Who Should We Let In

The programme was biased towards pro immigration ideas with the presenter putting forward pro immigration quotes and ideas in a positive manner but any anti immigration ideas in a negative manner. The show was blatantly an extension of the presenters own ideas and beliefs. In this current climate there needs to be a balanced discussion, if the presenter is unwilling to do this than a second presenter should be used to bring balance to the conversation.

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  1. richard

    Yes, it was clearly saying we should not control immigration. Iblike Ian Hislop but I found that many of the things he said, applications of history to today were questionsble – but I cant can I….im not TV presenter.

  2. Vanessa

    The U.K.’s population in 1900 (which included Ireland at the time) was 38 million. Today, the U.K.’s population is about 66 million (most of us believe even more). The foundation of the Welfare State weren’t laid until 1942, and the National Health Service/National Insurance Scheme were launched in 1948. Newcomers to our country in the late 19th/early 20th centuries were not ‘given accommodation’ – they were hardworking and self-reliant.

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