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Winifred Robinson asked a leading question today ‘Has Brexit affected you? Wnen talking to a nurse who had phoned in to Call You and Yours about nursing in the UK. The BBC keeps banging on about racism when it can. I have just come out of hospital and was nursed and cared for by a wide variety of nurses from different nationalities and horror of horror I voted to leave the EU. I treated all the nurses with grateful respect for the care they gave me and witnessed nothing other than positive interactions from my fellow patients, some of whom also dared to vote to leave the EU. I find it so boring that the BBC keeps hammering away at this fake story. Most of us, who voted to leave the EU voted because we believe in democracy and accountability and feel the EU fails the people of Europe in its current form. The BBC is being so blatant in its bias it has been found out by the public and is losing its standing. I would like to find out about its relationship with the EU and why it has behaved more like EUBC for the last eighteen months? Any information on this?

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  1. Phill

    I feel the BBC, like many middle class Londoners, finds comfort in the cosy consensus of eu politics. But it is a weak and in many ways a false consensus. As someone once said you can pay a high price for a cosy consensus!

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