Who really rules us

I cannot believe that once more that the BBC have been bias in the coverage of the EU referendum, Jeremy Paxman came across as pro EU in my opinion, with mocking opinionated reactions to the leave campaign and individuals he interviewed. He clearly is not the right Person for an unbiased debate. Why is it that an organisation like the BBC can blatantly show their opinion on subjects that are of national importance. This is hardly an unbiased approach taken by the BBC. As a person who wants to make up my mind on my vote after fair clear debate I was looking forward to watching fair unbiased programmes and debates about the referendum but am disappointed that this has clearly not happened. The BBC has let the nation down with its selfish , bias, unfair , one sided coverage of this debate, and have slipped in my estimation of what the BBC. Should be in my opinion. I have never complained before but yet another programme about this subject and including BBC Radio 2 programmes coverage have forced me to react to their approach.

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