Bbc radio and TV programmes include and publicise pro EU news and facts but little pro Brexit news and facts, or when they do mention Brexit such views are generally ridiculed. Comedy shows are especially insulting of anyone with a pro Brexit opinion. Yet pro EU comments on most programmes, even when untrue, are seldom corrected. With a UK public mostly forced to pay for the bbc by license fee, this bias is not good enough. May I suggest that a more balanced coverage of the EU debate can be had, by including the on line news site in your viewing. I include this suggestion as many phoning into phone in programmes or attending TV programmes such as Question Time, for instance, have asked where they can get information from both sides. Breitbart London has recently been publicising facts and events more likely to encourage pro Brexit views, which are often ignored by other news channels and sources. Including Breitbart London in ones browsing and news input will provide a better balance, they even include news and articles on matters which seem to be or are censored and ignored by mainland European countries such as Sweden, France and Germany.
(Just to make clear! I have nothing to do with this news source or reason to promote it, other than I was starting to despair of all theone sided debates, until I found a link to it by chance towards the end of last year…).

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