Victoria Derbyshire

Coverage of the appearance of Mark Carney in front of a Select Committee and his pro-EU stance/letter was totally unquestioning with no attempt to show any research or counter arguments from other organisations who have questioned his assumptions or mentioning the fact that the former BoE governor Mervyn King has yet to be convinced either way. The follow-up piece concerned Boris Johnson and the ‘edict’ issued by one of his officials around supporting the Mayor’s stance on the EU. There was no mention of the fact that this request ONLY concerned official business and NOT personal views. He was doorstepped as he got off a bicycle about this non-issue, and the fact that he paraphrased a quote from Monty Python in response was used by Norman Smith to imply that he lacked credibility and depth on serious issues like the referendum compared to ‘Remain’ supporters like Mark Carney. In addition Norman Smith commented out of context on Johnson’s performance on the Andrew Marr show without any context or balance.

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