Today Programme

Pro-EU bias against Vote Leave. Michael Gove was given 3 minutes uninterrupted to outline his general case for Brexit. Nick Robinson made a great play of such generosity. NR then fired a series of contentious and specific policy questions at MG. Given the complex and serious nature of the questions, as well as NR goading, MG was given between 5 and 15 seconds to reply on most occasions, before NR interrupted. On a few occasions, MG had 20 seconds or more, the most being 35 seconds on two occasions. None of the questions invited MG to assess the deep-seated weaknesses and absurdities within HM Treasury’s 200-page pro-EU propaganda report.
Remain’s Dominic Grieve was later wheeled on. Not to justify the Remain case. Oh no. He was given 6 free hits at MG’s prior comments and was given 20, 20, 30, 30, 40 and 50 seconds.
NR promised a reverse situation in days to come. It will be interesting to see if the Leave representative is afforded 6 free response hits of such timescales, and without and indignant BBC presenters interrupting.

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