Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire interview with European correspondent Kevin Connelly following Junker/May joint statement saying they want to accelerate the Brexit negotiations. Connelly said there were 2 interpretations one could make of the agreed statement, and then went on to choose the most pessimistic one as being the more likely. He criticised Theresa May for wanting to limit the amount the U.K. has to pay, but also seemed to be saying that she was only wanting to limit the amount to appease Tory backbenchers rather than to benefit the U.K. as a whole. He moaned about the cost of exiting the EU, saying “no-one can now remember, during the brexit referendum, anybody talking about the idea that it would cost a fortune to get out of the European Union, just as it would cost a lot of money to remain in”. He failed to mention that the amount of money to be paid to exit the EU will be a one off amount (although probably not paid off in one lump sum) as opposed to large and ever increasing contributions going forward if we had chosen to remain.

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