereignty and the ant-democratic practices of the EU. In particular there seems to have been no BBC coverage of President of the European Parliament Martin Schultz’s saying “The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate” – an amazing example of the EU’s blatant contempt for democracy that motivates me and many other Leave voters There have been several regrettable incidents since last Thursday, including an attack on the Polish Center in Hammersmiith, but proper reporting of these incidents, if linked to Brexit, should at least mention the immediate condemnation from all sides (in Hammersmith this was lead by Cllr Harry Phibbs, perhaps the local Leave campaign’s highest profile activist. The BBC’s coverage of such incidents does nothing to correct what seems to be an orchestrated EU-fanatical campaign to de-legitimize the referendum vote by misrepresenting the 17m+ Leavers as people that support such attacks.

Jeremy Vine

The selection of callers seemed completely geared to a campaign for another referendum which is sadly true of much of the output from the BBC over the past few days. I should say I voted leave so accept that some of the news over the last few days is painful but the BBC is relentless and appears contemptuous of the result of the referendum. I think they accept they struggle to overcome their London bias but they seem hell bent on widening the gap between the majority of England and Wales to London. You would hope they look at ITN (who pride themselves in reporting) and balance their editorial line before they lose peoples confidence. They have sadly lost mine.

BBC News

I’m so disgusted at the way the BBC has been reporting on the outcome of the referendum. You are meant to be a publicly funded impartial broadcaster but throughout the period since February 23rd 2016 to the present day you have shown no impartiality at all. You present the events since referendum day in the worst light. You are aware that more than half of the voters voted to leave the European Union so you would assume that half of your programming reflected this. Your tone and nuance has unbelievably upset me. The only programme I saw that has demonstrated anything like we expect has been the Jeremy Paxman show about Europe. I cannot work out your agenda – I realise you receive a large amount of European funding, but you cannot now and set the agenda for the country to reject the vote, protest for another referendum or to accept freedom of movement and stay in the single market. This IS happening – you really need to rally around the decision of the British public. I have always been a fierce supporter of the BBC and the TV licence, but I am now so anti-BBC that I will proactively campaign for it to be stripped of certain powers and receive less money. You have absolutely and spectacularly failed the public and should hang your heads in shame.

Daily Politics

The MP Emily Thornberry aka Lady Nugee remarked about nasty xenophobic brexiteers (she used the term brexiteers several times, in fact snarled the word) It took another studio guest to say that you cannot insult 17 million voters. None of the BBC panellists of 3 saw fit to say anything to Lady Nugee, so one would assume from the lack of challenge from “BBC Journalists” Andrew Neill, Jo Coburn and Laura Kuennsberg that they share their guests opinion and obvious contempt for 52% of the voters in last weeks referendum and obviously have nothing but contempt for democracy? .. Nice bunch perhaps a referendum on whether the licence fee represents good value to the voters they disparage, since said voters are not liked by the BBC perhaps they should NOT take the voters cash??

BBC news online

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2016-36643418 (“Brexit lessons for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election race”) Paragraph 2 : So the morning after was a jolt, not for just for Americans watching the markets tumble, wondering about the impact on their savings and pensions but also for liberal pundits and policy makers who are now fretting that the nationalist, isolationist populism that drove the Leave campaign can strike again in the US and bring Donald Trump to the White House. The phrase ‘nationalist, isolationist populism’ is either the writer’s personal opinion, or should be in quotes. Paragraph 9 : So could voters in the US also spurn the safe choice and go for the insurgent promising in vague terms to make America great again? The word ‘also’ signifies that the writer thinks that staying was the safe choice. Or else, ‘safe’ should be in quotes. Paragraph 21 : But there was also a clear and ugly anti-immigration undertone to the Brexit campaign, which Farage drove and capitalised on. Writer’s personal opinion. Further down : Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn’s half-hearted support for the Remain campaign was the final nail. To be fair to Corbyn, he has denied that his campaign was half-hearted. It isn’t a journalist’s job to take sides. Slogans and soundbites matter because just like the Leave campaign demonstrated it is often raw emotions, not facts that move voters. Smears the leave voters as emotional.

Daily Politics

Jo Coburn was blatantly biased, claiming that the fall in the value of the pound and The FTSE 100 was evidence that we are going into meltdown following Brexit. Did the BBC’s ‘experts’ not expect this to happen in the days following the referendum? Owen Patterson, who was a guest, was calm, reasoned and reassuring and was constantly interrupted by Jo Coburn as he attempted to answer her questions(?) for that read assertions, At one point Owen Patterson, quite reasonably said that she was now helping to change Project Fear into Project Hysteria to which she sneered. To compound everything, they had former BBC lefty Paul Mason, her guest of the day, nodding approval at everything she said. Utterly disgraceful, with the full weight of the mainstream media, various self interested ‘businessmen’, politicians , luvvies and charities etc , the British people voted by a majority of almost 1.3m to leave the EU and the state broadcaster should respect that decision and inform in an unbiased way. Absolutely disgraceful, time to end the TV tax.

Victoria Derbyshire

“Zombie Government feature”. How government plans pre-referendum are now either on hold or under threat, including Heathrow, HS2, nuclear and steel. Set to spooky music, werewolf howling sound effects, lighting strikes across the screen and ‘blood’ written captions, it portrayed an immense sense of gloom, suggesting everything is doomed. The feature finished with a full screen caption: ‘The End?’ (the question mark is of course significant). This short film failed to give a balanced view or forecast about investment policies, opting instead to flash negative speculation across the screen, thus compounding a sense of fear into the audience.

Bbc news

Even though the majority voted out, the benefits of leaving have not been fully realised the bbc still focus on the petition to have a second referendum. 17million wanted out, a mile away from the 4 million remainders (many fake names ) that have fuelled this petition. As soon as we stop respecting democracy we are no better than a dictatorship. The decision to leave give us control of our own destiny, whatever we decide that is. These were the promised of the leave campaign, promises they have given us. To criticise the leave campaign for not having a plan and to concentrate on the public panic by this lack of plan is so biased towards remain. The union was in place for 40 years, it will then obviously take some time to make a plan, and to put this plan into action. The remain said and the bbc coverage of them complaining a plan wasn’t instantly implemented is again biased. Can’t the BBC report on some of the millions of normal Britons who voted out and are actually pleased ?

BBC News

Massive bias using selective editing of Nigel Farage’s brexit speech at the EU. To play the two pieces together you clearly see the revolting EU bankrolled establishment corparation’s bias towards the equally corupt EU.

BBC News

Clear bias by the BBC – perpetuating the stereotype of Leave voters as being racist and uneducated. Interviewing Leave voters who spout lines such as British jobs for British workers whilst sporting swastika tattoos is damaging and unacceptable. I have yet to see a Leave voter interviewed who clearly is educated and considered who has a position on the democracy of the EU as opposed to an immigration agenda.

BBC News Webiste

The topic here makes no attempt to show what the remain campaign have gone back on. Just concentrates on the leave campaign and their failings. Both have failings but the BBC seems content to throw the leave campaigns out there more prominently. Why is there no sister page to this documenting the remain campaigns failings? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36641390

BBC 6 O’clock News

The previous days news on the BBC had covered at length the drop in the FTSE etc with predictions of further drops and doom and gloom. Then on the next days news they covered the recovery of the markets in JUST ONE SENTENCE!


Nick Robinson interview of Michael Heseltine. MH twice referred to us “Leaving Europe” and NR did not correct the factual error, i.e. that we have voted to leave the EU, not Europe. Allowing this error / confusion to go uncorrected is equivalent to a pro EU bias / spreading fear, by allowing people to think that we are somehow leaving Europe as a result of the referendum.

Facebook Live

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153712735407217&id=228735667216 BBC Facebook channel at it again, now they are stirring up racial hatred on their live feeds, they are implying that most leave voters are racist This is absolutely disgusting, All of their broadcasts are pro EU and they constantly try to make leave voters look xenophobic and racist

BBC News Online

‘Brexit: Tears, fears and questions as children react to Leave vote’ BBC post Brexit coverage, particularly the more emotive stuff like personal opinion, has been divisive, accusatory towards leave voters (who they clearly disapprove of) and biased towards those who are upset with the democratic result for Brexit. Over the last few days they’ve given us reactions from every conceivable group imaginable but always dominated by those who feel aggrieved at the result, from tear stained teens bemoaning how old people have ruined their lives to reactions from a queue at Wimbledon (why?). Almost everyone to whom they have spoken is either deeply saddened or vaguely neutral on the subject. Invariably they have thrown in one leave supporter just to give a half hearted impression that they are representing a balance of opinion. May I point out, in case BBC missed it, the leave side won and therefore surely they should’ve met more people jubilant at the result than those distressed by it. Today they scraped the bottom of the barrel with their reactions from school children, all apparently devastated by the leave vote. Using posts from parents on social media as a tool, BBC have reported upon tweets etc where children, obviously of parents who had supported the remain side of the argument, had expressed an negative response to Brexit. Primary school children reflect the views that their parents espouse and voice those opinions as their own, simple. Again, I dare say the Beeb could’ve found many examples where children were expressing the pleasure their parents were enjoying at wining the referendum, but they didn’t, thus giving the impression that almost every 8-10 year old in the nation has become deeply depressed by the referendum outcome. The BBC are tugging at the nation’s heart strings with this focus upon negative reactions to Brexit, especially whilst using the young and the very young to make older voters feel guilty for exercising their democratic right. Does it not occur to the BBC that they are trying to make a lot of over 25s, parents and especially vulnerable pensioners feel guilty. Is it their desire to distress pensioners, I repeat often VULNERABLE older people? It is obviously the BBC’s mandate to perpetuate and stir up the divisions in the nation which the referendum has caused. They are inciting resentment and hatred with this type of reporting. I dare say the BBC’s ultimate goal is to secure a second referendum by which time they will have made enough people feel so utterly ashamed of their original leave vote that a remain victory would be inevitable. Dream on BBC. The BBC have plumbed new depth with this. Our National Broadcaster has a duty to assist unifying the country with balanced upbeat reporting.

BBC News

Since referendum!!! Bbc1 and bbc 2 and bbc news! There has been a clear bias on all bbc news reporting programmes to talk our country down. Bbc too focused on divisive arguments rather than being responsible at this key time in our country by bringing in that true balance that everyone wants and inspiring unity and the good possibilities ahead. What are your motives for the focus on the negative? I can’t agree that this is good journalism and def not a responsibility approach!

Bbc news online

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-36629146 Article an example of anti-Russian vendetta so obvious. Please raise this biased reporting / propaganda. BBC need to be made accountable for their drivel.

EU Referendum Result

I have found much of the coverage of the EU referendum result to be biased towards the Remain argument. Topics such as discriminatory immigration policy that imposes a great many barriers for non-EU applicants, the preferential employment law which favours EU job seekers and fines employers who hire non-EU candidates were never discussed or aired. Proper and thoughtful analysis of the referendum result has been buried under assumptions and stereotyping of the worst possible kind; for example, the persistence of the view that the majority of young people voted Remain and were highly mobilised drowned out the truth of low turnout by this group; and the view was promulgated that the Leave vote triumphed because of older voters and white working classes with prejudiced, borderline racist views on immigration served to obscure the facts that Birmingham (multicultural city) voted Leave, that London had a 40 percent return for Leave, that Houndslow only barely went to Remain, that Wales (with incredibly low levels of immigration) voted Leave (the real issue here being the destruction of the industrial base under the EU); all this analysis (and more) was either missed through negligence or worse through deliberate omission or misrepresentation. Dissenting views of the status quo, of the accepted view, do not see the light of day. It is clear that the BBC, along with many of the ‘great and good’ responsible for news broadcasting and publishing, that derive their number from the ranks of the ‘chattering classes’ or ‘Guardianistas’, have not learned a jot from the referendum result.

BBC News at ten

Oh my goodness the BBC are relentless! Here we go again. They single out the most racist bigoted idiots for interviews and ask them if the immigrants should be sent back now. Interviewing a thug with a swastica tattoo as if he represents the majority who voted for Brexit. Asking people about the promises that “they” made (ie them vs us. I thought the BBC were supposed to be impartial?) They are just trying to stir up hatred between the immigrants and these obvious extremist types as if they represent the normal joe public who have voted out. The BBC license payers should all stop paying en mass and these biased luvvies should be sacked!

BBC NEWS & Look East

Unnecessary and continual criticism of Brexit voters and the possibility of a financial crisis. They are talking us into a recession. The vote has been counted, a more positive reaction to the result would be a better step forward.

BBC News

Total unsubstantiated innuendo that Brexit has caused an increase in racism and xenophobia, that and independent Britain will be one of hatred and division. total disgrace.

Jack Dee

On the Jack Dee show episode 3 I belive the last question asked was sum up the referendum in three words the answer from the panel was ‘don’t be racist ‘. So if I vote out I am a racist then. I do wonder after following the BBC news that they manage not to fall over as the constant negativity and bias to the stay side and nothing for the leave side must put the so called fair reporting bbc off ballance


The BBC actively presented a position of doubt from the voting public to demonstrate an uncertainty of the voting public, positioning questions for an expected result such as,’if you could vote again, would you vote exit?’ after lining the speaker up on her doubts and especially her fears, taking market sentiment of a few days as a calamity.

Question Time

I’m British of Indian descent. My point is a general one rather than about one specific episode of Question TIme/BBC current affairs shows. What I want explain is that my voice on politics is never represented. You may have noticed to the BBC a minority voice means a pro multicultural liberal muslim spokesman. I do not exist. Nor do all other minorities regardless of the fact that liberal muslims in no way speak for us. This has been going on all my life. I can not tell you my frustration and anger for having never been represented, effectively silenced all these years, a shut out which carries on unabated to this day. I know the BBC must go before this will change. Until then I remain silenced.

Victoria Derbyshire

The setup is to make appear as you have people from who voted in and out, “if more young people had voted” “old people over 65 voted out” “a lot of middle aged people were confused” “young voters betrayed” I mean you only have to watch it to realized the program is a propaganda tool for people who are now suggesting a re-vote. Victoria Derbyshire has conducted a campaign for the vote in for the last 6 months and now they have lost she keeps on doing it, enough of these, if the BBC insist their impartiality they have to be impartial and stop all propaganda. if they have opinions and they like to voice them fine but at least they should wear a badge and or say they support vote in and the left. I don’t see why we should pay for a service which is nothing more than FOX NEWS reverse .


The BBC’s bias against the UK leaving the European Union was evident before the referendum, but tempered by what now seems like the false assumption that the country would vote to remain. In the immediate hours and days following the vote to leave, the BBC’s tone, commentary and interview style is more akin to the aftermath of an earthquake or terrorist attack than a decision taken by the public on a matter of federated legislative power and trading arrangements. I’m moved to verbalise my anger for one simple reason: most of the apparent consequences of the decision are not real, physical things, but driven by perception of the future impact of an actual change (which, of course, has yet to happen). The financial markets are, in fact, a collection of people who are as susceptible to the way news is presented as anyone else. The danger of self-fulfilling prophecy is now real and immediate, and the BBC’s blatant disregard for this danger, in following an editorial policy that is so clearly biased towards the premise that Brexit is some kind of catastrophe, makes it as much of a risk to the welfare of this country as any number of those it is now vilifying. This bias is evident across television and radio, but this morning’s Today programme epitomised it. In the interview with Alistair Darling, not once did Nick Robinson ask “what, specifically, are you afraid of?”, or “what actual changes might be the proximate cause of some tangible economic impact?”. The hostility towards Chris Grayling was, by contrast, marked and unconstructive. The Trust must act to stop the BBC helping to make the unsubstantiated consequences of Brexit, propagated by the Remain campaign, a reality.


After last Friday’s upbeat Brexit programme by John Humpfreys, today’s programme was in danger of slipping back into the BBCs old pattern of “statism”. Surely the BBC should reflect the possibilities of Brexit as well as the difficulties. Perhaps it’s time for new presenters if they can’t associate themselves and enjoy the undoubted possibilities of a clean sheet with our own sovereignty. Farming today, the programme before, was the exact opposite, with a much more upbeat presentation today than last Friday.

Question Time EU Special

I used to believe the BBC was the world’s finest source of unbiased news but today their bias is so obvious and audacious that I can hardly bear to watch. Last night, David Dimbleby gave far more time to the remain panel and let them speak without interruption while constantly hounding and interrupting the leave panel members. We had tuned in hoping to learn about the steps being taken to secure our country’s future but instead faced a barrage of whining and accusation from the losing side. Finally a girl in the audience asked a very relevant question to Dominic Raab – what can you offer me as a young person outside of the EU – finally we thought we’d get the chance to hear some facts about our future prospects but NO – Dominic had only just started to speak when Dimbleby immediately cut him off and switched to another person in the audience – totally unbelievable! The BBC news also has such an “I told you so” feel to it now – it is heavily downbeat and doom-ridden with very little time given to anyone who has a positive outlook of our future outside of the EU. Such constant negative bias is bound to affect the mood of a good portion of the population who need reassurance at this critical time. I’ve become totally disillusioned with the BBC and think their public funding should be withdrawn if they can’t sort themselves out soon.

BBC News

Unbelievable bias after vote to leave EU is beyond anything I have ever seen & I’m 57 years old. It’s hard to focus on one particular program as the entire news reporting is blatantly against any of those who still support(ed) leaving the EU & only the dire consequences of leaving are mentioned & most are mere conjecture or points made before the vote rather than factual after the vote. I actually voted to remain but I am for democracy & the vote was to leave. I’m worried the BBC is going the wreck the country, really worried, it’s very obvious the BBC & staff are from London.

Referendum Coverage

Referendum coverage I noticed very early on a pro remain stance by the BBC not only in their articles but is use of pictures to support the EU remain Lobby . When a leave point was made there was often a picture of the Remain position first, as If leave was a second choice. Also false information was being promoted as fact eg Moving of Morgan Stanley out of UK. before this was confirmed . Generally very strong Bias to support the Remain view point.

Andrew Marr Show

Andrew Marr picked up a news paper with a photograph of Boris Johnson and made inappropriate comments about his weight. This is supposed to be a news and political show, not one which allows the host to vent his spite and clear disappointment at the referendum result. Personal attacks such as this should neither be allowed nor condoned and Mr Marr should be disciplined and at very least offer a public apology to Mr Johnson.

Question Time

Here we go again. Question Time. It’s almost as if they are totally ignoring the views of over 17 million people. All of a sudden, SNP seem to be calling the shots. The UK have voted out. Just get over it BBC. Start looking to the future!

Any Questions

The audience at this question time were in NO WAY fair or balanced. they consisted of 99% remain supporters. How does that fulfil the obligations towards fairness and balance that the charter has imposed?


News 24, just ridiculous, find brexiters to talk with so visit a sink estate and a nail bar, no mention of intent from all over the world, countries want to trade with newly independent uk, shame on you, no mention that markets have stabilised….On top of months of remain nonsense, but you do receive a lot of eu money, just hope Boris pulls the plug on your license, not a public service atall, very disappointed…

BBC News 24

A solid half hour on of scaremongering regarding Brexit on ‘News At Ten’ that has existed throughout the referendum campaign and continued ever since the result, displaying a total lack of political neutrality and therefore breaching the BBC’s charter requirements. The extent of this cynical coverage is so widespread that it implies active collusion with the Remain-voting majority of the political establishment, these programmes are transmitted worldwide and the knock-on could well crash markets by exhibiting a narrative of chaos and regret. Is this what editorial leadership feel is necessary to secure a re-run and overturn a majority vote? Provide balance and neutrality or face privatisation.

BBC News

Getting sick to the stomach of the post Brexit fear mongering and lies from BBC. On Friday we saw lies on the BBC news channel regarding Morgan Stanley moving 2000 jobs away from London. This was publicly stated as a lie from a Morgan Stanley Senior Spokesperson 2 hours later but the story was never retracted. They spent all day peddling the news that the stock market had crashed and hell was freezing over. Yet at close of Friday the pound was still in line with the Euro and where it was in February and the FTSE 100 was back to where it was last week, yet still today, 3 days later. BBC news are still lying to me that the stock market has crashed. Then you have things like this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36617298 The article starts out trying to give a more positive outlook but, but you can see the desperate attempt to book end the positivity with the negative company tag line on the subject. “Most leaders of the UK’s largest firms came out in favour of a ‘Remain’ vote” which is so utterly deceptive it’s vile. JCB are our biggest exporter and a lot of the big firms that are referring to are companies that get massive benefits from the EU regulations and subsidies that hurt the ‘smaller’ businesses. Then the next comment to that article “The FTSE 100 initially fell by around 8% on Friday morning, but regained some of its value later in the day to close 3.15% down. The pound ended the day 7.5% down against the dollar” completely ignoring that the FTSE 100 had been artificially propped up at the beginning of the week and was now back to where it was…er… a week ago! Also fails to mention that whilst our currency lost value over the dollar the power against the Euro didn’t change a great deal by the end of the day. Also the pound dropping will benefit our economy. Japan are about to cause a huge financial crisis because their currency won’t stop appreciating in value. Britain right now needs to get behind Brexit and show the world we are strong and united and confident of moving into a brighter future with the rest of the world to stop international investors selling shares in our businesses. The BBC (being an international broadcaster) constantly telling the world everything is a disaster when it’s not is undermining our position and is incredibly irresponsible.

BBC News 24

And still it continues. After a democratic vote to leave the EU, the BBC are still continuing to show scaremonger news stories and are even promoting the online petition. The petition is now being investigated for fraud! Will you actually mention that in your further news bulletins. It was hijacked by the remain campaign. Surely your future news stories should be about the people of the UK working together as one for a brighter, better future instead of your constant OMG scare tactics. Just accept that we voted to leave and that’s that. Time to move on and sort things out for the better!

BBC website

The BBC website continues to feature the ‘petition’ to re-run the EU referendum. There is no analysis or investigation by the BBC of the petition itself. Already it is apparent that there are many many thousands of fraudulent signatures and that ‘bots’ are being used to add signatures. Why isn’t the BBC reporting the fraud apparent in this item??

Five live

I have just listened to a women BBC interviewer asking an elderly lady if she was happy that she voted to leave. She proceeded to say she wasn’t expecting a win for exit and had she known she wouldn’t have voted that way!!!! It was absolutely appalling, they didn’t give an alternative view of someone who was happy about voting out. Myself and fellow exiters have been appalled at he BBC coverage over the past weeks. I have stopped watching or listening to it in protest. They are not the only ones sky news, channel 4, itv, they are all guilty. It is quite scary. In spite of this we didn’t break under pressure. Also on Look North Friday 6.30pm, the two presenters were bereft, we were left in no doubt as to which way they voted, their demeanour was as if they had been a death in the family, never once did they say anything positive, even when other subjects came up. I thought they were going to cry!!!!! Democracy won out in the end inspire of bias.

BBC News

52% Of Britain, the nation your broadcasting commission is named after, has voted to leave the EU. Rather than push the majorities view or have a non biased approach(as you should), the BBC News spent a vast majority of the air time reporting biased news designed to make people believe that Leave campaigners feel they made a mistake, which is totally unproven and in my opinion untrue. They also spent vast amounts of time talking about negative issues with the currency and stocks. The BBC Coverage must be unbiased!! Where was the coverage of the simple economic fact that exports will increase? Where was the talk if the issues that the 52% majority has just voted for? It seems that the bankers control the BBC not the British public which finance it!! Please remedy this situation immediately as the British Public are becoming tired with your propoganda machine.


Post referendum results has seen the BBC portray the leave voter as alow educated working class person . However in contrast they have sought out university students and high profile businesses such as Ryan air who clearly are not going to support the British vote. They have sensationalised the stock markets and currency “crashes” . In fact the markets only fell to the level seen in February. This was not made clear. I as a leave voter have been made to feel by their reporting of this historical event as a naughty schoolboy who now has to pay the consequences of my actions. If this country cannot rely on its news channels to support and bolster national pride then I feel all those currently crying over spilt milk will eventually erode away the fighting proud spirit of this country. I say to all those who wish to moan or undermine the country’s vote, or move their businesses elsewhere ” close the door quietly behind you and watch us grow stronger than ever before”

Andrew Marr Show

I have been a great fan of Andrew Marr Show Today’s show was extremely disappointing raking over the referendum claims for both sides. Intelligent viewers, as I guess most watching Marr are, all know they were full of hyperbole(it’s the sad nature of the political classes) SO WHY GO RAKING IT OVER AGAIN WHEN WE NEED MOVE FORWARD It would have been so much better to start building on the referendum decision going forward. Andrew’s questioning was so negative with little to look at how we make the decision by I guess the majority of BBC viewers to leave work This type of negativity is self fulfilling The BBC is a National institution owned by the tax payers and viewed all over World. The decision has been made whether we like it or not. Whilst not encouraging bias PLEASE ensure you now look forward and talk about how we can leverage our now more democratic status in the world. Please don’t continue with the self destructing negativity across the BBC


As the votes came in for the election on the eve of the 23rd every BBC commentator looked increasingly deflated and would only give negative comments about what was unfolding as the votes where counted. Surely these highly paid professionals should keep their personal views from affecting their tone and body language. Nothing positve was said about the Brexit outcome by any BBC commentators. This is pure bias towards remain.

Radio 4

I have noticed that there is a strong government bias on the programme in the morning the BBC should be neutral in its views this bias has been going on for a long time and it would appear the the BBC is just another PR department of the Government

BBC News

BBC News had a report setting out the differences between the demographics associated with the EU elections and in particular those between Harlow, who voted leave , and Islington, who voted remain. The piece included an interview with a member of staff from a cafe in Islington who was presented as young, healthy and attractive. The cafe was presented as young and vibrant and a product of self-motivated individual enterprise where intelligent and savvy people would frequent. This individual was explaining her thoughts on the election and how she could not understand why people had voted for the UK to leave. She explained herself that she could not understand this even though she was highly educated. The piece then cut to Harlow and another cafe which could be described as a “greasy spoon” type establishment. The voice over explained that the cafe was staffed by mostly immigrants. The person interviewed was elderly and appeared to have lived a hard and laboured life with a basic education given her accent and use of words. This person had obviously being asked why she had voted leave and was explaining that she did so because of immigration. Her thoughts were that immigrants should return to their country of origin. The whole piece presented the remain campaigners as young, educated, sensible and progressive individuals as opposed to the leave voter who was presented as old, bigoted and a section of society that is looked down upon. This appears to be a recurrent theme for the BBC in the aftermath of the EU result and, in my opinion, is biased, unfair and misrepresenting those people that voted to leave.

Any Questions

Constantly cutting off Ukip. A totally manipulated discussion descended into a Remain monologue. Allowing the left to insult and dominate the narrative. Absolutely pathetic biased propaganda. Shameful bullying.

BBC News

Saturday afternoon and evening there were repeated clips of different members of the general public saying they had voted to Leave but then were a bit concerned about the current market reaction etc. These clips were edited to remove context so either the specific question they were answering was not shown first or the next bit of their answer was cut off. There were almost no corresponding clips of people saying who were quite happy with the result and their vote to remain. Well here is one.

Referendum coverage

This complaint relates to the entire BBC coverage after the referendum, and not to any specific programme but ALL programmes. The obvious slant of presenting only the views of “Remain” camp after the referendum has been in no way balanced. Where are the interviews with the “Leave” supporters? In addition, why have none of your people presented the stark fact that, if the voting in Scotland was removed from the equation, the majority in favour of Brexit in the remaining parts of the British Isles is absolutely staggering? Instead of pointing that out, the BBC have amazingly chosen to concentrate on opinion in London. Beyond that of course are the accusations that the younger generation have somehow been sold out by the Baby Boom generation. The demographics however prove that the younger generation failed to turn out to vote. If the younger generation could not be bothered to vote, they are little more than victims of their own lethargy. I am absolutely disgusted by the failure of the BBC to give the “Leave” campaign (and therefore the majority of our population) a level playing field of air time now the votes have been counted. It is not in the national interest to continue in this way, because we now need to heal the rifts and work together for a brighter future – which will be outside the EU.

BBC News

Every time I see any report about brexit the people who are aired by the BBC are making horrible xenophobic comments. Brexit is being portrayed as the English being xenophobic when they want freedom of lawmaking among other things this is not racism. This is not about Europeans at all it is about the eu regulations and the fact that people want to have control in their own country. All this negativity is being judged by the world and the reporting does appear to show a scared or xenophobic public. The public voted for change not for a divide in nationalities. Stop the propaganda. Scotland is also being filmed as remain shouting migrants are welcome here, BBC are whipping up a storm between north and south and also not portraying the general exit persons economically lead views at all.

bbc news

Incredible bias again , they simply keep reporting the remain views after the vote, pushing their own agendas, and clearly outside of their remit to be impartial. Is so disgusting , and a threat to our own democracy that I feel we will need to seriously push legal proceeding against them. There is no justification for propaganda like this, a democratic vote is just that. There is a sense that there is a new breed extremism via left wing Neo Liberal extremism, that is far more dangerous than the right wing . peddling such vile bigoted views against anyone who dares challenges their own status quo.. What does the bbc not understand about impartiality. I am so disgusted tonight .

News at Ten

Tonight news at 10 clearly tried to present the leave the EU supporters as being uneducated working class people. This sort of reporting is extremely dangerous and not based on any proven facts. The BBC has not only a duty to be unbiased but also to support and protect the country and present professional facts based on sound information.

BBC News

I’m not usually one to complain…. but I have just watched the news, and am concerned that all the post Brexit coverage has high lighted a ‘doom and gloom’ approach. Lots of ‘snippets’ of the negatives, but did I miss the positives somehow? What about Obamas reaction “The United Kingdom and the European Union will remain indispensable partners of the United States… ” Why arent we told about the business that have said they will stay, not just about the ones threatening to go? As an ‘educated’ person with a degree and post graduate professional qualification I am horrified by the way the BBC and the media are presenting what seems to be a biased response. The ‘remain’ vote was not exclusivey for the ‘educated’! Nor was Brexit exclusively about immigration… yet this is so often the emphasis of interviews! Please, please, give us the views of both sides but present the postives and negatives of both! When Brexit voters are interviewed, they seem to focus mainly on older people and ‘council’ estate residents… (as we are informed!!!… which smacks of snobbery!) Across the media, it seems so called ‘educated’ people are interviewed to represent remain… this gives a VERY biased picture! We keep getting told about the impact on the young… maybe an interview with some equally ‘educated’ parents who voted ‘out’ and some who voted ‘in’ and asking them why they thought this would help their childrens futures would be a good place to start a more open discussion? As it is, Brexiters are experiencing bully boy attitudes in the aftermath… we dont want it from the BBC too!

BBC News

BBC News reporting post referendum showed obviously educated remain voters expressing dismay but less educated voters expressing pro-exit views. This has not been isolated to this program. BBC News 601

All BBC coverage of the referendum

I watched throughout the night and most of the day and failed to hear a single positive interview. A single good piece of news regarding the EU exit. In fact I saw blatant scaremongering and pure manipulation of data to appear more negative. Whilst the BBC happily report a 7 percent drop along with share prices collapsing they also failed to mention the immediate rallying of the market or the fact that it had been lower at previous points in the year. The BBC has completely failed to be unbiased in this issue and has blatantly misrepresented facts for their own purposes which I can only assume is to remain in Europe. The politicians have just had to learn a hard lesson and its time the BBC also listened to the majority of the population with a little honest balance. A smigin of optimism might not go amiss either.

Any Questions

I listened as always to BBC R4s any questions today and was disgusted, but not surprised, at the continuing derogatory bias against Brexit. Just two examples from the programme. 1. The audience was clearly selected to represent those in the population who either choose IN as their active vote or ticked IN because passively they were undecided, did not what to do, felt uninformed, ‘better the devil you know’, keep the ‘status quo’, etcetera. These people were clapping and whooping the Remain points and booing the Brexit side, while the later audience members, in their minority, demonstrated appropriate polite applause. 2. The panel representing the Brexit side were speaking of hope, trade with the world and an upbeat, honest stance. Conversely the Remain panel continue to childishly project fear, with talk of being ‘afraid’ and in a ‘dark place’, in a ‘dark wood’. This sort of unhelpful, inappropriate language does just not have a place, and Jonathan Dimbleby, as the chair, did nothing to address this. Deplorable.

BBC News

Post the people’s democratic vote to leave the EU the BBC reporting has been entirely negative and clearly seems to suggest the British public has made the wrong choice. An example of its bias is of the people they chose to show being pleased at the result such as the man who suggested should we vote remain the IRA should bomb the channel tunnel or the woman on benefits complaining immigrants have taken her council house – these are not examples of vote leave voters, they have deliberately chosen to show negative examples of people who made this choice trying to. elicit hatred and belittling people who voted leave. They have shown much more coverage to the people questioning or campaigning against the vote than any positive message. They are showing all their reports with a negative spin for example the online headline how other countries reacted to Brexit in one word :”insane” ! When you actually watch the full report many people were saying positive comments such as happy or supportive but the picture the BBC chose to show is the one saying “insane.” They are scaremongering and are spinning their stories in a negative fashion. This is a public funded corporation! It is just plain bias and wrong that they are not fairly showing the reactions and consequences of the UK leaving the EU

BBC Online

I voted leave in the EU Referendum and, quelle surprise, got my wish. Friday onwards should have been euphoric, days of celebration for British independence, a coming together of the country and uniting the divisions that have blighted this country on the run up to the vote. Today, I feel sadness. The divisions have only widened and the BBC has had a massive hand in it. I’ve heard them over the last few months blaming parties like UKIP for stirring hatred and creating divisions in the country but it is the BBC that are dividing us. On their website, under the heading ‘reaction from Brexit, live’, their reporting has been predominantly doom and gloom, separation and division. Taking aside the faux hilarity of David Lammy, democratically elected MP for Tottenham, who claims the referendum result should be overturned, the BBC has given license to young voices to offend older voters (millions who have spent decades paying into not only our government but the EU). They have posted many separatist remarks of how the referendum would have been won had the older voters been taken out of the equation (are they looking at implementing Logan’s Run as a policy?), how regional votes upset the London and Scottish votes and appear to be fanning the flames of young against old, london against the rest of us. This is supposed to be a period when we are looking forward together, when we are mending the wounds created in the run up to referendum and building towards something better. The BBC are stirring up trouble and, the way they are continuing with their negative reporting, I don’t see it slowing down. I’ve complained to the BBC regarding their assumption that 17.4m people are racist, xenophobic, old and uneducated (I’m actually a 38 yr old postgraduate, not racist and very outward looking). I doubt very much the BBC will apologize, privately or publicly, but they should – to every single person they’ve offended with their straw polls – 12,000 from 17.4m isn’t exactly accurate as is polling. The BBC are appalling, offensive and divisive and should be made to apologize and change the way they report. Unfortunately, they never will.

Newsnight special

Two working class (uneducated?) leave voters (women) vs educated lawyer and student, smartly dressed remain voters. Blatent bias in portraying leavers as working classs thickos vs smart modern remainers. sick of this awful BBC!

BBC News

The details you request above are too numerous to list, but in order for this complaint to proceed I have made an arbitrary note of BBC at 10 p.m on the day before the referendum, although these reporting errors continued throughout the days leading up to the referendum and to an extent have continued after the Leave vote by concentrating on the remarks from the losing ‘remain’ camp. . Without exception the BBC news reporters, either through their own political leanings or by instruction from senior staff, presented a totally biased version of events leading up to the referendum. In no way was the reporting carried out in a balanced and non-judgemental way. I am aged 72 and can remember the days when BBC news reporting was fair and presented each view in such a way that the viewing, or listening, public were able to get a balanced view. Sadly, this is no longer the case. It is more the norm nowadays for the public to be presented with non-news and by that I mean what ‘might’ happen if a particular course of action follows. This is not news in a true sense it is conjecture and can be particularly misleading if presented in an adverse way. This form of faux reporting has been particularly bad leading up to the EU referendum. I wish to state that I voted to leave the EU, but had hoped to receive fair and balanced reporting prior to voting. This did not happen. I must admit that these biased reporting procedures were not the sole prerogative of the BBC stations – ITV must also take a share of the blame, in particular the 7 p.m. news programme on Channel 4. No doubt I am wasting my time in writing this, but I am naive enough to hope that it may elicit some form of positive response. I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that this matter has not been dealt with in a correct manner by the news staff.

bbc news

BBC news 24 BBC seem to be actively promote discontent with the referendum results and encouraging the side that lost to ignore the democratic will of the british people,One thing that is very clear is that if the result had gone the other way the bbc would be far more content with the issue.

BBC News

More anti leave reporting and a focus on veiled threats from Brussels, Merkel & other EU political leaders. An interview with a British EU finance official who has handed his notice in before he is told that he is no longer required. A very one sided EU report which focuses on the negatives & further scare mongering, this has been a continuing theme from the BBC throughout the referendum. Perhaps we should consider a review of the BBC licence fee & vote on wether it should be compulsary to pay it or not, the BBC is out of touch with the very people that pays its wages.

All BBC news reports about brexit

The BBC is so obviously biased against brexit and is whipping up aggressive public division and fear. As a ‘leave’ voter I am disgusted that I have been accused of being racist, and stupid for voting ‘leave’. I did not vote leave because of migration but because I want the uk to have an independent democracy. There has been far more coverage on the ‘remain’ side and more air time given to the remain camp to complain and whip up fear. The BBC should now be giving more air time to the future of brexit and with a much more positive stance. They have mostly only interviewed members of the public who voted leave stating immigration as being the reason, making it look like this is the only thing the leave camp is about. what the BBC is doing is just dangerous and extremely insulting to a democratic society.

BBC news homepage

I have not paid much attention to the EU referendum in the days before the event, but afterwards, I was quite keen to find out what was happening. The BBC bias is shocking. Wherever you look; online, TV, radio, they present the result as a calamity, focussing on the disappointment of the Remain camp, be it young people of festival goers. They highlight all the “chaos” and “problems” ahead. Where can I see the reaction of the leave camp, where can I see the excitement, hopes and anticipation of the country that has shaken off the shackles of the EU?

David Dimbleby Eeferentum

There was continuous mocking of the working class as un educated and that the privileged were more likely to know how politics works the guests were aloud to express this view including the host David Dimbleby . The was point was made that they above such a person and voting out for the working class was merely anger As a viewer and a so called working class guy prepared to sit up all night supporting this program I found it to be an insult. I am 66 still working still paying taxes and still expect some respect

BBC News

Why is the BBC news coverage acting as a state sponsored doom mongering machine? The majority of the ‘Brexit’ news reporting is about how bad Brexit is for the country. They then find a load of people saying they might regret their leave vote. Why not report some of the good things the rest of the world might be saying? BBC, you are not helping bring everyone back into the fold!

Twitter feed @BBCBreaking

BBC Breaking news tweet saying morgan stanley is relocating 2000 jobs out of London following BREXIT vote. Morgan Stanley have confirmed this is untrue. https://twitter.com/BBCBreaking/status/746326583942782976


Report that over one million people had signed an on line petition calling for second eu referendum. Why??? We have voted the result is in like or or loath the referendum is over. It’s bad enough watching the BBC news on TV with total bias towards the remain camp before and after the result but this negativity needs to stop. The country needs to unite and move forward negative reporting is no way to do this. Very disappointed with the BBC.