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There’s a story on Victoria Derbyshire (which i am still watching in disbelief) on truckers who are going to the Court of Appeal because of the large and unfair fines they are getting due to illegal migrants hitching to the UK in their vehicles. The Belgium driver being interviewed is obviously upset at the lack of assistance drivers are receiving in combating this issue and the BBC have, in their studio, an illegal migrant/a refugee, who was helped in Calais by a smuggler to make the trip to the UK in one of these haulage trucks.
Rather than highlight his mass illegality in entering the country and the problems he has created for a driver who probably received one of the heavy fines issued, Ms Derbyshire highlights the dangerous journey he took and how he felt when undertaking the journey.
There’s no way that anyone entering illegally should be sitting in the BBC studios helping them propagate their very partial pro EU bias.
Once again, i am appalled by their lack of judgement.

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  1. Elaine

    Appalling behaviour of the reporters in today’s show, the foolish female kept interrupting the people whenever they answered her question about Brexit. Then the foolish male reporter screaming out at Theresa May with foolish questions. Disgraceful behaviour.

  2. Harry

    Why is this show so clearly bias??? Im no fan of clinton or trump but we could at the very least be impartial on the subject. 2 young and jaded females talking over a lady who is being polite and answering questions correctly is far from that! Why dont we leave this subject to work its self out as its nothing to do with us anyway we have our own problems going on. The fact that the horrible humanitarian crisis in part of the middle east with children starving and being killed every single day (that our country plays a part in) doesn’t get a look in. Take a long hard look at yourselves and ask yourselves does this show do anything other than aggravate irrelevant topics rather than address the elephant in the room. If you featured real topics you would probably stem the flow of viewers dropping the bbc in hordes.

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