Victoria Derbyshire

I believe the BBC has made a serious error not only of judgement but in terms of misleading the public over what they claim to be facts.
Norman Smith (on the Victoria Derbyshire show on the BBC News Channel) presented a segment which he, and Victoria Derbyshire, claimed to be factual information on Immigration (based on information from the Office on National Statistics).
A fact, as they should know, is something that is based on irrefutable and incontrovertible evidence which can not be countered. I point this out because the BBC did a segment a few weeks ago in which they interviewed illegal immigrants, some of many who have gone under the radar of the ONS and who haven’t been registered.
Since the BBC know this, they cannot represent todays figures as facts. They are misleading the public under figures which they know to be inaccurate.
I will send the above to the BBC but I know their response will be flimsy – it always is, they have a template for everything.
I will also speak to Ofcom to find out whether the BBC is in breach of its remit.
The BBC are guilty of pro EU bias, that we know, but to present flimsy figures as fact at a time when many people are hungry for information on this topic is abhorrent.

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