Today Programme and News

The main headline news item was about BOE Governor Mark Carney’s comments about Brexit (on BBC News all day I believe). The item was heavily slanted to give the impression that he was anti-Brexit. Although this was slightly mitigated by further comment the main BBC thrust was still very much anti-Brexit. A following headline news item attempted to ridicule Boris Johnson – I doubt if this kind of event would have made the news at all if it hadn’t exactly fitted BBC’s anti-Brexit agenda. There was no pro-Brexit reporting at all – both items mentioned were Brexit negative. In general all news items are carefully selected to bolster EU where possible. News that supports Brexit is omitted, buried or played down. I notice this from listening to Today and R4 news every day, and comparing this with what I see in the papers and News websites. The same subtle selection and omission, promotion and suppression, evident in other areas, notably Israel and Palestine, Iran and Saudi Arabia – completely incompatible with a tax-funded ‘impartial’ BBC.

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