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Project Fear at the BBC. Today interviews of ex US Treasury Sec Larry Summers and Liam Fox, after 8 former US Secs wrote a letter to The Times supporting Remain.
Summers was asked 6 questions, unbroken response times of 60, 60, 45, 35 and 60 secs. Fox was asked 4 questions with response times of 65, 30, 20 and 25 secs. Summers had almost twice as much speaking time as Fox, who was interrupted in 2 of his 4 questions. Sarah Montague’s tone was noticeably warm to Summers and frosty to Fox. And when Fox began to land some big hits and inconvenient truths about EU decline, he was stopped!

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  1. Deb Curnock

    I thought it was a classic example of men shouting down a woman. Both interviewees ignored her questions and repeatedly ignored her efforts to get the conversation back on track, ploughing on with their own agenda. I know they have a message to get across but the interviewer is also there to ask questions on behalf of the public and its disrespectful to completely ignore what’s being asked. They just felt entitled to plough on and ignore her.

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