Wake up to Money 11.1.18

Misinformation about UK-EU trade un-challeneged by presenters and uncorrected after request to correct: Jane Foley, of Rabo Bank, a regular commentator on 5 Live & Radio 4, stated that most UK trade goes to the EU: this is not correct, a maximum of 44% of UK trade is attributed to EU destinations. Of this 44% a significant proportion, while initially going to EU ports such as Rotterdam, is actually in transit and destined for non-EU countries, so is not trade with the EU. I texted requesting a correction which was ignored, thus perpetuating the exaggeration of economic benefit from EU trade as part of the Remain strategy. The apiece was in response to the very good news that UK manufacturing and exports are at the highest level in 10 years. The commentator appeared reluctant to acknowledge how good this news is, and seemed to be trying to use the figures to support the Remain proposition that the UK is dependent on the EU for trade. The BBC should correct such blatantly incorrect misinformation, it chooses not to because of its own very obvious Remain bias.

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