Was Britain’s EU referendum hijacked by the American alt-right ?

This was on the BBC website and the intention seems to be to link Brexit with American right wing extremism in the mind of anyone who sees the headline. Ironically the broadcast was about how Cambridge Analytics allegedly used “psycho-graphics” to help Leave and Trump. The evidence for this is weak yet most people with little time will just remember the strapline. The BBC are themselves using psychographical techniques to link Brexit with extremism, subterfuge and charges that the referendum result might be invalid.
No counter argument that the alt-left attempt to hijack the campaign for remain would EVER be made by the BBC. No argument has ever been aired that the remain voters did not know what they are voting for or that the EU (and not the UK) are playing politics with people’s lives over the residency negotiations. The whole thing is such a blatant disgrace it is beyond the pale.

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